Children’s clothing is dead? A number of products such as Disney, San Gun, Uniqlo and other products are unqualified! Safety standards to be improved


Buying new clothes for children is a good wish for all parents. However, the news of unqualified children’s clothing becomes the nerve of the public again and again.

According to media reports, on the eve of the New Year in 2021, when a 2 -year -old child in Liuzhou, Guangxi was playing at home, the hat of the hooded cotton coat was caught by the electric car handles next to it. Stranged, unfortunately suffocated.

The reporter sorted out and found that the relevant standards of clothing were required, “there is no obvious skew of the zipper, and there must be no phenomenon of pulling the head and stopping the upper or down when pulling the pull.”

Children’s clothing standards have more detailed requirements for zipper. In accordance with the provisions of the “Improvement of Children’s Clothing Design and Production Implementation” (hereinafter referred to as the “Implementation Specifications”), “when zipper contacts the skin, it is advisable to use plastic zippers with upper and lower stop points of plastic instead of claw metal stop points. Zipper. “At the same time,” fabric zipper containing the inside edge should be used on the face and neck. “

“The zipper is required to contain the inner side to avoid direct contact with the skin to reduce the risk of hooking or abrasion.” Dong Xianzhang (pseudonym), an expert in the textile industry, said in an interview with future network reporters, “whether it is to the neck to the neck The zipper, the zipper at the head hat, the position of the zipper and the skin should be added with the fabric. “

The zipper problem does not attract enough attention


In the future, reporters noticed that although the “implementation specifications” have relatively clear requirements for the use of zippers for children’s pants, such as “7 years old and below boys’ pants are not suitable for functional zipper, consider using pants structure instead. Such as the adhesive band, fake placket or loose belt. “” Boys’ pants zipper plackets should be designed at least 20mm wide inner cover, covering the zipper opening, and sewing the zipper on the bottom of the placket. Plastic should be used. The zipper to reduce the degree of damage to holding accidents. “

However, at present, society does not pay enough attention to zipper, especially in top. In the market, some children’s clothing zippers can not only pull to the top of the hat, but also the position of the zipper and the skin does not increase the side of the fabric, and there is a risk of clipping children.

For example, “Spider -Man” and “Salted Egg Superman” and other cartoon hooded jackets that are deeply liked by children. After the clothes zipper is completely pulled up, the entire head will be wrapped in, which may cause the baby to breathe smoothly or even suffocating. The top of the zipper is not protected, and the zipper is too high to stuck around the neck.

Picture screenshot from the official Weibo of People’s Daily Online


In this regard, Dong Xianzhang said that the existing specifications of children’s clothing zippers stipulate that it is stipulated in the head and neck and facial applications to prevent clipping the skin. However, it does not explicitly say that “the zipper cannot be used on the head.” He suggested to improve the relevant standards, adding “do not design the zipper to draw the face / head clothing” in the safety design specifications of children’s clothing.

The rope band problem is more than banned

In comparison, everyone pays more attention to the rope specifications of children’s clothing.

According to the “Technical Specifications for Infant and Children and Children’s Textile Product Safety” (hereinafter referred to as “Technical Specifications”), infants and children under 7 years of age do not allow any rope bands; The length should not exceed 360 mm, and it should not exceed the bottom edge of the clothing; the attachments of textiles should not be triggered at the sharp edge and sharp edges; the infant and child textile products are not allowed to leave metal needles such as residual metal needles.

However, although the country has issued technical specifications, it has clear standards for rope on children’s clothing, and it does not attract enough attention from children’s clothing manufacturers. Many companies still do not comply with regulations.

Recently, market supervision departments in many places across the country still found that many children’s clothing obviously did not meet the specifications, including many famous children’s clothing brands.

The picture shows many children’s clothing collar sold on the market. There are rope bands. Source Nanning Shanglin Procuratorate Official Wewei

Many children’s clothing products are unqualified Disney, three shots, Uniqlo and other brands on the list

On January 27th, the procuratorate of the Ministry of Procuratorate of the Shanglin Procuratorate in Nanning, Guangxi found in the survey of the children’s clothing stores in the area of ​​the district that in the children’s clothing stores, there is a problem of hidden product quality and safety hazards in children’s clothing. Among them The hidden dangers of safety hazards such as band, rope band with free end, and rope bands extended from the bottom of the clothing. Moreover, there are many children in the market.

The picture shows the survey of the minor procuratorial department of the Nanning Shanglin Procuratorate in Guangxi Nanning. Source Nanning Shanglin Procuratorate Official Wewei

Coincidentally, recently, the quality monitoring report released by the market supervision department in many places, a number of children’s clothing products are unqualified, and many of them are well -known brands.

On January 19, the “Publicity of the Substance of the Substance of the Quality Supervision of Children’s Clothing Products” released by the official website of the Beijing Market Supervision Bureau showed that the nine groups of children’s clothing products were unqualified. Among them, well -known brand B. Duck was on the list, and its jeans were spotted as “pH value and wet frictional friction colors” unqualified; Disney also had two batches of products on the list because of failure to qualify, and was spotted “fiber composition and content, attachment requirements (rope band). Other requirements are “non -fitting, etc., and their manufacturers are Shanghai Sanshui (Group) Co., Ltd..

The picture is from the official website of the Beijing Market Supervision Bureau

Recently, the market supervision department of Beijing Fengtai District has also notified 14 unqualified children’s clothing, including HEA, Uniqlo, Nicole Beibei, and B. Duck, POLO SPOR and other brands. The main quality problems of the product are rope safety requirements, dry friction coloring, damp -resistant friction color fastness, and product use instructions, etc. It does not meet relevant standards.

B.Duck and Disney brand children’s clothing many times are unqualified “black list”

The reporter sorted out and found that B.Duck and Disney products have repeatedly on the “black list” of the product quality.

According to the “results of the quality supervision and random inspection of the quality supervision of children’s shoes products in the second half of 2020” issued by the Hainan Provincial Market Supervision and Administration Bureau, the B.Duck 1 batch of basketball shoes detected the dental dietite project exceeded the standard.

In addition, in the third quarter of 2020 in the third quarter of 2020, the quality supervision and random inspections of children’s shoes products released by the Guangzhou Municipal Bureau of Market. Essence “(plastic increase can interfere with endocrine system) unqualified.

Disney is named more times for product quality problems. According to incomplete statistics, in 2021, the product of “Disney” has appeared on the “Black List” 5 times.

In October 2021, the long -sleeved T -shirts sold by Disney Related Company Shanghai International Theme Park Co., Ltd. were not qualified and fined 200,000 yuan.

In August 2021, the Shanghai Market Supervision and Administration Bureau showed that there were 3 batches of unqualified in 30 batches of towels, including a batch of trademarks as “Disney”, and unqualified projects were identified.

In June 2021, the Guangdong Provincial and Municipal Supervision Bureau issued a notice for the quality supervision of children’s clothing, shoes, hats and jewelry products. Among them, unqualified products include Disney brands.

Multiple problems Children’s clothing is recalled

In the future, reporters from the Internet found that in addition to the quality of some children’s clothing brand products, some children’s clothing products were recalled due to quality problems or hidden safety hazards.

The reporter learned from the website of the Hebei Provincial defective Product Recall Management Center that the children’s clothing products produced by Liangyu Garment Processing Factory in Luancheng District, Shijiazhuang City, Hebei Province have not met the requirements of the GB31701-2015 standard during the production process. It is unreasonable and dangerous, so the children’s clothing products manufactured during May 2021 involve 46 pieces.

According to the news of tonight, the Tianjin Market Supervision Bureau has also recently recalled some children’s clothing products, mainly including the 100 children’s clothing (jackets) produced by Huaining Zhiyue Electronic Commerce Co., Ltd., and produced by zero to seven trading (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. Allo & Lugh / 100/52, 110/56 B / B dress, and the brand / model of 1850 children’s clothing (two -piece) products produced by Hebei Ripeng Makeup Co., Ltd.

Parents can only look at the appearance when buying children’s clothing

Today, e -commerce shopping is becoming more and more common. On the eve of the Spring Festival, many parents buy children’s clothing for children through online shopping.

“Buying clothes online, I can’t touch it, and I can’t see the materials. I can only look at the appearance of the picture. The main thing is to see if the color style is their favorite.” Parent Zhong Yi told Future Network reporters, “Sometimes, the models of the clothes are all sizes. Not necessarily accurate. “


Once, Zhong Yi bought two sets of autumn trousers for the child on a certain e -commerce platform. One of them looked very comfortable, and it was 30 yuan more expensive than the other set. It is chemical fiber. Children are worn in physical education class, and they feel particularly uncomfortable when they encounter sweating.

Lin Yi, a treasure mother who sells children’s clothing, told Future Network reporters that when parents buy children’s clothing, they still choose the appearance style, and then the price. Few parents carefully check the identification instructions on the tag or label.

According to Lin Yi, she has never encountered parents’ questioning or minding the rope straps around the collar, etc., and refused to buy.

A industry insider who is unwilling to be named told Future Network reporters that when parents buy children’s clothing for children, in addition to considering appearance style and price factors, they should also pay attention to the category of tag logos and children’s clothing signs of children’s clothing (according to the new national standard, baby babies, infants, infants Children’s clothing must be marked with the words “infant supplies” or “Class A”; category B is a product that can contact the skin; Class C is a product that cannot directly contact the skin), try to buy children’s clothing products with complete logo; try to choose the light color as light as possible. Clothes, especially wearing clothes, prevent excessive additives from being harmful to health; do not buy odor children’s clothing.

He also emphasized that when you buy clothes for children or infants under the age of 7, do not choose clothing with rope bands on the head and neck, because the rope belt of the children’s head and neck may cause children to be caused by the surrounding items during the event. Unexpected damage, or asphyxia after the rope with mistakes, and guarding the safety of children.

Author | Future Network Reporter Li Yingying

Source: Future Network