Dolly Bright Night | 2019 The first Rural Lights and Sea Art Festival is about to start romantic


Hope Stars and the Moon

The first brilliant lantern art festival in 2019 is finally here

多利·璀璨之夜 | 2019郫都首届田园灯海艺术节即将浪漫启幕

This lighting festival will last for 17 days

Multi -activity content is burning and boiling the capital

多利·璀璨之夜 | 2019郫都首届田园灯海艺术节即将浪漫启幕

The lighting festival contains various black technology

多利·璀璨之夜 | 2019郫都首届田园灯海艺术节即将浪漫启幕

It will bring you a glossy visual feast

Let’s take a look at this light festival first

What are the specialties?


Gorgeous lights light up the countryside

This time, the Light Sea Art Festival is selected in the Duoli Farm in the Village Revitalization Demonstration Zone in Laudu District. The idyllic style is fused with the bright lantern sea.

This Lantern Sea Art Festival uses a large -scale, high -tech light technology, dozens of designers inspect the real scene, carefully designed embellishment, and the details grasp the right. They only create a visual feast for the puppets.

多利·璀璨之夜 | 2019郫都首届田园灯海艺术节即将浪漫启幕


多利·璀璨之夜 | 2019郫都首届田园灯海艺术节即将浪漫启幕

1. Welcome to the gallery

From time to time, the heart -shaped promenade changes the color and reflects the pastoral, forming a colorful night beauty, and the farm under the night is beautiful. Step into it, turn on the phone camera, and set at this moment.

多利·璀璨之夜 | 2019郫都首届田园灯海艺术节即将浪漫启幕

2. Mount Fuji

多利·璀璨之夜 | 2019郫都首届田园灯海艺术节即将浪漫启幕

Want to see Mount Fuji?大 Du Light Festival super large Fuji Mountain theme light sculpture, let you enjoy its beauty at 360 ° without dead ends.

3, wish tree

The big light tree is full of fluorescent bottle like opening and loose leaves, and the romantic lights of unprecedented romantic lights are shot out. Instead of making a wish glass bead in a wish bottle, flashed various fluorescent colors, and acquiesced in the romantic light and shadow. You can also sit in the lamp under the tree to enjoy this bright night view.

多利·璀璨之夜 | 2019郫都首届田园灯海艺术节即将浪漫启幕

4. Interactive bubble party

Snowflakes, bubble sky and earth, instantly in a fairy tale world. Running, laughing, traveling around “bubble the earth”, fighting “snowball”, “snowman”, and DIY bubble “hat”. A lot of free gameplay is waiting for you to creative, together in this cool dream world carnival!

5. Fast eye disease

It is time to test the eyesight and response speed! Douyin explosion game “Eye Diseases Fast” comes to this light show, challenging your speed limit.

多利·璀璨之夜 | 2019郫都首届田园灯海艺术节即将浪漫启幕

6. Agricultural Travel Picking up

多利·璀璨之夜 | 2019郫都首届田园灯海艺术节即将浪漫启幕

Meng pet park, non -power paradise, organic fruit and vegetable picking, organic meals, etc. bring children to feel the beauty of the countryside.

7. Dolly melon festival

At the beginning of the midsummer, he came to Dolly Farm to pick fresh melon, participate in the hegemony of the king, taste the sweet and refreshing melon, and enjoy the sweet feast. The Dori Farm Glores will continue this week, sweet summer.

Lantern presence

多利·璀璨之夜 | 2019郫都首届田园灯海艺术节即将浪漫启幕

Event details >>>

Dolly Bright Night

2019 Laudu First Rural Light Sea Art Festival

Bright feast in the countryside

多利·璀璨之夜 | 2019郫都首届田园灯海艺术节即将浪漫启幕

July 19 grand opening

Time: July 19, 2019 to August 4, 2019

多利·璀璨之夜 | 2019郫都首届田园灯海艺术节即将浪漫启幕

Ticket: 30 yuan/piece/person

多利·璀璨之夜 | 2019郫都首届田园灯海艺术节即将浪漫启幕

Play time: 10: 00-pm 23:00

多利·璀璨之夜 | 2019郫都首届田园灯海艺术节即将浪漫启幕

Location: Duoli Farm, New Group Road, Baiyun Village, Baiyun Village, Chengdu City

Consultation Tel: 4008-923-855