An advanced road of a novice baking novice: Essential tool molds and advanced


Baking is a big pit, which is no less than SLR. Essence It is just that the value of SLR has high value and small items, but the value of baking items is small, but there are too many types. Essence Today, I introduce the tool molds I personally think, and advanced ~~ It may not be detailed and comprehensive, but the baking novice is enough ~~ Help everyone take less detours, and you can also allow students who have not yet entered the pit. We are destroyed. Essence

This article is more boring, and students who are not patient can click on it directly and then close it. Essence When you want to enter the pit, open it. Essence

一个烘焙新手的进阶之路 篇二:必备工具模具及进阶

All tools and molds can be bought at Ma Yun’s house. It is not convenient to stick to the link here. You can search for it. Do not reach the party. Essence

For the choice of oven, see the following post

An advanced road of a novice baking novice: Choose your oven & new oven to open the light … It is still a bit embarrassing to write this topic. In fact, I am just a novice baking. Essence In the past ten years, I have been doing home -cooked food. Starting to play baking or starting in April 14th, the experience of this year can just give the first -time baked friends … 49681116 He Xiaoyu

Novice must -have tool

The gifts of my reference Changdi oven are as shown below. In fact, I do n’t use it myself, and I ’ve shot the new gifts of the Emperor. Essence

These tools are necessary for novices and can no longer be less. Essence Except for rolling pin, powder sieve, hard scraping, cake paper film, all of the gifts of the Emperor’s oven are all available

You can use it directly, here is probably introduced here

Rolling pin: Generally used for biscuits, bread, and traditional pastries, can also be used to roll cake rolls. There are quite a lot of use. Generally, families are prepared.

Mafin Paper Cup: Mafen cake is also called Mcenfen cake, Mafin cake, all of which are the first cakes that novices can operate. Operation, you can try it, so I put the Moved Paper Cup in the basic tools. Of course, you can also use it to bake Qifeng, cup cake, etc., but I personally think that there is no cup cake paper cup.

Measurement cup: The measurement cup is mainly liquid, such as water, milk, etc. I use less, but it also belongs to the basic tools. This measuring cup does not need to buy it specially. One is to buy a oven, and the other is to buy other small appliances. Will send this, such as soymilk machines, bread machines, rice cookers, etc.

Electronics: The essential must be, the basic tool for baking must, the function that can be peeled to 0.1G is precise

Hard scraping board: There are many kinds of scraping boards. I did not buy soft scrapers. The hard scraping board was a must -have for cooking and noodles. It was very useful. It took a lot of time. Families who often make pasta also need

Paper cup cake paper: This is not a must -have tool, sorry, I shouldn’t put it in this photo. I prefer to make cup cakes. Essence It should be placed in advanced tools. Essence Everyone’s brain supplement is adjusted. Essence

Powder sieve: The essential must. Essence Doing any baking is needed. Essence I think this relatively simple powder sieve is best used. Essence Those who have a soymilk machine can use the sieve in the soymilk machine. No need to buy it. It is not recommended to buy a double -layer cup powder sieve in IKEA, as shown below

The advantage of this powder sieve is that it can be sieved twice at a time, and it will not leak powder. It can sieve more powder at a time. The sieved powder will not be sieved everywhere. Essence

The disadvantage is the painful hand pain. Essence And the key is not easy to wash! After I sieved a matcha tea, I stretched my hand in and slammed it twice when I washed it. Essence So it was broken. Essence

It is still the most common pink sieve. Essence

Silicone brush: At the beginning of the barbecue or something, it is pretty good to brush with a silicone, but if it is behind, it is better to bake other bread, Chinese pastry or something.

Hand -pumping: The essential must be. Many families also pump up with eggs, also called hand -holding eggs. Essence Mixing egg yolk paste, simple passing, will be used

Silicone scraper: the must -have for must, everything needs to be used, mixed batter, flip, etc.

一个烘焙新手的进阶之路 篇二:必备工具模具及进阶

Measure spoon: I do n’t use much, but it is also necessary. Many recipes such as 1/2,1/4 spoons, so you need to use this

Handheld electric eggbeater: It is necessary to make cakes. The picture on the picture is only 150W. In fact

Shouxing Kitchen’s prayer eggbeater KS-938AN, with sweet and sour pork ribs, everyone has been looking forward to it for a long time, and the long-promoting sweet and sour pork ribs finally came. Essence It’s okay to spread flowers, in fact I am lazy. Essence Without taking this dish, there was no way to take pictures, so there was no way to post a list. Essence In order not to be beaten by the editor, I still come to the sun … 11023073 He Xiaoyu

Players need to pay special attention to buy as much as possible. Essence Under the same power conditions, compare noise and price. Essence

If you buy a chef machine, you don’t need to buy an eggbeater. Essence

There are also a few necessary tools that have not appeared on the picture. Essence

Electronic timer: Mechanical oven must be necessary. Of course, you can also use your mobile phone to count the timing, but it is really inconvenient. It is more cost -effective to spend 10 yuan to buy an electronic timer. I use the figure below. I usually do On the side of the oven, there is a magnet behind the magnet

It is not recommended to buy the figure like this

It seems that the Bigger is very high, in fact, the timing is not accurate, and the life span is not long. Essence Don’t ask me how to know, I have two different shapes, one of IKEA, a special pyramid, now I have rest. Essence This mechanical timer can only be used to calculate Chinese dishes, such as what is stewed, what to burn, if it is used for timing baking, it can cry to death in one minute. Essence So buy electronics. Essence

Instal thermometer: The essential must be. Essence Especially novices, especially mechanical ovens. Essence The temperature is inaccurate, and a oven thermometer is necessary, especially if you still plan to bake macaron. Essence It’s about a dozen pieces, right?

Looking at the tools above, do you feel a little dizzy? Essence I have not put in the tin foil and plastic wrap that the family stands. In fact, it is basically a must -have ~~

Tin foil is used to pad the underneath or wrap chicken wings and meat when barbecue, and the plastic wrap is used to wrap the dough fermentation, biscuit frozen and plastic


Basically, with the above tools, you can try to try a small cow knife. Essence

Then look at the basic mold

It is more recommended for the 6 -inch and 8 -inch living bottom mold in the upper right corner. If it is not bought, it is okay. There are not many when using a solid undercut. You can use the live tin foil to solve the problem of water bath. Essence

8 -inch living bottom mold: I use more molds, which is an 8 -inch living mold. Basically, there are more than 4 people’s cocoons or birthdays. It can be decorated with Qifeng or all -egg sponge. It is enough to eat a small piece of 8 people. Essence So the 8 -inch active bottom model is a must -have

6-inch work: Compared with 8 inches, it is used less. Generally, 3-4 individual breakfast is enough to use a 6-inch roast Qifeng. I feel that 4 people are just right, so it is also a must-have. Essence

一个烘焙新手的进阶之路 篇二:必备工具模具及进阶

The above two molds are a must -have for novices, especially the 8 -inch living bottom mold


The following tools and molds are advanced. Essence

6 -company mold: This is more recommended for everyone to buy 12 or 24 models according to the size of the oven. Personally, I think the 6 company is a bit small. You can bake Moved, baked cups, and still use a lot of use

Chimney mold: Generally speaking, 18cm or 15cm belongs to the relatively basic size of Qifeng, that is, 6 inches and 8 inches. If you like pure Qifeng, you can prepare one, you can prepare one. It is more convenient, suitable for novices, and the baked Qifeng will also be more beautiful than the living bottom mold and master, but it is not suitable for decorating, although it can also be decorated

Golden baking tray: essential for advanced. Essence The baking sheet of the oven is uneven, so generally, advanced advanced to add 2-3 baking trays (except the baking tray itself). I bought a baking tray, the golden baking sheet is 28*28. You can choose according to the size of your oven. You can bake all the biscuits, the baked cake rolls, and you are not stained at all. Intersection

Biscuit gun: I am Welltong. The Ma Yun family has various unlicensed and unlicensed and more than 200 biscuits, advanced efficiency tools.

Wilton Walt Tong Cookie Pro Ultra II Cookie Press Cookie -styling Test … Observing this cookie gun has been for some time, and I have not started, mainly because it is really easy to use. Essence When making biscuits, it is more biased towards frozen plastic biscuits. It is mainly a few of my favorite models. They are all this type. Recently, I have studied … 92322104 He Xiaoyu

Basin: My egg bowl is plastic, and the bottom of the bottom is silicone non -slip. You can buy stainless steel with silicone with silicone. Basin is made of eggs, such as the rice cooker, the stainless steel inner steel, the enamel basin, the stainless steel basin, etc., all of which are all possible. Try not to use a coating basin. Essence If you have any pots at home, you can buy it first. You can not buy it first. Essence

Liquid powder cup: Generally, the measuring cup is liquid. I buy this can be powder and powder. On the one hand, the liquid ML scale, and the pink G scale. I personally feel quite practical, but my use frequency Low

500ml silicone measuring cup: Macarons must be necessary, especially Macaron novice must have a must -have one egg white to dry foam. Essence I can put an egg head, which is pretty easy to use, and can be used to make a cup cake batter allocation

Decorating cutting: I haven’t used it yet. The Korean style decorative must be necessary. When I have time, I will open it when I have time to play Korean decorative decoration.

Decorative gun: decorating weapon, must have a must -have for decorating cakes. With this one -time decorative bag and decorative mouth. Essence With 4 flower mouths, you can cope with daily decorative needs ~~ It will not be easily turned into the hand like a decorative bag cream. Essence Wait for a post to write this decorative gun. Essence By the way, it is Welltong, which can be equipped with most of the metal decorative mouth. Essence

Dual -use silicone scraper: Let’s take a look at the scraper in the previous basic tool. Have you found that it is not integrated. Essence Therefore, use the basic scraper first. When you advance, change to a integrated scraper. It is best to be dual -purpose, one is a spatula, and the other is a spoon ~~~

Brush: Use the egg liquid, which is more delicate than the silicone brush, and then buy it when advanced ~~

This picture focuses on some advanced tools on the left. The tools on the right have been introduced in the basics

Moon cake and mung bean cake molds: Every year in the Dragon Boat Festival and Mid -Autumn Festival in September each year, everyone understands. Essence Moon cake molds are paid attention to the size. Generally speaking, there is no need to buy it so much, just buy 50g. Essence

You can read the post of moon cakes. You can read it here last year. Essence

The Mid -Autumn Festival is coming: the first Cantonese moon cake & egg yolk crispy, it turned out that you can also dry food. Essence A few days ago, I saw a little friend (male) who was exposed to moon cakes. It was too good ~ Let me make a baking master joke, non -professional, just look at it, don’t hit me too ==== ============= … 99179101 He Xiaoyu

Mung bean cake molds can be used with moon cakes, buy less mung bean cake molds

Oil paper: It is also a must -have for advanced, rolled cake rolls, etc., which still uses a lot of use. Buy advanced

Decorative mouth: I only took 3 types here, the most commonly used, Quqi mouth, round mouth and puff mouth, in fact to buy it according to what you need, of course, if you start 55 one at a time It’s not a case. Essence

Biscuits mold: Many, I only took one snowflake mold here. It is recommended that you buy several foundations, such as round, heart -shaped, square, etc., too many other shapes, and there will be few actual uses, such as pigs in the gifts Well, villain, dog’s, very rarely use it. Essence

It is not recommended that you buy wooden molds for plastic surgery. Essence Below

I bought two of this by myself, basically not used, one is brand new, one used once. Essence Who wants, I will get the postage, I will give it. Essence

Frozen plastic biscuits can be very beautiful with hand plastic surgery, and this mold is not used at all. Essence

Disposable decorative bag: Advanced must, if you need to decorate or make macarons, etc., this decorative bag is necessary. Of course, if you enter the decorative gun, I think it will not be very useful. Unless you play with frosting or something in the future Essence Essence Buy about 100 at a time, it is very fast to use ~~

一个烘焙新手的进阶之路 篇二:必备工具模具及进阶

Decorative cloth bag: Advanced essential. If you do n’t buy a biscuit gun, you can rely on this squeezing cookie. Do n’t use a decorative bag, otherwise you will be too late to cry. Essence It will be annoying. Essence

Liquid thermometer: Advanced must, often use it, such as Italian cream, boiled syrup, nougat, etc.

Oil cloth: essential, macaron. Essence

Cake decoration: Tiramisu decoration, etc. When you need sugar powder, you need it. Essence

Glutinous rice paper: 3D cake, transfer ~~ Without this demand, do not buy it first, and then buy it when you do it

一个烘焙新手的进阶之路 篇二:必备工具模具及进阶

Cake decorative scraper: decorative, can also be shaped, or something, buy it if you need it

Cup cake silicone mold: If you buy a 12 -linter or 24 -mocoloic duct, you don’t need to buy this silicone mold. Choose it yourself. Essence

Another silicone pad did not take pictures. Essence Silicone pads are also necessary tools, but if you have a stainless steel table or a stainless steel chopping board at home, you don’t need to buy a silicone pad. Essence Macaron’s silicone pad personally feels that it is not good for oil. Choose it yourself

一个烘焙新手的进阶之路 篇二:必备工具模具及进阶

The knife was not shot. Essence Must -have to decorate, don’t buy too much. Essence It’s enough to use 8 -inch cakes. Essence


An advanced road of a novice baking novice: Essential tool molds and advanced

一个烘焙新手的进阶之路 篇二:必备工具模具及进阶

The above is basically an advanced tool

一个烘焙新手的进阶之路 篇二:必备工具模具及进阶

If you think this is all, then the graphic Turuson is broken.EssenceThere are more pursuits that can increase other tools

For example, 8 -inch 9 -inch solid mold, rectangular bread molds, various biscuits, various decorative mouths, various silicone scrapers, pizza plates, and many tools have not been shot, so baking is really a big pit.EssenceStudents who want to enter the pit should consider clearly. Don’t think that when you buy a oven, you start playing baking. It just takes the first step of the Long March ~~~ There are also bread machines, wall breaking machines, mixers, grinders, grinders, and grinders.The chef is waiting for you.Essence

Consider your own interests, time, and economic ability, tolerance for so many tools, the capacity of the kitchen, the requirements of the figure, etc.

In the end, thanks to everyone who has finished watching, if you have any questions, you can send me a message on the public account.

The freshly baked meat muffin and egg yolk crispy will be given to everyone ~~