Actress Cai Wenjing falls off when the soles of the street! Wearing ten yuan plastic slippers, netizens teased their feet and frozen


Recently, a well -known female star Cai Wenjing posted a set of pictures on social platforms. The text is called yourself

The soles were dropped on the street,


Large -scale social death scene. This embarrassing and funny incident caused heated discussion among netizens.

It can be seen from the photo,

Cai Wenjing worn


The soles of the black high heels took off the glue, and a whole heel was crumbling. The latter one was Cai Wen Jing Guang shown a pair of blue slippers. It is funny that not only did she not leave this embarrassing scene, but also took a photo to record it.


More attentive netizens picked it out

Cai Wenjing replaced the slippers, the price of almost ten yuan on a shopping platform is only less than ten yuan.

Netizens’ emotions

Cai Wenjing

Really “grounding.”


Fans have discussed this scene. Some people care about her, “Sister, have you frozen feet”, and some with fan filters boast of this slippers are beautiful and fashionable.


In fact, there are too many examples of celebrity rollover agglomerations. Before that, netizens often cut the funny scenes of star rollover into collections. Among them are more funny, Cai Shaofen participated in a live variety show. At first, Cai Shaofen also grabbed the product elegantly and calmly. As soon as he was about to introduce the process of using the audience in front of the live broadcast room, he suddenly dumped the lid and the scene. Embarrassing and funny. Cai Shaofen apologized very panickedly, “It’s my wrong, I didn’t build it well.” Hong Kong -style Mandarin smiled.

When Qin Xiaoxian participated in variety shows recently, because he was too serious to play the game, he ignored the strong glue on the ground, so his pants were firmly sticking to it. Qin Xiaoxian could not let the pants fall, causing other guests to laugh.

There is also a Korean idol Park Jionglai. When he participated in the variety show in his early years, he sprayed out because he was too hot. Such stupid appearance compared with his handsome image to the audience.

They may not expect that such dramatic things will happen to themselves, after all, they all show people in a perfect image. In fact, celebrities are also ordinary people. They may have some funny things to die every day, so don’t deified them. Life is not like acting. It has no script. There will always be many unexpected “surprises” waiting for us to wait for us Essence