Is Lancome underwear wearing comfortable? Look at these underwear you know


I believe that most girls go out to wear exquisite clothes, such as beautiful little skirts, cool and smashed clothes, and when these clothes are wearing them, they are like being given magic, people I feel happy.

Of course, there is nothing, there are many girls in the home, and they will choose to throw a variety of roles when they are busy, and create a sense of self-enjoying ceremony and try their best.


But whether everyone ignores “inner beauty”? In addition to the choice of coat, the choice of underwear is also very important. And according to Xiaobian known, many female friends have recently asking questions about whether Lancome underwear is comfortable.

So, in this problem, Xiaobian will recommend several underwear for the home scene ~

01 cure · Qing Meng Yunzen cotton bra

This is a bra with gentle girl color, cotton and linen combined with heavy work lace, cute and romantic, plus a thin steel ring design, deep V cup type, flexible to bear, like being Clouds are wrapped, comfortable and sexy.

02 cure · Sweet tea cloud plunger cotton vest bra


This bra, just as its name is usually sweet, French triangle cup with hollow summer style striped cover, gentle colors, simple vest style, not only wearing light comfort, no burden at home, do not lose elegance And sexy.

03 cure · Flow turn cotton and comfortable bra


The contrast color color of the ribbed lace makes this bra look more playful, thin to fix the cup, no steel ring 0 pressure, upper body gathering, no time, lying, squatting, squatting, not easy Shift. In addition, in its entire cup and lower, it covers delicate and typeless lace, warm and not lost dreams.

I have seen these Lancome underwear. Are you a heart? If you want to have a delicate sexy at home, and complete the cure for yourself, then you will act quickly!