Cosmetics should be stored like this


I believe that the girls who love beauty must have a lot of skin care and makeup products. Things such as bottles and cans often make the desktop messy. Cosmetics storage is a headache. In fact, as long as there are these practical small tools Everything becomes simple.

1. Logging cosmetics storage box

The natural and simple log storage box is especially suitable for storage bottle and cans. Selected beylums from the German forest, after fine polishing, the surface is smooth and delicate. Put the cosmetics that are used every day in the box, and the desktop immediately becomes clean and tidy.

Price: 108.0

2. Makeup brush barrel

Makeup brushes can also be stored in this way ~ Acrylic’s storage box, dust and ash, can fill the pearls and sea sand shells of various colors of colors, which look beautiful and generous.

Price: 78.0

3. European -style cotton swab box


The girls use cotton swabs and cotton pads every day when makeup and makeup removal, and find them for themselves. The European -style cotton swab box, the box is inlaid with exquisite carving, very delicate, placed on the dressing table like a craft, and a variety of styles to choose from.

Price: 25.0

4. Lipstick nail oil storage box

The storage box of the imported acrylic material is crystal and transparent. There are 24 holes in total. Girls with more lipstick or nail polish are used to store it. It is really suitable.


Price: 69.0


5.360 degrees rotating storage box

The cosmetics storage box that can be rotated at 360 degrees, the rotating design makes it more convenient to pick up cosmetics. Six sides and multiple grids of different heights can be classified and stored in bottle and cans, which are very intimately designed.


Price: 75.8

6.Shim win Korean cosmetic bag


The colorful cartoon cosmetic bag is both beautiful and stylish, which is similar to that of the rectangle. The design of the handle is convenient. For girls with more cosmetics, it is enough to bring it when traveling.

Price: 29.8


7.janeouya leather five -grid storage box

The clean and concise five -grid storage box, the outer layer uses a PU leather with simulating sheep leather patterns. It feels delicate and soft, and the workmanship is fine. Such a simple storage box can make the desktop clean and tidy.

Price: 49.0


8.baginbag Korean double -layer makeup bag

Retro and elegant cross -line double -layer cosmetic bag, pure white temperament is transcendent. The fabric is ultra -dirty and easy to clean. The double -layer design can be placed on the upper layer. The large space in the lower layer can store various skin care and cosmetics, which is very practical.

Price: 59.0

9. Underwater World Cotton Cotton Cotton Dale Box

It can be stored in cotton pads, or cotton swabs, blue underwater world, three -dimensional relief cute small fish and seagrass and other patterns, full of innocence and interest.

Price: 27.0


10. Facebox Basic hand -made makeup boxes

The entry -level professional makeup box has a large capacity. It is a box that can be handiched. After the unfolding, it will become a three -layer dressing table. The upper top is equipped with a makeup mirror. You can make makeup while looking at the mirror. The entry -level makeup artist will basically choose this.


11. Beautiful craftsman retro makeup box

Retro luggage and contrasting design, multi -layer separation design can use space reasonably and efficiently. Both skin care products and makeup tools can be easily stored into this makeup box.

Price: 199.00

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