Kailestone ice climbing full set of equipment black technology that must not be missed, end all the unpopular excuses


Snowy is water


If it does not, it will become ice

When the ice meets the mountain peak

It attracted a group of ice climbing addicts

Broken ice is dull, burning the cold winter

Wave the ice ax, climb upwards

11 years


Concise and enthusiasm for steady and countless enthusiasts


2020 Kaile Stone Simuashan Ice Festival

Come again for another year


Pushing the palm and preparing to join before this event

We have to consider a question



Ice climbing is a very high combination of equipment

We must choose and use the equipment properly


This sounds natural

But in actual operation

We can always see many surprising operations

Ice climbing must choose to match


Equipment of the ice climbing level and style

Participate in outdoor sports in the cold area

You must keep yourself dry as much as possible to prevent temperature loss

By regulating your exercise intensity through climbing

Make your body as much as possible;

When resting or fighting

Put on a down jacket to save your calories.

Kailestone has experienced many years of ice climbing festival and big coffee experience

To sum up you a cheats for equipment


Outdoor in winter, wearing a hat is very particular. You need to adopt the “layer of dressing method”. Popularly speaking, wearing clothes layer by layer, but it is not simply superimposed on the clothes. Generally, the three layers can effectively keep warm.

Top layer

You need to wear personal sweaty underwear, underwear and socks. We only have one requirements for it: sweat and dehumidification.

If the sweat in the inner layer of the clothing cannot be evaporated as soon as possible, the sweat retained during static after exercise will cause severe heat loss, and the consequences are very serious.

Sports underwear will be a good choice. However, please note that cotton clothes must not be selected. The cotton fiber is porous, and it will quietly absorb water to the surrounding atmosphere. At the same time, it will evaporate very slowly. After the body sweats, the cotton fabric will always stick to the skin. Such a moisturizing effect is undoubtedly a disaster for outdoor.

Recommended equipment

Kaile Stone Re -multi -function round neck sticker

Soft and comfortable, sweat and dry

Warm layer of top

During ice climbing, the amount of exercise is large, and the breathability is more likely to make the body sweat. During the protection period, the body becomes cold. Therefore, in addition to the warmth, the warm layer needs to pay attention to breathability.


The warm layer of the shirt can choose a thin and breathable waterproof down. When the weather is better, you can choose a fleece, or a soft shell and cotton jacket with good breathability.


It should be noted that the down must be waterproof down, and the waterproof down is easy to lose warmth in a humid environment.

Kaile Stone MONT Refusing Water Goose Deep down jacket


• Ecological engineering design, three -dimensional three -dimensional tailoring, suitable for climbing sports

• High -quality 900fill waterproof goose down, calmly respond to the challenges of wet and cold climate and humid environment.

• PERTEX 10D flash gauze light fabric, high -density leak -proof velvet, strong anti -tear


The outermost layers of clothing will directly contact the ice surface, and the waterproof layer of clothing is essential. The head is an indispensable part, and a large and adjustable hood is essential.

The clothes that are breathable through the breathing membrane of the fabric are almost completely invalid when the water is filled with water, so the design of a good underarm ventilation is necessary.

It is also important to repeat the movement of the handling of the manuscript during ice climbing. It is also very important for the version of the ice climbing tailoring. This determines whether you can move smoothly and the overall degree of appropriateness during ice climbing.

Kaile Stone Icepeak professional climbing charge

• GORE-TEX Pro 3L glue fabric, long-term snowproof water and waterproof

• Ecological engineering design, three -dimensional three -dimensional A -style sports version tailoring

• Seamless welding gel technology, ingenious craftsmanship, lightweight waterproof

• Add the edge of the heating bonding cap, which is tough, and the field of vision is wide in the wind and snow

• Wear a helmet three -dimensional windproof hat, hidden drawing rope adjustment

• Sanluo head double -opening armpit zipper design, freely adjust the opening area

Warm jacket

The warm jacket is generally worn during protection. The amount of exercise is relatively small during protection, and the body is easy to get cold. Therefore, protecting the jacket is enough to keep warm and loose, which can accommodate all the clothing in it.

The down jacket will be a better choice, but the large and warm down jacket is likely to cover the seat belt, so a convenient double zipper design is necessary.

Kaile Stone Icepeak Technology Climbing down jacket


• GORE-Tex Infinium ™ fabric, windproof insulation and humidity

• Gao Li leads the neck, the inner protective collar, increase warmth

• A wear -resistant reinforcement is added on the shoulders and feet, the position of the sleeve and elbow is added, and the protection of the key location is strengthened.

• High -quality 900fill waterproof goose down, superior water refusal performance

• Three -dimensional windproof cap, wearing a helmet

• YKK waterproof dual starting zipper, stable and easy to pull, wind resistance and snow

Leg warm layer

The better choice of warm -fitting layer worn alone is soft shell pants: better warmth, and strong windproof; waterproof splashing can cope with ordinary humid environments, and breathability can also cope with sports needs.

If you are worn with the warm layer of punching clothes, you can choose fleece or sports underwear.

Kaile Stone Sports Perseverance

Soft and suitable, sweat and breathable

Pants waterproof layer


The pants are more contact with the ice than the top, and the ice dandruff will splash on the body when kicking the ice. The waterproofness of the pants is very important. The assault pants also require the professional cut of A -style climbing:

△ The pants feet are wide and the shoe gang can cover the high boots;

△ Arc -shaped knees, free legs are freely restrained;

△ The full -length zipper design will also keep your legs dry when you exercise;

△ In addition, the inside of the trousers must be matched with scratch -proof fabrics, because this is the area where Ishi is most likes to visit.

Kaile Stone Icepeak submachine pants (strap pants)

● GORE-TEX Pro 3L glue fabric, long-term snowproof water and waterproof

● Ecological engineering design, three -dimensional three -dimensional A -style sports version tailoring

● Seamless welding and stacking technology, ingenious craftsmanship, lightweight waterproof

● High suspender -type waist design, blocking snowflakes, cold wind invasion, locking temperature to keep warm

● Baya head full -and -close waterproof zipper design to ensure that the body is dry.

● Belt with trousers, can be used with mountaineering boots and climb together.

● Kevlar wear -resistant fabrics, focusing on protection

● Three -dimensional arched tailoring, diamonds standing crotch, three -dimensional knee tailoring, increasing activity dimension



Head heat dissipation accounts for one -third of the human body, up to 60 %, so head warmth is the key to maintaining body temperature.

Keep your helmet when climbing, so the hat should be compatible with the helmet, thin, sticking head, and a certain breathability



The role of gloves is to keep warm and protect, preventing the end of the limbs from exposed to cold air, while reducing the damage caused by the finger collision on the ice wall when waving. This requires that the gloves need to be moderate and moderate. Only to get the best feel.

In addition, most of the ice and snow are more humid, so gloves must have a certain waterproof.

Kaile stone waterproof ice climbing glove


• Waterproof and windproof inner sleeve, comfortable thermal insulation

• Back elastic fabric splicing, free stretching, no restraint in exercise


• The grip site of the outer layer of the palm of the palm adopts goatskin, abrasion resistance and slipping


• Reinforcement of foaming at the joint joints to prevent the finger joints from being impacted, avoiding harm

• The elastic magic sticker design at the wrist, it is easy to wear and take off, and the wrist is more fitted

• Crab in the velvet, keep warm and comfortable


• Human engineering curved fingers design, wearing gloves, fingers can be in a natural relaxation state

• Cuffs soft glue sliding slide, it is easy to wear and take off



There are many technical equipment required for the ice climbing, which requires the backpack to require a powerful plug -in system to easily fix the equipment such as ropes, iced, ice axh and other equipment.

Kaile Stone AETHER Sky Dome 30L Waterproof Technology Climbing Backpack

• Use Dynemma fabric, waterproof, anti -ultraviolet rays, tear resistance, high strength, light weight

• Lightweight woven belt, no water absorption, high and powerful, suitable for the ice and snow environment;

• The backplane heat forming backplane is set to provide strong support for the load, which can be demolished to reduce weight;

• Multiple plug -in points, which is convenient for fixed equipment such as climbing ropes, iccuts and other equipment;

• Unique technology ice aox/hiking rod fast fixing system;


Ice climbing must use ice ax that meets their own climbing projects and climbing capabilities. Bingbo is straight. In the face of steep ice walls, you need to use the curved technology ice ax as a hook to hang the traction. Essence

In addition, the technology of the technology ice axard is specially designed in the ice. The angle of the ice is better, and it can provide a stable focus. crank


It can also provide a larger gap to the hand when chirling ice to avoid clipping the hand when the pick is into the ice.

Kaile Stone ENTHEOS Technology Ice Kbo

• Ispo Germany Asian Product Awards

• Excellent center of gravity distribution, excellent feel stability

• CNC CNC technology accurately cut out the picking body

• 7075-T651 high-strength aluminum, higher strength

seat belt

Almost any type of climbing seat belt can be used for ice climbing, but there are also some seat belts designed for technical climbing.

The leg ring of this seat belt can be adjusted. When you need to pass the seat belt through the bulky alpine boots or thick pants, this design is very practical. There are also places on this type of seat belt that can be placed in the ice cone hanging ring.

Tendon’s “spiritual power” climbing seat belt

• The belt and leg ring structure of ergonomic design, give the maximum body freedom


• Integrated framework design to strengthen the support of the body

• The waist and leg size can be adjusted to adapt to different body shapes

• The additional hanging point on both sides of the waist can be installed in the tool frame to carry more equipment such as ice cone cone cone

• “Quick Buckle” quickly regulate buckle, safe and convenient

• Ultra -wear -resistant Cordura fabric



When climbing, you need to deal with the risk of the possible pendant. In case you have a sliding pendant, you can also protect the head and surface. This requires the helmet to have a certain cold tolerance and impact resistance.


AIRO Super Light Climbing helmet

● Won the 2017 Asian Outdoor Industry Award

● AIRO uses a carbon fiber top cover with high strength and excellent impact resistance and shock absorption performance

● The main body of the helmet consists of EPP foaming materials, which is higher and lighter.

● Quickly adjust the system, suitable for all head types

● The internal air passage combines 12 ventilation holes, which can effectively discharge the head to generate heat

● The front forehead line with a slight arc expands the vision of climbers

● The card on the helmet can fix the headlights or snow mirror


The shoes worn during ice climbing should meet the two requirements of waterproofing and matching ice claws. A pair of suitable alpine boots is enough to compete.

Alpine boots have a perfect waterproof function, and the hard soles are almost not bent and deforming, which is more suitable for ice climbing. The more important feature of alpine boots is that you have the ingredients, which can make you stable to put on the ice.

Glacier 5000+ high altitude technology ice climbing GTX waterproof high mountain boots

● PE cold -proof material excellent temperature cutting effect, maintain the temperature of the shoe cavity.

● Graphene Graphene’s cold -keeping technology, excellent thermal conductivity of graphene, maintains temperature and heat loss in the closed space to achieve thermal insulation effect, 240 G/square meters.

● Qin Gel PrimalOFT constant temperature technology, the anterior palm of the insole uses gas gel constant temperature technology to avoid fatal damage in extreme environments. The minimum extreme test temperature is -78 degrees.

● PE temperature technology Upper back to PE reinforcement, isolation of temperature, and increase the warmth effect.

● Vibram Litebase Mont recipe

Recommended equipment

Recommended equipment


Recommended equipment

Recommended equipment

Recommended equipment

Recommended equipment

Recommended equipment

Recommended equipment


Recommended equipment


Recommended equipment


Recommended equipment

• Ecological engineering design, three -dimensional three -dimensional tailoring, suitable for climbing sports