Talk about the basic quality of a good pot. Which kind of wok is best used?


Kissing is a kind of enjoyment, but when you encounter various sticks when you cook, you are very distressed. Obviously, various problems have been used to use the banner of non -stick pan. what should we do? The stir -fried woks of various materials such as iron, stainless steel, and pottery crystal on the market are dazzling and difficult to choose. What is a good pot? Today we will talk about what the basic quality of a good pot is.

论一口好锅的基本素质 哪种炒锅最好用

What material is the most applicable

There are many types of pots on the market. The most common are iron pots, aluminum pots, and non -stick pots. Let’s take a look at their advantages and disadvantages.

论一口好锅的基本素质 哪种炒锅最好用

Aluminum pot

The characteristics are excellent thermal distribution, the pot is light, and it is not easy to clean and oil smoke. The dissolved aluminum ions that are dissolved during cooking are very bad for the human body;

Iron pot

The heat distribution is not good, it is easy to produce a hot spot and burnt the food. Its pot weight, is not easy to clean, and rust, and the oil fume is large for a long time. However, the iron pot does not contain other chemicals, does not oxidize, and rarely dissolves. And even if the iron material dissolves a small amount of iron elements, it is good for the human body;

Non -sticky pot

Easy to clean, easily fry until the food does not occur, and other phenomena, minimize the use of oil, but use iron shovel to stir -fry dispery the surface of the surface. The three most commonly used materials can be purchased according to their needs, and the following questions come again. How to buy a wok.

论一口好锅的基本素质 哪种炒锅最好用

How to buy a pan frying pot

Do you think that there is any choice for a stir -fried pot, and there is no paint. Isn’t it possible to flatten the bottom of the pot? actually not,

There is a doorway to choose a good pot, mainly 2 points.


See if the pot noodles are smooth, in general, the iron pot is a bit rough, which is inevitable, and it will become smooth after a long time. Nonferrous and small raised parts are generally iron, which has little effect on the quality of the pot, but the quality of small concave pits on the pot is more harmful. Pay attention to check when buying. For non -stick pan, as long as the bottom of the pan is smooth, the coating on the surface is even.

Listen, hold the center of the pot with your fingers when buying, and tap with a hard object. The more loud the sound of the pot, the better the feel of vibration. It is worth reminding that the ears of the iron pot are preferably wrapped in wood or other insulation materials.

Good iron is better or cooked iron

In the daily life, the pots we use are cooked iron, with good toughness, and the heat -conducting can save gas. The raw iron is relatively crispy and the heat conduction is slow. It is suitable for fried foods to reduce the chance of food coking. In the end, I recommend a few cost -effective woks. Friends who change the pot may wish to see it.

Hong Kong Chen Zhiji Round Round Cooked Ironless Traditional Handmade Traditional Handicper Taobao Seding price of 160 yuan >> Purchase link

Chen Zhiji Wok is a iron pot made of hand -forged. The body of the pot is 1.2mm high, and the thickness is just right. The heat passes fast, province gas, and does not stick to the pot. The fried meals are also fragrant, but some people say, isn’t the iron pot rust, and it is easy to paste the pan. Is this product really said so well?

“Secret”: Secret:

论一口好锅的基本素质 哪种炒锅最好用

What I want to say here is that the iron pot will definitely rust (small rust points), because it is not opened or usually does not pay attention to maintenance. The author tells you a small method to reduce the chance of rust. After the pot is scrub, do not clean it, burn it on the fire, and the body of the pot becomes blue. Turn off the heat slightly, take out a piece of fat, apply it in the pot, and place a stay. It can be used after cleaning the next day.

The iron pot is easy to rust, and it is not suitable for food to spend overnight. At the same time, try not to cook soup with iron pots to prevent the surface of the iron pot from protecting the rusty oil layer disappear. When brushing the pot, you should also use a cleaner as little as possible to prevent the “protective layer” of this layer of oil. After brushing the pan, try to clean the water in the pot as much as possible to prevent rust. If there is a slight rust, use vinegar to wash.

Germany imported WOLL Fou Diamond to strengthen Chinese -style stir -fried pot 30cm Jingdong Mall priced at 1399 yuan >> Purchasing link

When you see this price, you do n’t want to open it. The author tells him about his advantages, that is, the kind of fried egg does not put oil, and the eggs can slide in the pot. The titanium alloy is not covered with titanium alloy, and the thickness is 80-100 microns. It is extremely hard and wear-resistant.

Supor Stir -Stir -Stir -Stir -Stir -Strangish Pot NC34F4 Electromagnetic Cooker General Stir -fried Cooking Cooker Jingdong Mall is priced at 179 yuan >> Purchasing link

Suspol ’s house is well -known. This smoke -free pot uses a high -quality aluminum alloy multi -layer composite structure. Because aluminum hot -guiding heat can speed up the speed of stir -fried food, but this pot can not be made with iron shovel, which will cause scratching the pot body, and then the top above will be scratched. Without the coating, it starts to fall off, and the ending is all kinds of paste. So when used, choose a wooden shovel or rubber shovel.

Joseph’s colorful texture practical dining kitchen 6 -piece US Amazon priced at $ 44 >> Buy link

Painless Healthy Kimu Shoju Stir -Stir -fried Basal JD Mall is priced at 30 yuan >> Purchasing link

Pearl Life’s original imported traditional light surface thickened iron pot 30cm flat bottomless Jingdong Mall priced at 399 yuan >> Purchasing link

论一口好锅的基本素质 哪种炒锅最好用

Pearl life is a well -known kitchen supplies in Japan. This pot is a high -tech iron pot. It is a physical anti -adhesive pot through high -density and pure iron particles. There is no harmful coating such as Teflon on the surface. Not very tired. The important thing is to grill or dry the water after use, otherwise it will rust. ■