What is an Internet aircraft cup? Have you ever felt it ~


What is the plane cup? I think everyone must be familiar with it, especially men ~ What are the Internet aircraft cups ~ How much do you know?


Building an airplane cup with Internet thinking is by no means easy. From the perspective of product attributes, we must achieve the extreme of the industry and let the opponents look at it. Only in this way can we have a batch of hardcore fans. In terms of materials, non -toxic is only the most basic requirement, and close to the sense of human body is the last word. As for the use of ergonomics, it is not necessary to speak. It is necessary to meet the most authentic needs of users, and fully integrate the current wave of intelligence and mobile, and bring the highest level of enjoyment to users.

In terms of marketing, the Internet world belongs to ethnic groups with high sensitivity. They are creative, empathetic, ability to observe the trend, and give meaning to things. This means that the Internet aircraft cup must analyze the user’s psychology in depth, finally complete the precise marketing of target users, and do a good job of fan experience to achieve the purpose of allowing them to spread independently.


In 2015, the sensational Youpin Internet Aircraft Cup adopted this concept ~ Even now it is widely popular with a large number of male lovers ~ he has not only the aircraft cup, he also has an app, so that you can follow your place according to your place If you want the request to complete ~ Custom you want to feel ~ How to make it cool!

In addition, Topco Sales, the United States -a well -known global adult product brand from the United States, has also developed and sold a

Smart electric hip aircraft cup.

They even adopted well -known Japanese actresses to make an inverted mold, making the experience even more explosive!


Similarly, they also have APPs, and even launching VR glasses, using visual and feeling more immersive experience ~

Seeing this, if you don’t know what the real Internet aircraft cup is ~, then experience it yourself ~

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