The change in the makeup remover industry in 2022: It does not work without “skin care”.


The change in the makeup remover industry in 2022: It does not work without “skin care”.

To say that it has completely subverted the traditional industry from the product to the concept, and the “makeup remover” market is one.

Beginning in 2020, the concept of “makeup remover” and “skin care” began to popularize the entire beauty market. In this fresh air, the pattern of the makeup remover market has quietly changed.

On the one hand, the layers and demand on the consumer side.

In the past three years, the number of consumers of online cosmetics remover has grown simultaneously. The penetration rate of cosmetic categories in the beauty of makeup categories has reached 20%, and there is a trend of gradually increasing. At the same time, the user group is constantly younger. At present, the age group of the mainstream in the market is concentrated between 26 and 35 years old, but compared with the past, the size of users aged 18 to 25 continues to grow.


*Data originated from whale ginseng-user portrait analysis

At the same time as the scale is growing, the more scientific makeup remover awareness also penetrates quickly. Based on different makeup scenarios, consumers have made different demands on makeup remover. Treasure users will choose to remove makeup remover with stronger cleaning, while light makeup users will pay more attention to the moisturizing effect of makeup remover.

On the other hand, the innovation and refined operation of the supply side.


With the rapid penetration of makeup habits and the refined upgrade of skin care demand, the market for makeup remover products continues to expand, and the share of oil and cream removal products with stronger skin care ingredients has continued to expand. shake. We summarize the four major industries upgrade keywords: health, safety, gentleness, and skin care.

Focusing on these four keywords, we can imagine that in the future, makeup remover will pay more and more attention to health and safety, and will focus more on the development direction of mild makeup removal in the gentle makeup removal direction that does not hurt the sebum film and protect the skin barrier.

Different from the makeup remover of the previous Qingyin Bulk list, we can see from the hot list of this year, we can see that the makeup remover, Bedmajie catalytic, KIMTRUE (first) makeup remover, Bannilan makeup remover Net red products such as cream rush into TOP10. At the same time, 7 of these 10 products have the title of “mild” and “moisturizing” keywords, which reflect the changes in consumer factors when buying products from the side.

*Data originated from whale ginseng-hot-selling product analysis

The makeup market in the past two years has emerged endlessly with social media marketing. Judging from the online brand sales list in the first quarter, the old brands are still steadily fighting. The main makeup remover of older makeup removal in Bedma and Banilan has not lost its main position, but from the perspective of growth, the main group is 18-25 years old. The strength of the emerging domestic makeup makeup brand cannot be underestimated. With the pursuit of capital and consumers, the market concentration has risen significantly.

For example, the current fifth place on the list, which is a year -on -year sales of 170%year -on -year; KIMTRUE (and early), who is 10th on the list, has increased by 530%year -on -year.

*Data originated from whale ginseng-brand ranking analysis

Faced with such a tens of billions of makeup remover markets, how can the old makeup stabilize their status? How does the emerging brand capture this category?

In the future, there may even be more cross -industry technologies and brands entering the field of makeup removal. We can only maintain objectiveness at all times, and timely insight into the development of the development, development scale and competition pattern of China’s makeup products industry, and understand the current market environment. In order to follow the development trend of the industry in accordance with the industry’s competitive pattern, the market characteristics of the product, the changes in the needs of the terminal market, and the operating situation of the leading enterprises.

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