What is the difference between space cup and other cups?


The space cup is a category of plastic water cups. The main feature of the space cup is that its cup lid and cup body are integrated. The main material is polycarbonate, that is, PC material. Because of its excellent electrical insulation, extension, size stability, and chemical corrosion resistance, high strength, heat resistance and cold resistance, so it is more durable and light.

The material of the space cup is mostly made of food -grade PC material, but since the PC material is detected by bisphenol A, the material of the space cup has also been slowly replaced from PC plastic material to Tritan plastic material, but the market is still on the market Most of them are PC -made space cups, so we must pay attention to its material when buying space cups. When the space cup we buy is made of PC plastic, we should try to avoid using it to liberate the water and let go of the water. Because only this can avoid the dangers of bisphenol A. And the color of the space cup is generally rich, because the colorful characteristics of their own color are also more loved.


The difference between space cups and other cups

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