Japanese thick plush quilt


It’s cold, everyone understands the difficulties of entering the quilt every night.Today, I recommend a quilt for everyone to let you bid farewell to the cold quilt. Going in is soft and hot.

Promotion price ¥ 1590.00

This winter is recommended to warm the surface of the warm surface in suction ultra -polar fiber, and the natural fiber “BAI attic (R)” of the natural fiber of humidity combination.From the moment entering, the soft warmth continues to be in the bedding.The good 5 color is also recommended by the family’s colors.The surface of the quilt is the dot pattern of the woolen fabric material that is blocked by the eyes.


Dear friends who are willing to buy, this is estimated to be available for purchasing in Japan.The editor is only responsible for the recommendation, and the relatives who buy must communicate with the owner.


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