It’s hard to imagine! Plastic stockings boots can make your legs so beautiful


Double Eleven has become an indispensable festival every year. Although I am a woman and not a bachelor, I just think that this festival is specifically serving our women. After all, you can buy and buy it! Especially for the great promotion activities such as Double Eleven, you can save a lot of money to buy a few items. How can you not buy it?


What do you want to ask me to buy? As a short boots, I certainly said that I bought the short boots first. Nowadays, wearing short boots is the most suitable. It also guarantees that the temperature can also be concave, but there are actually more than 20 types of short boots. Don’t worry. Today I will take a look at 4 fashionable and versatile short boots. What short boots are worried.

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Chelsea short boots

If you are a boot control, then the classic versatile Chelsea short boots must be a fashionable shoes you must not miss. Chelsea boots originated in Britain, and it was created by people to facilitate equestrian activities. One of its biggest features is the elastic band of the ankle, no short boots, not the authentic “Chelsea boots”.


It is no exaggeration to say that a pair of Chelsea boots can finish all occasions, and it is not inferior to pointed shoes, Maryzhen and other shoes. In addition, a pair of Chelsea short boots can be paired with a variety of styles of clothing, jumpsuits, suit suits, sexy see -through skirts, leather pants … almost the items you can think of can not control it.

Chelsea boots are simple and versatile. It is effortless to match with pants and skirts. Handsome or sweet can switch freely. The skirt set with Chelsea short boots, revealing long legs, is a combination of long legs. If you feel a bit cold, you can add a pair of warm middle socks.


The design of this short boots of Kaoff is comfortable and fashionable. The upper uses ultra -fine fiber fabrics. The wear resistance and breathability are very good. The design of the sides of the sides has a sense of dynamic rhythm, adding a little unruly and sloppy feeling.


As women are raising, Martin boots have become more and more loved by women. This Martin boots under Chelsea is very handsome and stylish. It sets off a female domineering and cool side. Very shiny, full of eye -catching effects, and not high, will not be tired when wearing it out of the street.

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Socks and boots


This year’s autumn and winter socks are coming, and it becomes a clear stream in the short boots. The design of the super ankle allows you to put on these boots as comfortable as socks. From the side, this kind of boot is very highlighted to connect the curve of the calf, which can extend the leg lines visually and make the legs look more slender.


The difference between socks and boots is its boots. The ordinary boots are not relaxed, and naturally they are not well slim. The design on the boots fit the legs, as if wearing socks. The lines of the ankle look slender.


The fashion circle will always be elusive. The biggest fire this year is socks and boots, becoming a benchmark for superhuman street shots. And it can set off the slender calf part and show the perfect leg shape.

When the weather is cold, it is time to wear boots. Socks and boots are very fashionable as this year’s popular model. This square socks boots are very thin, and versatile can go in and out of various occasions. Very practical, sexy and elegant, very charm of mature women.

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Martin boots

Martin boots are comparable to Chelsea’s short boots, with both retro and fashion. As a symbol of street trend culture, it is loved by celebrities and street shooting people, and the appearance rate is also very high.

Dark Martin boots, with dark tight pants, will make you have visually long legs. If the inside is black shoes, the proper neck is the legs. Martin boots with jeans are definitely the first choice for playful and personality. It is not too neutral and adds a bit of handsome. With a short skirt, punk Fan Er came to his face.

The Martin boots feels cool and handsome, particularly accusing. This matte surface Martin boots is very breathable and comfortable. The simple and elegant shape of the frosted fabric gives people a feeling of British style. The intellectual side looks softer.

The originator of the street is the Martin boots Martin boots have always been a symbol of street and punk. It is indispensable in the fashion trend. This mid -tube Martin boots use leather fabrics, which are more hard and wear -resistant, durable, and the shape is very cool. The versatile, the handsome and good shape of the handsomeness, exudes a different unique charm.

– ④—————

Rough heel boots


The thick heel boots are the cool and the best choice for you to have short boots. The designs of thick heels make you be more comfortable and comfortable at the same time, and it will not be too tired to walk. From the show to the streets, from the celebrities to bloggers. Starting last year, the trend of thick heel boots swept the entire fashion industry.


Seemingly rude, but with the shoe body, it has a stronger sense of fashion. The height of the boots of the ankle is very good, it is almost the four seasons. The square of the bright noodles, or bling bling, will be more interesting than the all -black model. With the rush of retro hippie with cropped pants, it can also increase the details of the shape.


Many women like to wear high heels, but high -heeled shoes are very tired, and thick heels are relatively comfortable. This thick heel high heels and heels are moderate, which not only meets women’s pursuit of beauty, but also not particularly tired. In the foot, the style of the middle tube covers the lower part of the calf, highlighting the perfect curve of the legs.

Zhuo Shini is a brand that most people know. This female short boots in his family use ultra -fine fiber velvet surface, elegant and lowly luxurious, especially temperament, and the breathability is very good. It shows the sharpness, very generous, comfortable round head design, and more youthful vitality.