In the memories, there is always a moment, it can warm the whole (2)


Last night I met him with him deeply understanding the true meaning of coincidence, but Yi Fan said with a hippie smile that it was fate.

I went to watch the last performance of the drama “Life and Death Field” alone, and after sitting, I recognized the fact that people holding a large bag of popcorn and chewing chewing were just a good.

回忆中,总有些瞬间,能温暖整个曾经 (二)


“Yeah, we are quite fate.”

回忆中,总有些瞬间,能温暖整个曾经 (二)

I saw the orange sun again.

The huge dark red curtain opened, the lights were dim, and the surroundings were silent. I always think that the biggest difference between real life and theater theater is that life is a stage. Even if you don’t like to perform, you must take the most important supporting role in it. You can’t escape. Even if your life is quiet, even if you have only one or two actors around you, you still cannot sink in your heart, and you are full of hypocrisy and pretentious. Behind the mask, you are the face that you can only open to the maximum of the eyes, because you also wear a mask. However, the theaters and theater are different. When the lights go out and the darkness is scattered around you, you will be swallowed by the huge endless empty cave. Even if countless heads are ambush in the darkness around you, even if countless theft whishes are permeated in the air, it is as tired as tired of the air. Yefeng quietly rests quietly on the vast forest and leaves, but your heart has gained a free stroll here. You look at the concentrated world and years on the stage. Fully release yourself.

When I think of these, I feel like a philosopher.

The performance of the night was not as successful as the previous time. It seems that the enthusiasm of the actors has gained a few days after the performance of a dozen games, but I have also been immersed in it, and the development of the plot has been happy.

When the curtain was low, the lights suddenly lit up, and when the chaotic noise and the flowing crowd pulled me back to the theater from the inside space, I saw his dedicated and clear eyes around me again. It can be seen that he is also very voted.

This is an weather described by tens of millions of times by countless sad poets in ancient China. The slightly cool autumn wind blew on my face, I was very comfortable.

“What does it feel tonight?” I wanted to inquire about his mood at the moment.

“Fortunately, you are very good and impressed me well.” He deliberately found the fault.

“I’m talking about a drama!” I cried and laughed.

“I know!” He smiled strangely, “ignorance, numbness, awakening, shock, but it seems to be a little passion. Hi, the car is here.”

A square -headed thing shaking into the station.

People rushed up with the strength of the Great Leap Forward, and the carriage became canned sardines. From time to time, I was stepped on my feet by the “fish” around.

“Is” Living “after reading it? How?” He turned his head “difficult” and asked me. “Gray, desolate, gloomy, sad, suffocating, but it seems too heavy.”

回忆中,总有些瞬间,能温暖整个曾经 (二)

I have never admitted defeat in front of the boy, although the arm that grabbed the ring at this time was sore.

On the martyrdom in front of the girls, ginkgo leaves rang.

“Thank you for sending me. Goodbye!”

“You’re welcome.”

I turned my head to the girl’s building, and walked out of the way about five meters. “Goodbye. He is still standing there, one hand is inserted in the pants bag, and the corner of the mouth is the orange I am familiar with.” The delayed eyes and a slightly naughty voice behind me were really moved.

I was really touched at that time.

“It’s late, it’s time to go back.” I said, and took a step back.

“Yeah, it’s out of the light!” He smiled back.

“Go to bed early and have a good dream.”

“Be a good dream!”

“See you tomorrow!”

“Looking for you next time!”

“It must be generous.”

The two of us said slowly, as if no one had turned around.

I can’t go back to the dormitory in this way. “I’m a little embarrassed.” We count one, two, and three, turn around together, and say that we don’t want to look back. “

回忆中,总有些瞬间,能温暖整个曾经 (二)


“ONE, TWO, Three!”

I jumped and turned over.

Suddenly I felt that this scene was very familiar, and it was very similar to the plot when the Red Famous Lixiang and the Yongwei finished section were broken up in “Tokyo Love Story”. It seems that the next story is that when I turned back again, I found that Lixiang was still standing with people, and then .-……

Damn, what do you think of your mind!

I secretly scolded myself, but I couldn’t help but look back, and his dark blue denim was disappearing at the corner.

回忆中,总有些瞬间,能温暖整个曾经 (二)

I slept well at night, and I didn’t do it in half a dream.

“See you tomorrow!”