How should I wear a small man in winter? A variety of short cotton clothes are waiting for you to choose, it is definitely high and dazzling


If the little man is allowed to make a sequence of the year and four seasons, then the winter must be “


Hell level

“The difficulty. For the little Mei Mei Mei,

Vertical extension


Height is already very difficult, but most of the winter clothing will extend the body horizontally, which is simply a small one.



So how should the small eyebrows be beautiful


Woolen cloth? In fact, it is not difficult. Let ’s talk about the high autumn and winter season with the editor.

Find your style


, Show your own charm. How should I wear a small man in winter? Multiple models

Short cotton

When you choose, it is definitely high and dazzling.

That’s right, in winter, the most suitable single product for small eyebrows, that must be

Essence Therefore, a small man with a height of less than 160m, you must try it in winter

It is difficult to think of tall, and it can meet the needs of the small eyebrows.

When talking about the old man’s old talk, you have to mention it again and again


It’s right. The importance of the waistline for the small man, I believe that there is no need to say more, many small eyebrows are very clear. The waistline is the boundary of the body proportion, and the most perfect figure is


Three -seven points

Although the waist line on the body is fixed, it can be used to change the position of the visual waistline, that is, through clothing

Adjust the waistline

In winter

It is the key to adjusting the proportion of body. But the important cause of the waistline can not only expect short cotton clothes, otherwise it will let us


And the short orange brown cotton clothing of the thigh

White neck shirt

, Create a simple and clean temperament, and the focus of the match is indeed a three -color belt on the cotton clothing, using the belt to achieve

Effect of waist

Naturally, it will naturally use this as the waistline line, which can also adjust the body proportion well.

The lower body can be paired with shorts or short skirts to create “


“The effect, combined with velvet rose red boots, can better show the sense of grace and luxury. Finally

White handbag

Echo the inside to make the overall matching higher.


Khaki short cotton clothing

The stand -up collar design is adopted, and the lace -up design is more design. Select orange -brown tone inside

Dark printing shirt

, Orange -brown, which belongs to the earth color as the khaki, can show a simple and high -level sense to match.

The lower body is combined with a gray plaid straight skirt to neutralize the color, while embellished with

Black -brown buttons

, Make it well echoed with the upper body and the base. Again with

Black leggings

It can also show a sense of fashion, which has a good lean effect on the slightly fat body.

Finally match again

Black Martin boots

It can extend the length of the legs visually by cooperating with black leggings, which has a good effect.

Gray short cotton clothing

It is also a common version in life, but many people are difficult to match when they are matched. Gray itself belongs to

Low -key simplicity

The color, so it is necessary to match with some bright colors to show a sense of fashion.

For example, the gray short cotton clothing match

White T -shirt

At the same time with the silver necklace for embellishment, the lower body is matched with the yellow movement pants to increase the overall matching

Color brightness

Essence Finally, it is paired with white sneakers and white midskins to echo the upper body.

Improve the overall

Of course, bright faces are also a good choice.

Silver short cotton clothing

Mutual color

Horizontal background

, Can increase the low -key sense of matching and reduce the brightness of the silver. The lower body is matched with the positive red pants and black pointed boots, so that the overall

Color intertwine

, Can show outstanding charm.

Silver cold and red heat collision brings a strong one


Visual impact

, But it does not produce visual stimuli more to show the trend.

Ink green short cotton clothing

It looks more stable and mature, and is suitable for mature women to wear. With black high -neck shirts, it can highlight the temperament of cotton clothes. Lower body

Blue jeans

The collision with deep color with the upper body can show a sense of fashion.

With the three -color messenger bag to increase the color ratio, while using

Black bag

The color segmentation of cotton clothing can show a sense of high level.

Brown cotton clothing selection

Noodle fabric

It looks more fashionable and more mature and stable. Keep the overall white T -shirt and black pants


However, it is also forgotten to increase the brightness of the overall matching, so that the collision collision can show high -level atmosphere.

With an exaggerated orange tone

Design earrings

Increase the sense of fashion of the overall matching, and at the same time, you can also match orange shoes on your feet, such as

High heels, mid -boots

and many more.

Choose directly

Bright cotton clothing

It may be easier to match. Bright yellow cotton clothes use black edge, paired with black sneakers, and choose at the joints of the pants


Decorate, let the skirt have a


With the black mid -boots, it can show a fashionable atmosphere.





Short cotton

Short cotton

Short cotton