External wall insulation decoration integrated board advantage analysis and application sharing



As an emerging Chaoyang product of the construction industry, the exterior wall thermal insulation decoration board has changed the form of Chinese building insulation and coating fields in the environment of building energy conservation in the construction of construction. Differently, the controlled handmade construction into mechanized and automated production is transformed, and complex handmade site construction is changed to simple on -site installation. The choice of exterior wall construction process directly affects the decoration effect, thermal insulation performance, and the cost of Jian’an.


This article will analyze the application value of the outer wall thermal insulation decoration board from the perspective of development history, product profile, traditional contrast, and cost analysis.

development path

The exterior wall thermal insulation and decoration all -in -one plates have been divided into about four stages. The development of the exterior wall insulation decoration board in China has just begun the fourth development stage.


Starting stage (2006 ~ 2008):

The all -in -one board has just been pushed to the market, mainly using some high -end public construction projects, mainly based on the effect of imitation aluminum plates and pottery plates;

The change stage (2008 ~ 2011):

The public construction project is shifted to the residential project. Some non -mainstream real estate markets are used, mainly decorating aluminum plates and imitation stone decoration;

Try stage (2011 ~ 2017):

First -tier real estate companies began to try to use all -in -one boards, and lacquer manufacturers began to settle in

In all -in -one markets, the market is still mainly a thin plastering system;

The molding stage (2018 to the present):

In the mainstream product stage used by the mainstream real estate market, front -line real estate developers use it in an all -round way to comprehensively meet various architectural styles.


product description

Institutions of insulation and decorative plate exterior wall insulation system structure:

The main materials of thermal insulation layer:

AE board, XPS, EPS, hard bubble polyurethane, rock wool board. Performance contrast is as follows:

Common panel display effect

Traditional contrast

Compared with the traditional thin plastering system and the stone curtain wall system, the exterior wall thermal insulation decoration board has the following advantages:


① One -in -one solution: tailor -made, completely solve the heat insulation and high -end decoration together


② High -end decoration: Factory prefabricated production, exactly the same as the aluminum board curtain wall

③ Safe and reliable: Installation method “bonding+anchor” will minimize the drop risk of drop

④ Simple construction: Putting lines+patch+seams+unveiled film+acceptance

⑤ The price is lower: only half of the traditional “curtain wall+insulation” cost

⑥ Short construction period: Most of the work factories are completed to adapt to a variety of construction environment and climate

任 Rich color: any color choice, fully reflect the architectural style

Life span is longer: more than 25 years of decoration life


Advantage 1: High decoration

Due to the restrictions on the construction process, level, raw materials, etc., it is difficult to make the external wall thin plastering and the dry hanging process of the stone.


Fluorocarbon imitation stone paint

The color of the color is uniform, the vividness is extremely high, and the colorless difference is comparable to the imported high -grade stone.

Fluorocarbon metal paint


High flatness, no cracking, no color difference, the effect is no different from aluminum plate;

Fluorocarbon solid color paint series decorative layer

You can apply any color according to customer needs, so that the building presents a colorful appearance;


Fluorocarbon Painted Color Caint series decorative layer

Depending on the angle and light, the surface layer can show different colors.

Advantage 2: High weathering

Testing of the preservation of the preservation decorative board system: The system passes through the rain circulation and the heat/cold circulation of weather tolerance test. There is no crack, empty drum, foaming, powder, peeling, etc. in the decorative layer. Long life, high impact strength.


The exterior wall thin plastering process, after a few years, the appearance of cracks, decorative layers fall off, the insulation effect has been greatly reduced, and hidden safety hazards have increased. The composite board system passes 80 times through high temperature-water cycle, the maximum temperature is 70 ± 5 ° C, and the amount of water is 1.2L/(m2.min); the high temperature-freezing loop is 5 times, the maximum temperature is 50 ± 5 ° C, and the lowest temperature It is -20 ± 5 ° C. There is no crack, powder, and peeling on the surface.


Composite Times Test Wall Board (Before the experiment)

Composite Times Test Wallboard (after the experiment)

Advantage three: high convenience

The exterior wall thin plastering process, the process is complex and the construction period is long

The curtain wall process installation is complicated, and the construction period is long

The integrated structure of thermal insulation layer of the insulation decorative board has formed the factory, which has reduced the construction link, which makes the construction very convenient.

1. System wet adhesion process construction process

The construction period of the same project was shortened by more than 50%compared with the construction period of the stone curtain wall, which was shortened by more than 30%compared with the traditional thin plastering system construction period, saving time and manual management fee. The construction impact is small, especially the existing building transformation, which can effectively minimize the impact of users’ work and life.

2. The construction of wet sticky method has low requirements for the grassroots level,

It is not affected by the weather and grassroots humidity, the new bonding technology, the wet and curing reaction bonding of the grass -roots level and the special polymer polymer of the wall, the reaction of completely wet and solidifying into a new bonding layer, the bonding strength Increased the pressure of concrete compression in the grassroots level, and there was no hidden water hazard in the middle.

Advantage 4: High economy

Based on the maintenance cost of 20 years, compare the comprehensive cost costs of each solution. Compared with the outer wall insulation system: the cost of aluminum -plastic board crafts is more than 40%higher; the price of stone dry hanging process is more than 60%higher; thin plastering has the advantages of construction costs, but the maintenance cost of the exterior wall paint for 5 years is considered. Under the premise, the total cost is about 30%higher.

Therefore, compared with other processes, the insulation decorative composite board has a high cost -effective advantage.

Note: The price in the chart is estimated, there are differences in various places;

(1) After the completion of aluminum plates, stone, and composite plates, only 5 years/time, 5 yuan/㎡ clean and maintenance costs;

(2) The total construction cost of thin plastering is 140 yuan/㎡, maintenance 1/5 years, and maintenance only considers the cost of coating (60 yuan/㎡) and the cost of construction measures (40 yuan/㎡).

Analysis from the perspective of construction:

The construction of the insulation and decorative composite board system is simple, the process is small, and the requirements for the construction wall are low. The construction period of the same project saves more than 60%compared with the curtain wall dry hanging system, and the construction period of the construction process of the thin plastering system is reduced by more than 30%, thereby reducing the cross -cross The possibility of annual construction greatly saves time and manual management costs.

Advantage 5: High security

The exterior wall tiles fall off, the coating decorative layer is cracking and falling off, the keel rust, and the stone self -weight, etc., are great hidden dangers, thermal insulation decoration board

High -intensity polymer mortar adhesion and buckle screw mechanical anchor

Maximize the possibility of falling into the integrated board.


1) The four -sided Kato fixed combined surface anchoring method to ensure the wind pressure resistance performance of the system, avoid the hidden dangers of the panel falling off due to the long time of the system composite layer, after the frozen fusion changes, and the decorative effect of the insulation decorative board system system lasting.

2) The amount of anchors is not less than 6 to 8 per square meter. Each anchor can provide an anchoring force of about 0.3kn. The anchoring power provided by each square anchor is above 1.8 ~ 2.4kn, which further increases its assistance safety sex.

In summary: Compared with the integrated insulation decoration composite system with the thin plastering and stone curtain wall system:

(You can open and view the big picture)

cost analysis

The main factor affecting the price:

Factors affecting the prices of the main material

★ Facial effect, system ★ panel system, thickness

★ The material, thickness of the insulation layer ★ production time, single order quantity

★ Quantity, supply cycle


Factors affecting labor costs

★ Main material system ★ Engineering volume


★ Working period requirements ★ Architect

★ Project area ★ Construction season

★ Live conditions ★ Geographical location

The main composition of the price:

The main material of the insulation integrated board is composed of the decorative layer board, thermal insulation core, composite gum, composite work expenses, tools, electricity costs, loading and unloading fees, packaging and unloading fees, management fees, profits, taxes, etc. Take the EPS insulation and imitation stone decorative decoration all board as an example. The cost of the cost of single supply and the cost of double -pack cost costs is intuitively understood to understand the cost of the insulation integrated board.


Supply cost

Double -pack cost


Alternative stone curtain wall:

The lower cost achieves the realistic stone effect, which not only reduces construction and product costs, but also reduces building loads, saves steel resources, and has a simple construction. It is the best alternative product for stone dry hanging.

Replacement of traditional thin plastering:

Comprehensive increase in costs (increased material costs, decreased hidden costs for construction periods) can increase product quality, increase value, increase selling points, and help marketing.

1. The factory is fully automated production, the product quality is stable, the performance is stable, and the efficiency is high.

2. The dual tightening structure design of adhesion and anchoring is used to improve the safety factor of the insulation system.

3. Jelly coating is sprayed with mechanized pipelines and ultraviolet drying, which has strong resistance and decorative properties.

4. The panel is high -density, calcium silicate plate, rich in decorative texture, diversified color, and colorful.

5. The insulation layer material system can make multiple choices according to customer needs, colorless differences.

6. Modular construction and installation, light weight, convenient and fast, energy conservation and consumption reduction, short construction period, reduced time cost.

7. Environmental protection and energy saving, low -carbon sound insulation, no hot bridge, good thermal insulation performance, good thermal insulation effect.

8. Overcoming the cracking, powdery, water seepage, shedding, poor durability of the traditional wet work exterior wall thermal insulation system.


As the state’s demand for construction energy conservation is becoming more standardized and strict, the decoration industry develops a new material developed by the new material developed by the renovation requirements of the national energy -saving building, the exterior wall thermal insulation decoration board. This board combines the insulation material with the decorative materials through a special adhesive composite method, and integrates the two major functions of the building enclosure structure and decoration. Performance, weather resistance, wind and pressure, etc., formed a series of products in this composite form, which can achieve building energy -saving outer assembly upper walls and realize the traditional thin plastering outer wall insulation decoration, stone curtain wall system system