Why do cats love toilet water?


When living with cats, I believe that shoveling officers have seen a lot of confusion of cats, including love to drink toilet water. Why do cats love toilet water?

1. The water in the toilet is cooler


When cats survive in the wild, they drink cooler water, so even the home -raised cats like cooler water, and the toilet after the water is rushed. Even more cool, cats love toilet water.

2. I feel that flowing water is more reliable


Cats are more cautious. In their opinion, the water in the water bowl is still quiet and it will be more dangerous. The flowing water is relatively safe. Even if it is drinking, it may be less poisoned. Drinking toilet water feels that the toilet water is flowing and it will be safer.

Three, just curious

Cat’s curiosity is relatively strong, and they often explore different places to study strange things. For the owner’s not allowed to touch, the cat’s curiosity is even more stimulated. Therefore I feel curious.


How to correct the cat’s drinking toilet water?

1. Because cats are more like to drink flowing water, the owner can buy automatic drinking heater for the cat, so that there will be flowing water, and cats may love to drink.

2. When the owner goes to the toilet, you must cover the toilet lid or the door of the toilet in time, so that the cat will not have the opportunity to drink the toilet water, and it may be possible to forget this, and then no longer will no longer be forgotten. Drink.


3. The owner can change the position of the water bowl regularly, and the cat will feel fun, and has a freshness of drinking water. The follow -up cat will no longer resist drinking water. If a cat really doesn’t like to drink water in the bowl, the owner can put some frozen -dried snacks to attract cats to drink water.


The above are the reasons why cats love toilet water. Of course, in the process of raising cats, in addition to paying attention to the cat’s behavior, they must also pay attention to its diet. After all, it is related to its health. If you want a cat’s health, don’t give the cats for poor cat food, which will not be conducive to the cat’s health. It is recommended that the owner eat a nutritious cat food. You can refer to the relevant selection skills below

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Does your cat like to drink toilet water?