Scientific calculations to calculate the probability of making money for orchids


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The green belt is soft and soft, and the heart of the heart seems to be worried. The slightly vast Hai Si Heji, the fairy world is also shy-learn a little every day, progress a little every day!

Blind thoughts and wanting to bring “money” and do the country, and want to misunderstand the country! Technology is the first productive forces, and technology comes from science! Of course, this formula is suitable for all industries and fields! Just modify the factor and parameters!

Any industry is the money of a few people to make most people, but it is just legal! And this reason is completely tailor -made in accordance with laws and regulations! The reason for a few people to make most people’s money is not necessarily that a few people are extremely smart. They are extremely business talent just opportunities, commodity resources, network resources, capital resources monopolies, plus some time, space conversion leads to wealth in control of wealth in the control A few people! In a certain environment, the strong is Hengqiang, the weak is weaker, the strong becomes weaker, and the loser 2 hairs in their heads are all in the long river of time. It takes a lot of time with the weak to be flat in a certain proportion. Can I catch up in a century? It is not known that I only know that it takes time, and time can change everything. Time is a summary of history!


Return to home, don’t delusional markets, trends, scientific analysis, respect for science is a trend of victory! Look at the following formula to know the probability of making money to make money! The accuracy of the category 80%x Digestion 90%X variety price stability rate 80%x market recognition rate 90%realization rate 80%equal to the probability of making money 41.472%, 41.472%


Therefore, making orchids making money is not a high probability event. Even if you can continue to manage the above factor within 70%, the probability of continuous orchid profitability = 41.472%x70%= 29.0304%. If other expenses are expensive, if you still get a dealer to raise orchids, you must also calculate the average cost of planting materials, venues, equipment, etc.! Woohoo, a little pessimistic! Super large plastic orchid pot PP level free shipping


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