All three stores in Liuzhou’s “Xinlimei” gym are closed. Thousands of members are anxious, and employees are stunned! Relevant departments intervene


Recently, two “Xinlimei” gyms located in Gubu Street and Yongyi Shanyu City in Liuzhou City suddenly closed at the same time. Coupled with the closing of the door in May, all the three “Xinlimei” stores in Liuzhou have closed. It is said that more than 1,000 members’ prepaid cards have not been used up, and dozens of employees have been arrears.

The membership card has been closed, and the shop has closed the door

It is understood that Gutu Street, which is located in District D, Gubu Street, is the “Xinlimei” general store, which has been opened for 6 years.

Member Ms. Zhou said that she spent more than 5,000 yuan in the style Hong Kong store in 2018 to apply for a family package card. In June 2021, the Style Harbor was closed. “I haven’t had time to turn, and the two stores closed again.” Ms. Zhou said.

Another member said that he and his wife held a card at the Gutu Street Store at the end of March this year and paid a total of more than 13,000 yuan, and each person could take 30 private teaching lessons. They just took two lessons. In mid -September, he returned from a business trip and found that the store was closed.

It is understood that while the Gutu Street store is closed, the Shanyu City Store located in Yongyi Shanyu City is also closed.

On September 23, dozens of members who run a card at the three stores and the employees of the three stores all came to Gubu Street General Store to discuss. According to some members, they have formed a 500 -person WeChat group to prepare for collective rights. At present, the specifics of the members’ cards have not yet been consumed.


Dozens of employees are arrears of salary


It is understood that when the three stores were closed, the salary of dozens of employees was not paid.

Mr. Liang is the manager of Gubu Street. In 2019, he started working in “Xinli Mei”. In August and September 2020, he had borrowed 42,000 yuan twice to the boss for company operation, but the boss had not repaid, and other employees also borrowed money by the company.

At the end of November 2020, he left his office because he could not pay. In May 2021, the owner of “Xinli Mei” wrote a IOU for him. In 2020 and 2021, the company owed him a total of more than 52,000 yuan.

At the end of June this year, after the company changed the new boss, he promised to pay on time, and he returned to continue to be the manager of the store, responsible for the management of two stores in Gubu Street and Shanyu City Store.

On September 15, the company could not pay the salary, and later the store closed. The boss said that it would be solved within three days, but it has not been solved until now.

According to incomplete statistics, the company’s employees and part -time coaches were arrears of more than 110,000 yuan in August. Because both employees and companies have not signed a labor contract, everyone is worried about the difficulty of defending rights for this.

The company’s suspension of business is suspected due to losses and shareholders’ inner crickets


On September 23, the reporter came to the “Xinlimei” Gutu Street Store and saw a notice on September 17 at the door. The above reads: Due to serious losses due to the company’s recent operations, internal shareholders are not harmonious, and they will temporarily rest. Restore normal business within three days. There is also a courier collection notice on September 22, which is the Liunan Court.

When the reporter learned from Liuzhou Zhenghe Commercial Management Company, who undertook the management of Guobu Street Mall, he said that the store was closed before the Mid -Autumn Festival. The owner had owed them for two months of water and electricity costs and property management fees.


The reporter found out from the national credit information publicity system and related platforms that the registered name of Gutu Street Store was Liuzhou Xinlimei Fitness Co., Ltd., and the legal representative surnamed Lan. The company registered in July 2015 and is currently a disclosure of a business license. The company also involves two cases of recovery of labor compensation.


Some employees revealed to reporters that “Xinlimei” currently has more than 1,000 members, and the turnover in August and September this year is more than 600,000 yuan.


Relevant management departments have been involved in the investigation

According to the relevant person in charge of the Liunan Market Supervision Office, they have received 7 complaints about “new power” transferred from the 12315 center, but they have been in contact with the person in charge of the store, but they have not been contacted. They have already investigated the matter.

The person in charge said that if the members have not finished the prepaid card and need to be refunded, they can go to the Liunan Market Supervision Office in Hongguang Community to register. The market supervision department will do its best to help the mediation solution. If the mediation is not possible, consumers are advised to solve it through legal proceedings.

Regarding the issue of arrears of employees, the reporter learned from a person in charge of the Labor Supervision Brigade of Liunan District that they also received relevant complaints from the government’s hotline, which is currently investigating and handling in accordance with relevant procedures.

Lately on the 23rd, Mr. Lan, who “Xinlimei”, contacted the reporter and said that because of the loss of business, on June 1, he had transferred “Xinlimei” to others. He is dealing with salary and debt before June 1. He will negotiate with employees and members to deal with it. However, the salary after June 1 and the membership of the members should be treated with a new owner.

Because the “Xinlimei” company has labor disputes, the legal representative is still him and has not changed. In the past few days, he also received a call from the labor department to communicate with the labor department. At present, he is also doing his best to deal with the shareholders who are connected to handle members and employees.

At 8 o’clock that night, Mr. Lan said that he had communicated with the current shareholders who took over. Members could first exercise at the Yihao Fitness Club in nearby Intime City. As for other issues, they are still negotiating to deal with the plan.

Source | South State This News reporter Liao Yanming