Big hot nets of hemp potato pine cake box, do it by yourself


Big hot nets of hemp potato pine cake box, do it by yourself

This cake box has been caught recently that it is actually a variant of the Internet celebrity Master Bao’s family meat pine Beibei. Before eating Master Bao’s three kinds of Bei Hai Moss and crab yellow flavors It is even more satisfied with a spoonful of dug down meat pine salad and cake.

By Kodi’s sweet kitchen [Dou Guo Food Official Certification Master]



① 350 grams of steamed sweet potato puree


① 2 spoons of milk powder


① 4 spoons of milk


① 1 spoon of sugar

② 70 grams of glutinous rice flour

② 20 grams of corn starch

② 120 grams of milk

② 30 grams of sugar


② 10 grams of butter


③ Any flavor of meat pine

④ Salad sauce (Personally prefer sweet taste)


⑤ Qifeng cake body 28×28 one plate

Practice step

1. Preparation: Put the baking paper first, remove the egg yolk, and refrigerate the protein.


2. Mix fine sugar, corn oil, and water in the material A, and beat evenly with eggs.

3. Sieve in low powder and stir well.

4. Add egg yolk and stir well to make a delicate ornament.


5. Take out the protein and add tower powder or lemon juice, fine sugar.

6. Use an electric eggbeater to be distributed at high speed to 7, and there is a state of large curved hooks —– stop first, quickly preheat the oven, get the fire for 170 degrees, and the fire is 150 degrees.


7. Take 1/3 of the mening cream in the egg yolk paste and stir until it is completely uniform.


8. Pour all the egg yolk paste into the remaining 2/3 protein cream, and mix well by cutting. (Be sure to mix it completely here, otherwise it is easy to produce big drums or cracks when baking.)

9. Pour into the mold of 28×28 and shake the bubbles several times.

10. Put it in the oven for about 20 minutes until the surface is golden. Take it out and let it cool.

11. [Sweet potato filling] Method: 1 Mix it all into a delicate mud 2. If there is no cooking machine, you can use a sieve to sieve


12. [Malta fillings] 1 Stir well except butter and steam for 20 minutes.

13. [Malpota filling] 2 Take it out and let it cool a little, and then rub the butter in your hand.

14. [Cake Box] Cut Qi Feng Cake Embryo with your box with appropriate size


15. Here you can stack the layer by layer at will (if you really don’t know how to stack it, watch the video)

16. This is made by the corner material!


Nothing tips, cake embryos do you want to use?


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