Chairman Mao went to the countryside to inspect, and met a girl with a back of a small girl. After listening to the girl’s story, she gave her 300 yuan for her


At 10 am on July 27, 1953, the signing ceremony of the North Korea’s suspension agreement was held at Banmen Store. The chief representative of the two sides and Lieutenant General Harrison’s Agreement on the “Agreement on the North Korea’s Military Cructer” and its attachment “Scope of the Rights of the Council of Neutralization” and “Temporary Supplement Agreement on the Agreement on the Counterfeit”.

Subsequently, Marshal Jin Richeng, the highest commander of the Korean People’s Army, and Peng Dehuai, commander of the Chinese People’s Volunteer Army. North Korea’s shutdown negotiations lasted two years and experienced a process of tortuous.

Talking while fighting in the middle to promote talks; in the negotiations, adhere to the principles and pay attention to the struggle strategy, and finally signed the North Korean armistice agreement with the United States, ending the Korean War for three years and one month. The success of North Korea’s suspension of war has set up a new example for the people of all countries in the world to fight for peaceful resolution of international disputes.

The magnificent war of resistance to the United States and Aid North Korea wrote a strong stroke in the history of the world, hitting the security of New China, the prestige of the Chinese army, and the aspirations of the Chinese people.

At the same time, we have also suffered a huge sacrifice. The total troops of the volunteer army were nearly 400,000. At least 130,000 people lost their lives and stayed on the land of a foreign country. Among them, there were many senior generals of volunteers.

Mao Anying was the eldest son of Mao Zedong and his wife Yang Kaihui. After the outbreak of the Korean War, he took the initiative to go to the Korean battlefield.

In the face of his son’s initiative, Mao Zedong was very happy. After receiving the notice from the army, Mao Anying was pleased to bid farewell to his wife Liu Siqi. In order to make his wife relieved and not let her worry about herself, the two people who were newly married were separated. Forever.

On November 25, 1950, Peng Dehuai stared at a telegram on the table for a long time. He said nothing, and his eyes were full of sadness.

The year when Mao Anying died, she was only married for a long time. She just got married for a year and was only 28 years old. It was a good time with youth, and he had time to show his blood and ambitions in the future.

Chairman Mao took the document, and the news of his son’s sacrifice had received it. It was his eldest son. He had always been stable and heavy, self -disciplined, and never disappointed. Revolutionary years, the people around him kept away, his wife, second brother, third brother, and friend all sacrificed in the revolutionary cause, slowly slowly, and fewer and fewer people left.

Chairman Mao picked up the smoke in his hand, and there was no mood on his solemn face. He gradually could not see Chairman Mao’s face in the smoke, and his sad mood spread beside Chairman Mao like this smoke.

After a while, Chairman Mao pulled out a pen from the pen holder, held his wrist, and wrote on a piece of paper.

: “The remains of Comrade An Ying are buried together with thousands of martyrs who must not go home, stay on the land of North Korea, and don’t hold a special funeral for him because of me, everything is performed according to normal standards.”

The victory of the Korean War played the security of New China, the prestige of the Chinese army, and the aspirations of the Chinese people. At the same time, we have also suffered a huge sacrifice, and Comrade Mao Anying is also one of them.

Mao Anying is the eldest son of Chairman Mao, and his father and son are deeply affectionate. During the decades of the revolution, the chairman has lost several relatives, wives, brothers, sons, friends, and now wants to send black -haired people with white hair. Well, it is even more unfortunate.

After the victory of the Korean War, the country was abolished. Although Mao Zedong was the highest leader of the country, he was also a father.

The staff around Chairman Mao often saw that the chairman was not in a good mood, but he didn’t know what to say to comfort the chairman’s mood.

The secretary around the chairman one day said

: “Chairman, now you should go out and take a look, so that you will be in a good mood.”

The chairman understands the voice of the secretary’s string

: “What you said is right, now you should go out and see the outside world.”


Because there is no purpose in this trip, the chairman and followers are watching the scenery along the way. Inadvertently, the chairman saw a little girl carrying firewood and hurriedly let the driver park.

After the chairman got out of the car, he asked the little girl to say

: “Little sister, hello! You can do it, can you go back so many Chaija back to burn?”



The little girl whispered back.

Chairman Mao watched the little girl bent her body and said

: “It’s so heavy, can I help you back?”

Speaking of Chairman Mao, he was busy picking up the firewood from the little girl.

“no, I’m fine,”

The little girl said quickly.

Looking at this thin little girl, Chairman Mao asked

: “How old is this year!”

“Seven years old”,

The little girl answered innocently.

“Seven years old, why don’t you go to school when you are at school!”

The chairman said.

Little girl replied

: “I want to take care of grandma.”

“Grandma isn’t there a parent and mother care!”

The chairman said.

The little girl’s sad whisper answering

: “My dad sacrificed, and my mother was sick and died last year.”

The chairman’s mood suddenly got heavy, but still asked again

: “How did your dad sacrifice?”

Girl proudly answered

: “Again the United States and aid the DPRK, protect the country and defend the country.”

The chairman went on to say

: “Where do your home live!”

Little girl answered

: “Not far away, just then, just turn the road and turn two bends.”

Speaking of the direction of the front with his fingers.

Chairman Mao looked around with the direction of the girl’s fingers for four weeks. Little girl asked

:”what’s your name?”


Chairman asked

: “What is your name?”

“You talk first!”

The girl answered with a smile.

: “Hey, do you talk first! You are a child, of course you talk about it first. I! You can be your grandpa! Are you right?”

“My name is Chen Fengzi.”

“Oh, Chen Fengzi!”

The chairman said to himself.

Along the way, a group of people walked in front of an adobe house without courtyard.

“Grandma, grandma”

The little girl shouted at the house.


I saw a white -haired old man slowly came out of the house with a cane.

“Someone is here.”

The little girl said.



The grandmother responded.

The little girl walked in front of the house, put down the firewood, and looked at her grandmother, watching Chairman Mao and his party.

“Old sister -in -law, hello!”

Chairman Mao’s cordial greetings!

The kind old man in front of him watched Chairman Mao and his party asked his granddaughter

: “Who are they?”

: “They came from a big car.”

Grandma said

: “Fengzi met noble people. You are the county magistrate!”

The chairman looked back at the people around him, and he didn’t know how to answer for a while.

Grandma looked at the chairman’s blank look and then said

: “Yes, it is you, you sent someone to send plaques that day.”

Chairman Mao was even more confused. As the grandmother came to the shabby house, she saw a plaque hanging on the wall. Chairman Mao looked around the house and saw a portrait of a young man hanging on the wall.

Chairman Mao stared at the portrait, his expression was particularly solemn and bowed silently. I saw my portrait hanging on the front wall of the house. Chairman Mao came to reveal his portrait …!

“Hey, the county chief, county chief, no, unable to do it,”

Grandma hurriedly said.

Chairman Mao said warmly

: “You should hang it on this wall.”

The old grandmother looked blankly at Chairman Mao’s portrait and the “county magistrate” in front of her eyes suddenly said.

: “You, you ,,,,,,!”

“Yeah! I am Mao Zedong”

The chairman silently said!

After the old grandmother heard the chairman’s words, she didn’t say anything to cry in front of the portrait of the young man.

: “Child! Chairman Mao came to see you, kid!”

The little girl next to her cried and screamed

Retoning to grandma’s arms. The ancestors were crying ,,,,,,,!

Chairman Mao squatted down emotionally, wiped the tears in the corner of the girl’s eyes with his hands

: “Good boy, don’t cry, don’t cry”

Speaking of the little girl rushed to the chairman’s arms.

Comfort the girl, Chairman Mao got up and said to the people around

: “Take my 300 yuan.”

The people around him took 300 yuan from the packets he carried.

: “You accept these 300 yuan!”

: “I don’t, I don’t ,,,,,,,!”


“Hey, old sister -in -law, you can accept it! Even if you accept the heart of your son, let Fengzi go to school.”

The old grandmother listened to the chairman’s words, and her body was unstable. Shouting in my mouth


: “Chairman Mao, Chairman Mao …!”

Chairman Mao helped the old grandmother and said

: “Get up, get up!”

Chairman Mao turned back to the staff around him

: “The work of supporting the army must be done well and carefully. Any point is a crime. We must be worthy of the soldiers who are fighting in front of you!”

The staff around said

: “Please rest assured that we must do it according to your words.”

At this time, many people have gathered outside the house, and the crowd shouted

: “Long live Chairman Mao, long live Chairman Mao …”

During the crowd’s farewell, Chairman Mao left here by car.

Thousands of Chinese children who sacrificed in the Korean War have parents and children. There is an old saying in China, “Loyalty and filial piety cannot be done!” Since the children are loyal to the country, the country is filial piety for the parents of their children!

Without the sacrifice of bleeding, we can’t change our current peace! Although we are far away from war now, we must have a sense of peace of mind! Keep a sober mind at all times and build our powerful motherland.

In this article, mourn all revolutionary martyrs who sacrificed at the Korean battlefield! Although seventy years have passed, the sacrifice you once made for the defenders of the family will always be remembered in the hearts of every Chinese people!

The people’s revolutionary martyrs are immortal!




Little girl replied

The chairman said.

Little girl answered

“Grandma, grandma”

Grandma said