Hong Kong media unannounced visits to reveal the thugs “refreshing medicine bag”: the seal skull, the sender of the medicine told “to make a dream be careful”


Source: Global Network

[Global Network Comprehensive Report] Hong Kong’s “repair storm” has continued for nearly half a year. During this period, suspected illegal physicians exuded suspicious drugs to mobs in addition to the violent behavior of thugs. Hong Kong’s “Grand Press” published an investigation report on December 2, which recorded the process of investigating the mysterious “refreshing medicine package” in the reporter to investigate the mysterious “refreshing medicine package”.

Hong Kong’s “Grand Press” reported on December 2 that there are news on the Hong Kong Internet group that some people provide diagnosis and treatment and drugs for free thugs, and even some people at the riots scene and the large court will send drugs “conditioning dense fog dislike” and Essential oils, etc., claim that they can refresh and relieve tear smoke; some people provide a “purple cloud paste” that looks like plasma to marry the police.


It is reported that the so -called “conditioning dense fog dislikes” is the organization that comes from the self -proclaimed “national disaster loyalty” (now “Ruo Shuizhong medicine”). “, Cough caused by tear smoke. The pictures stated in the newspaper show that the packaging paper is a smoking skull with words such as “sore throat” and “bags to help others”.


It is reported that the composition of the medicine package is suspicious and it has been circulated on the Internet. If the thug head is sent to send the medicine bag, it can be used to relieve the tears of smoke poison, but in fact, it contains stimulants, which makes people feel madly lost control. The report also stated that the online group frequently recruited HK $ 100 of the hourly salary and “medicine” for all night, with strong funds and doubts.

The Grand Press report also mentioned that the reporter of the newspaper had disguised as a “injured mob” and secretly visited the “clinic” where the “Yellow Doctor” was. During the “medical”, “physician” also opened the online live broadcast of the mobile phone to play riots. Essence


In addition, the reporter of the Dagong also pretended to be “taking medicine” and went to an industrial building unannounced. During this period, a man about 30 years old looked nervous and cautious. When the reporter didn’t know how to come to the way, how many packages would be? “” Coughing throat sore? “Then the other party took out a few packs of” conditioning dense fog “from the room and stuffed it into the reporter’s hands. He also said” Go out and make a dream and be careful. “Then he hurriedly closed the door.

“Dagong” reported that Wang Guanming, vice president of the Hong Kong Society of Traditional Chinese Medicine, said that non -registered Chinese medicine or traditional Chinese medicine methods to treat ordinary people. The adverse effects, even a Chinese medicine doctor, should not violate the professional rules and claims to mislead the citizens.


According to Article 108 of Hong Kong registered doctors, if anyone is not registered with Chinese medicine or a TCM Chinese medicine, it is a crime in Hong Kong. It is a crime.

Wang Guanming said that some doctors on the Internet claim that her herbal tea and medicine powder that can solve tears. He believes that there is no enough scientific research and practical verification to be effective. As for essential oils, it is not the category of Chinese medicine. Essence He heard that there were young people who were used and wore essential oils containing cannabis.

The Dagong report also mentioned that the police responded to the media inquiry that there was no statistics of drug cases related to public activities since June. Chris, the person in charge of “National Difficulties”, was acknowledged by the anonymous interview with Hong Kong media that the group was composed of more than a dozen Chinese medicine students. He claimed to be a sixth grade of Chinese medicine in the Mainland. He was not registered with Chinese medicine.

As early as October, Hong Kong’s “Wen Wei Po” reported that the thugs became more and more crazy, and there were news that these unreasonable crazy moves were “or drugs”. It was reported at the time to quote online news that the thug head sent the pink bag that the mobs were claimed to be “saving the lungs” and “sore drinking” at the riots. The packaging was full of physical strength. Obviously related words.

It was reported at the time that some citizens found that many mobs were torn off after being arrested. In fact, drugs have been mixed into it, making young people emotional after taking it, “high sense of war.”