Zhang Ruonan’s fresh age reduction street shot, black high -necked bottom shirt with rice white sweater, gentle and warm


Zhang Ruonan, recently appeared at Shanghai Airport, wearing a black high -necked bottom shirt, with a beige plush sweater, gentle and warm, the temperature is the same, a blue straight jeans below, the blessing of DLOR old flower mesengers, The whole dress looks more attractive, showing fresh age and beauty, and it looks comfortable. I have to say that I like Zhang Ruonan’s street shot very much. It’s really praise!


This white plush sweater, the sense of fluffy, looks so gentle and warm, makes people love it. It is really beautiful to wear Zhang Ruonan’s body! The black shirt on the bottom collided perfectly with the white part of the sweater, and it was full of charm.

I especially like this kind of blue jeans. It looks fresh and looks good. The classic charm is shown. It will not be tired when we wear, and the version is very good. A sense of restraint.


The cross -body bag shows the unique brand texture, adding a lot of attraction to the entire dressing, great!

Written at the end:

The autumn and winter seasons are relatively dull. This kind of dress like Zhang Ruonan can drive away the dullness, fresh and charming, love love, do you love?


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