Xunfei Smart Recording Pen SR302 Evaluation of the Good Helper on the desk


We often say: “Workers want to be good, we must first benefit their instruments.” In daily work, computers and mobile phones have become our important productivity tools. When conference records, interviews or classes need to be conducted, most of them will choose to use mobile phones or recording pens for recording, and then review and organize. Compared with these traditional methods and devices, the intelligent recording pen can not only record sounds, but also achieve sound transfers, which is more intuitive and convenient in subsequent finishing work.

This time, the author experienced the SR302 of the SR302 of the SR302 of the SR302, and has a professional recording noise reduction ability. At the same time, the accuracy of its recording to the text is as high as 98%. It has a clear recording effect and high accuracy to the text ability, which can greatly shorten the time of the finishing content and further improve work efficiency. Next, I will talk about the experience of this product in detail.

Small and easy to use, recording is more effective

Xunfei Intelligent Recording Pen SR302 is very small as a whole, and uses stretching curved shape. It combines aluminum alloy shell surface. While having a delicate texture, one -handed holding is very light and comfortable. The front of the fuselage has a 2.0 -inch touch screen that can operate and switch through batteries and sliding. During the operation, it can be seen that the interactive operation design of Xunfei Smart Recording Pen SR302 is also very simple. Users can intuitively and quickly find the functions they want to use, which saves time to the greatest extent and increases to a certain extent. efficiency.

Although the popularity of smartphones has made most people get used to touch operations, as a scenario -based tool product, Xunfei Smart Recording Pen SR302 can also be operated through physical keys. Below it is a CD thread -shaped function button below its screen For example, quickly enter the recording pen menu for some conventional system settings or quickly switch the recording mode or the one -click recording function that quickly starts the recording can be quickly operated through physical buttons.

In the important microphone configuration, Xunfei Smart Recording Pen SR302 uses 2 orientation microphone+4 omnidirectional microphone combinations, which can achieve a maximum of 15 meters picked up. People are clearer. Especially when recording on noisy occasions, you can accurately capture the voice of the speaker to filter the surrounding noise, thereby obtaining higher quality recording effects. In general, Xunfei Smart Recording Pen SR302 is very suitable for all in the workplace, which can meet the needs of recording and characters in most scenarios. For example, at the large regular regular meeting of the weekly company, it can not only clearly record the sound, but also distinguish between speakers when transfers to help you better record the content of the entire meeting; or go out to participate Far people can also use Xunfei Smart Recording Pen SR302 to record the important information in the press conference. In short, this is a multi -function and thoughtful helper that adapts to a variety of scenes.

Taking daily office as an example, the following is a text conversion test recorded in the noisy office environment. Let’s take a look at the performance of Xunfei Smart Recording Pen SR302:

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It can be seen that in a relatively noisy environment, Xunfei Smart Recording Pen SR302’s text conversion accuracy is still very high; it can be said that this alone allows SR302 to surpass the market on the market. Recording pens. The next video is a paragraph about professional terms recorded by the author. Let’s take a look at the performance of Xunfei Smart Recording Pen SR302:

讯飞智能录音笔SR302评测 办公桌上的好帮手

It is not difficult to find through the two videos above. The voice transliteration of Xunfei Smart Recording Pen SR302 is not only fast, but also the sentences and punctuation can keep up. As soon as the phonetic sounds fall, the text will quickly appear on the screen; at the same time, the text will appear on the screen; at the same time The accuracy of this machine’s understanding of professional terms is also very high, and basically there will be no understanding of the understanding of professional terms. This is a bit surprising.

The text conversion result does not need to be modified

After the recording is completed, download the “Xunfei Ji Zhi” APP on the mobile phone. After logging in to the personal account, you can view the recording files that are transferred in the cloud. In this section, I also noticed that Xunfei Smart Recording Pen SR302 can perform spoken language rules for the results of the whole phonetic voice recognition, intelligent filtering language, repetitive words, adjustment of word order, etc. As a result, it is basically not necessary to make too much modification (you can share documents and audio through WeChat, mail and links), which greatly improves daily work efficiency.

Support four major languages ​​synchronous translation and mutual translation

讯飞智能录音笔SR302评测 办公桌上的好帮手

In terms of translation function (Chinese/foreign language recording, it can be translated into text in real time and translated into foreign languages/Chinese). Xunfei Smart Recording Pen SR302 supports four major languages ​​synchronous translation: English, Japanese, Korean, and Russian. This feature has extremely high practicality for some translated work, foreign language training, and news interviews. The following English translation videos can feel:

通过实测我们可以看到,其对应的翻译结果基本不会出错,且结果自动符合中文语法习惯,用户几乎可以直接使用;而此时我也开始感慨:翻译官这个岗位真的是岌岌可危了,人工Intelligent future will definitely replace a lot of language and translation -related occupations; of course, we can also look at the work of artificial intelligence in the future (haha ~).

The accuracy rate of synchronous translation and translation is also high

2000mAh large -capacity battery, provided 10 hours of continuous recording

In terms of battery life, the battery capacity of Xunfei Smart Recording Pen SR302 is 2000mAh. The bottom of the fuselage uses a Type-C charging interface. Thanks to the optimization of the whole machine for UI and operation, the power consumption at runtime is relatively low. The longest full charging can provide a continuous recording of 10 hours; whether your client is a talk, or the boss always likes to tell a story before the meeting, basically there is no need to worry about the lack of electricity in the recording.


As a new product of Xunfei’s best -selling intelligent recording pen, Xunfei Intelligent Recording Pen SR302 Whether in terms of appearance design, text conversion efficiency (accuracy), or synchronous translation, etc. The field of recording pens leads the lead. If you need a recording pen that can quickly improve the efficiency of work during office, study, and media interviews, this Xunfei Smart Recording Pen SR302 we evaluated this time is definitely worth considering.

讯飞智能录音笔SR302评测 办公桌上的好帮手


讯飞智能录音笔SR302评测 办公桌上的好帮手

Click to watch the video

Click to watch the video