A mobile phone shell sells more than 900 pieces, full of circuits, but not used


The cerebelings of the island are always very large, especially in front of the phone, quite rich.

Recently, Japan Moeco launched an iPhone 7-specific circuit board style mobile phone case, it seems that Geek Fan is full, of course, only this is not a big brain.

The circuit of this mobile phone case is combined into a pattern of EVA primary machines, including muscle lines, the spheres of the chest are very delicate, the circuit board of the entire mobile phone case, approximately 140,000 lines, accuracy is as high as 0.1mm, Made in Japan.

In addition, the back of the phone shell is also distributed in 27 pieces of light, there is a 2mm red LED located in the chest of the EVA primary machine, and it is very cool.


It is worth mentioning that this mobile phone case does not need to power the electric, the hidden antenna circuit on the back of the phone, can capture radio waves emitted by the phone. When the mobile phone runs like Google Maps, the radio wave can be converted to electric power, so that The light-emitting point of the back of the phone is illuminated.

The mobile phone shell is 38g in weight, but it is slightly more than the ordinary mobile phone shell, but it will not add too much burden to the mobile phone.


Of course, as a mobile phone case, the basic protective performance does not have worry, the surrounding of the mobile phone case covers the soft and tough TPU material, which effectively reduces the damage caused by the fall.


This mobile phone shell is suitable for iPhone 7, black, green and white color matching can be selected. At present, only official website is available, the price is about 904 yuan, you can bring Japanese friends to bring back.


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