Is the master sharing the most common questions in the decoration construction process, is it still confused about it?


Is the master sharing the most common questions in the decoration construction process, is it still confused about it?

1. Find countermeasures for wall problems


If you have considered using latex paint as wall decoration, you must understand some basic knowledge, and you know how to find countermeasures when you encounter the following problems.

1] Cracking on the wall: This phenomenon is the most common. The specific reasons should be divided into the situation. If it is a light partition wall of the GRC, carefully cracking treatment at the seams. Generally, glass silk or cowhide paper, partition wall plate, wall board plate The characteristics of the itself are prone to small cracks, so in order to ensure that the phenomenon of cracking should be as little as possible in the family decoration, it is best to be filled with glass silk or bean bags. Unfinished, this situation has been transformed in this situation to find a lot of situations.

Two], wall flowers and uneven colors: mainly because the color of the grassroots is different and not processed. This situation must be covered by full scraping or brushing. In addition, when buying materials, pay attention to selecting the same manufacturer, the same variety and the same batch, otherwise the color difference will occur.

Third], rough surface: The main reasons are not clean at the grassroots level, sand particles, debris, or*as the environment are not tidy. Preventive measures are clean at the grassroots level, cleaning and environmental dust.

Fourth, peeling: The main reason is that the grassroots are too smooth or have oil pollution. Preventive measures are used to use steel brush to clean the grassroots brush and treat them clean. Oil pollution solvent is used for decontamination.

2. Frequently problems on ground construction

One], noodle brick ground empty drum

(1) Phenomenon

After the marble, granite, wall tiles and other noodles are paved, they hit the sound of drums with a small hammer. When people walk around, some noodle tiles are loose.

(2) The reason

1. Dry at the grassroots level, and the watering and wetting are not enough, so that the cement mortar will be lost quickly, and the bonding power of bricks and mortar will be reduced.

2. The mortar is not too much, and the combination layer cannot work.

3. The grassroots treatment is not clean or the noodle tiles are not soaked or wet or removed with floating soil on the back of the brick. The dry bricks quickly absorb the water in the cement mortar quickly, causing the mortar dehydration and affecting the condensation and hardening.

4. During construction, the mortar does not form an empty drum, or the mortar is too thick.

5. After the mortar solidifies, brick migration is defined.

(3) Measures

1. Treatment of the grassroots level according to regulations, water must not have accumulated water when watering the ground.

2. When using cement mortar, cement mortar is best to dry hard mortar. Use 425#cement, the ratio of cement and sand is 1: 2 to 4.

3. Drimming tiles are soaked in water before laying water to remove the surface floating soil.

4. Strictly follow the construction specifications*.


After the marble, granite, and wall tiles are paved, the adjacent sectors are uneven, and the gaps are wide and wide.

1. The purchase and selection sectors are not strict, the plates are thick, the size error is large, and there are defects such as warning and skew.

2. I didn’t pay attention to find Pinghe Tong Long Pulling Line.

3. The cement mortar or rubber condensation process is stepped on, making the binding layer of cement mortar or adhesive and noodle tile loose layer.

1. The purchase and selection sector must be strictly eliminated and eliminated unqualified.

2. Construction in accordance with regulations, use horizontal ruler and straight ruler at any time, and the gap should be pulled through long.

3. Don’t step on before condensing.

Three], there are no sounds walking on the wooden floor


Walking on Mu Di Ban, the wooden floor has no sound.

1. Wooden keel or wool floor is not installed firmly.

2. The water keel or wood floor is moisture, and it shrinks after drying, causing looseness.

3. The wooden floor is not installed firmly.

1. Strictly control the quality of wood, especially the moisture content, and prevent being soaked by water after entering the field.

2. The wooden keel is firmly installed in accordance with regulations.

3. The wooden floor nails sticky. After nailing, check anytime, anywhere, and repairs in a timely manner if it does not meet the requirements.

Four], the surface of the wooden floor is uneven, local drums


The surface of the wooden floor is uneven, and the partial drums appear or raised locally.

1. Wilder is deformation.

2. The moisture -proof layer was not made on the humid ground, and the wooden floor was directly laid, and the wooden floor was moisture.

3. The deep bouncing during construction is not allowed, and the pole is not straight.

4. The wooden floor is not installed firmly.

5. The white stubble floor is looking for usual, and it is uneven.

1. Prevent wood from moisture.


2. High wood flooring on the humid ground must be made of moisture -proof layers.

3. Calibrate the horizontal line before laying the wool floor and surface floor, and adjust the errors in time.

4. The wooden floor nails sticky.

5. Correct*Power planing, master the artificial net surface technology.

Third, common problems of ceiling construction

1. The ceiling is uneven

The ceiling is uneven, tilted or partially wavy.

1. The ceiling elevation does not find the level, or the bullet line is unclear, and the local elevation is wrong.

2. The ceiling spacing is too large, and the keel deformation is too large.

3. The water content of the wooden keel ceiling is large, and the contraction and deformation.

4. When the wooden screw is fixed, the screw is inconsistent with the distance between the gypsum board.

1. Use the water column method to find the elevation line around the wall, the bullet line is clear and the location is accurate.

2. The spacing of light steel keel boom should be 1200 ~ 1500 mm, and it should not be too large.

3. The wood used meets the requirements and fixed firmly.

4. The distance between the screw and the edge of the board or the plate must not be less than 10 mm or 16 mm. The distance of the screw in the middle of the board must not be greater than 200 mm.

Second, paper plaster ceiling sewing cracking (1) phenomenon

After a period of time, the gypsum board seams appear cracks after a period of time.

1. The structure of the seam seam nodes is unreasonable.


2. Poor gypsum boards, splitting and deformed.

3. Poor quality of embedded putty.

4. Improper construction measures.

5. The ceiling keel is fixed.


Fourth, five points of the discharge cable

When decoration of the room, it is necessary to grasp the following 5 points:

——Accant considering the electrical and lighting equipment required by each functional area before construction, and use this as a rough calculation of the cross -sectional area of ​​the cables corresponding to each wire. Try to use high -quality copper core protective wiring and dark installation box to avoid aging and break, resulting in difficulty installation of the panel.

—— Draw the distribution map of each room circuit, and set a seat mark and height of various lamps, switches, sockets, and power distribution disks to determine the direction of the route and the branch. The wire is best to use different colors to identify different circuits.

——In the power cord to wear the flame retardant pipe outside the power cord before laying. In the ceiling of the combustible structure, we must wear flame retardant pipes. At the same time, the power switch should be set up outside the ceiling to cut off the power supply if necessary. All wires of the wire should be in the wiring box.

——The total capacity per minute of indoor lines should not exceed 3,000 watts, and the load current of each single -phase circuit generally does not exceed 15 ampel. Large households such as air -conditioning shall have a special line.

—— The installation height of the switch is generally 1200-1350 mm from the ground, and the height of the socket is generally 200-300 mm. The height of the power distribution disk should be 1800-2000 mm.

Five, doors and windows installation common problems

1. The overall stiffness of the doors and windows frame

Push or close the doors and windows or encounter heavy winds, the doors and windows are shaking.

1. Improper selection of profiles, small sections, and insufficient strength. The prevention of aluminum alloy doors and windows does not meet the requirements. The quality of plastic steel doors and windows is unqualified.

2. The configuration of the inner lining steel of the plastic steel doors and windows does not meet the standards, and the steel wall is thin and the strength is poor; the insertion is inserted in sections of the latch -lined steel, which does not form an overall enhancement effect;

3. The installation node did not follow the specifications.

4. Different fixed methods are not adopted according to different walls.

1. The size and quantity of doors and windows frames meet national standards. The outer wall thickness of the aluminum alloy profile must not be less than 2.4 mm. The thickness of the plastic steel window must not be less than 2.5 mm.

2. Check the appearance of the plastic profile. The qualified profile should be blue and white or ivory white, clean and smooth. There should be a protective film with good quality.

3. According to the size of the door and window entrance and the height of the installation, the cross -section of the profile is not less than 55 series, and the sliding window is not less than 75 series.

4. Install strictly in accordance with the specifications to ensure firm and stability.

2. Doors and window leakage

1. The doors and windows frames are leaked at the surrounding wall connection.


2. Push the sliding window to slide water in the slot and penetrate into the window. (2) The reason

1. The doors and windows frames and walls are embedded with cement mortar. 2. The gum is not strict with the door and the wall frame and the wall. 3. The doors and windows are unqualified, and the combination of the window frame and the fan is not strict. 4. The sealing of the fan is unqualified, and the water infiltrates from the sneer glass seam. 5. There is no drainage hole in the frame of the window.

1. The doors and windows frames and walls must not be embedded with cement mortar. It should be elastic connected, and the seal is filled with sealing with a sealing rubber. 2. Check whether the doors and windows are qualified before installation. Whether the window frame and the fan fan are strictly combined, and whether the fan sealing strip is installed. 3. There is a gap between the window frame and the cave more than 50 mm, so that the window sill can do a flowing slope. 4. The lower frame of the outer frame and the rail root should be drilled with drainage holes.

Third, obvious difference in doors and windows (1) phenomenon

The color of adjacent doors and windows or window frames is inconsistent with the color of the fan. (2) The reason

Materials are non -the same factory products, or products of the same batch of products, or different materials. (3) Measures

1. The purchase of the same manufacturer should be used and prepares at a time.

2. Pay attention to the color of the ingredients before leaving the material to avoid the material with large color differences on the same window.

6. Acceptance of hidden projects

In home decoration, some concealed projects are indispensable, and the laying and embedding of pipelines is the focus of concealed projects.

Pipeline laying embedded projects include: wires — power cords, telephone cables, TV signal transmission cables, intercom systems, security anti -theft system wires, audio surround system wires, etc. Gas pipes, water heater connection pipes, etc. In professional construction, there are strict requirements for the selection of materials and construction steps. Only by grasping these specific construction requirements can we effectively supervise the quality of concealed projects.

The wire power cords are paved with dark tube, and the wires adopt a copper plastic wire with an cross -sectional area greater than or equal to ..5 mm. The ground and wall slot launch a hard PVC hard pipe. The load is too large and flattened PVC board, which affects the future change. The telephone line, TV signal line, and audio connection wires are paved with division of lines. The dedicated signal transmission line is used, and a certain interval distance is left with each other to make various signals interfere with each other. The shielding line of the TV signal transmission line is cut together to avoid short circuit with the centerline, otherwise the image will be unclear.

The reconstruction of the pipeline water pipe should be designed as the simplest cloth tube route to minimize the phenomenon of elbows and excessive three links.

Lower water pipe: The old building uses cast iron pipe parts. Some of the new buildings use hard engineering plastic pipes, and fixed positions and layouts in structural engineering are easy to move. In principle, family decoration engineering should not be changed.

The sewage pipe is mainly anti -blocking, including the sewage pipe and floor drain of the kitchen and bathroom, especially the cement and sand when removing the wall and the floor tiles. Do not fall into the water outlet and floor drain.

When the tube is wrapped in the family decoration, the door and the gate valve should be kept for inspection to repair and prepare for future maintenance and maintenance.

Gas pipe: Due to the mobile transformation of the gas pipe and the installation of gas water heaters, it is easy to cause leakage of gas and natural gas, which is dangerous. Therefore, the professional construction team of the gas company should be requested to build and go through the approval procedures.

Seven, “Four” for the decoration of the bathroom


The decoration and layout of the bathroom have attracted more and more attention. However, because the area of ​​the bathroom is generally small, the lighting is not satisfactory, and it is very humid, it is necessary to pay special attention to the toilet in decoration and layout.

Pay attention to waterproof and non -slip. The ground decorative material of the bathroom is best to use non -slip floor tiles with raised patterns. This kind of floor tiles not only have good waterproof performance, but they will not be too slippery even if they are dipped in water. In terms of wall decoration in the bathroom, you better use the wall tiles supporting floor tiles to unify the decoration style of the bathroom.

The top moisture -proof and covering the most important. The bathroom ceiling material is best to use a PVC gusset with better waterproof performance. This gusset can be installed on the keel, which can also cover the pipeline.

Sanitary ware pursues reasonable. At present, there are many types of sanitary ware on the market. If your bathroom area is small and the water pressure is unstable, there is no need to choose a larger massage bathtub. The position of the upper and lower water mouths sometimes affects your choice of bathroom equipment. Therefore, it is best to listen to the opinions of the decoration designer when buying, so as not to spend money.

Circuit safety first. The bathroom is more humid, so be careful when installing electric lights and wires. The switch is best to have a security protection function, and the plug -in cannot be exposed.

8. What details should be paid attention to kitchen decoration

● Measure the length, width and height of the room from many different points (such as the height of the floor to the ceiling, the width between the wall to the wall), and check what unevenness is.

● Remember to consider the location of all prominent objects, such as water pipes, gas meters, and hydropower meters. ● Pay attention to the location of the existing water pipe. ● Pay attention to the position of the existing power socket.

● Consider where the cabinets and refrigerators should be put, it is easy to open the door. ● Where the plan needs to be strengthened.

● Pay attention to fixing the lamp under the suspended wall cabinet, so that the range of the*can be illuminated.

● Do not place the gas stove or oven under the window, otherwise the wind is likely to blow out the fire, or blow the curtains onto the stove. ● Determine the countertop next to the oven and gas stove to be empty in order to place hot woks and plates. ● Do not design the suspended fireplace above the gas stove.

● Do not put the refrigerator next to the cooking utensils, otherwise the refrigerator will consume more electricity to maintain the coldness due to excessive temperature.

Nine, the leak -proof process should be paid attention to

Once you enter the rainy season, there will be many families in Nanjing. In the face of this headache, do you feel helpless? The only solution is to use waterproof materials for leakage. The key decision is determined to determine the quality of construction. Pay attention to the following issues during construction.

(1) Phenomenon

(1) Phenomenon

(1) Phenomenon

(1) Phenomenon

(1) Phenomenon

(1) Phenomenon

(2) The reason

(2) The reason

(2) The reason

(2) The reason

(2) The reason

(2) The reason

(3) Measures

(3) Measures

(3) Measures

(3) Measures

(3) Measures

(3) Measures

The construction base must be cleaned. Carefully check the waterproof layer of the original leakage roof. The waterproof layer that has been cracked and foam should be completely removed, and the dust on the waterproof layer should be completely cleaned. If the waterproof coating is constructed with polyurethane waterproof coatings, you can also use a solvent to paint on the old base surface first, so as to clear the dust and increase the adhesion fastness.

The construction roof must be dry. The water on the roof does not evaporate, and the new waterproof layer will be lifted, and the waterproof effect will be invalidated immediately. Therefore, it is not advisable to build it on rainy days. Wait until the sun will be dried after the sun is dried, otherwise the water will not evaporate.

The coils and the roof should be tightly bonded together. There is a certain width between the coils to form a complete waterproof layer. In order to ensure that the corner and the roof are adhered at the junction of the three sides of the roof, it is best to brush the waterproof coating at the same time to achieve dual insurance.

Waterproof coatings must reach the prescribed amount. The amount of painting is generally about 2 kg per square meter. Pay attention to the thickness of the thickness and the minimum thickness is above 1.2 mm, so that there is enough strength.

Ten, the details of the carpentry, the success or failure of the home improvement project

Many complaints about home decoration have been related to carpentry some time ago. Therefore, the details of the carpentry construction that did not intend to talk about it was a relatively detailed description here. Because readers need to know more knowledge, we use a question and answer method this time.

The use of artificial board on various occasions

The so -called artificial board is nothing more than our common large core boards, three -in -board boards, five cubes, nine cubes, and particle boards. These are the most decorative materials we use in home decoration.

Question: When paved with solid wood flooring, can it be used as a large core plate as a floors?

Answer: Considering the cost of construction, some construction companies use inferior large core plates to make the floors under the solid wood flooring. This is because some people think that the floors only have a balanced effect underneath. No problem. However, in fact, the quality of the wooden bars inside the inferior large core plate is often poor, and the interval between the wooden strips is large. After the nails of the fixed floor are nail, the nailing power is relatively low. Life life of the floor. Therefore, if we use large core plates as fur flooring in solid wood flooring during construction, we should use high -quality products.

Question: Why should the panel of the heating cover use a high -quality large core board. Essence However, the inferior large core board cannot bear the load -bearing task for a long time, and after a period of time, deformation or even broken.

Q: How to deal with the three sides of the door frame at the door?

Answer: During the door, the three sides of the door frame (above left and right) are different. Among them, the side of the installation of the pages is the greatest. Therefore, the door frame should use high -quality large core plates as lining plates to avoid using artificial plates with poor fixed screws such as particle boards, and the thickness should be greater than the screw length used in the future installation pages.

Q: Is it okay to use a nine -cubes plus three -in -board board?

Answer: This approach is common in the current home decoration process. Its advantages are not easy to deform and have a good appearance. However, it should be noted that the nine -centicime can be firmly bonded with the triple plate.

Use of solid wood lines

Q: What is the role of solid wood lines?

Answer: During the carpentry of home decoration*, solid wood lines have two functions: first, decorative effect, that is, to cover parts with poor visual effects with processed lines; If the panel is protected without the line, the surface of the panel is easily abused and affects the use of the surface of the panel during the future use process.

Question: Why should the on -site door be seal with solid wood lines?

Answer: The wooden doors made on the spot use the four sides of the solid wood line door. In addition to the beautiful reasons, the main purpose is to increase the overall strength of the door. The installation of the lock is convenient and practical. Destruction, and it is also very convenient to repair.

Q: Is there a color difference in solid wood lines and nodes?

Answer: Because wood belongs to natural materials, color differences are inevitable, and no one can avoid this phenomenon. However, some consumers emphasize the color difference between solid wood lines, and even use the color difference between solid wood lines as a means to refuse to pay the project funds, which is actually unreasonable. As long as Jiezi is not too large, it is acceptable that it does not affect the quality of use. What’s more, some modern or avant -garde consumers often like it because of natural feelings. The painter is the makeup artist and nanny of the carpenter.

Question: Did the painter take on the role of a woodworking makeup artist?

Answer: People in the industry often say that no matter how good the carpenter also needs to cooperate with paint workers. Because a woodworking project is only a semi -finished product for the entire engineering project, it must be used for later dressing through paint workers, otherwise it may not be satisfactory. As for those projects with poor woodworking quality, it is even more needed to make up for the later dresses.

Moreover, the four seasons have changed greatly, and dryness and humidity have raised many problems for home improvement projects. Therefore, after the woodworking project is completed, the painter often needs to be closed to the project to avoid excessive humidity exchange between the wood products and the outside world, which affects the quality of the finished product of wood products. Essence In this sense, painter is a nanny of a carpentman.

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