In the 2021/22 season, the designer opened again! (Down)


It is only a week before the La Liga start in the new season.

20 Western Armor Team

The jersey of the new season has been released. Is your home team shirt design shining?

We will divide


The upper and middle phases take stock of the La Liga team jerseys


This issue brings you the beautiful shirts of the eight teams of Valen and Andalusia. Let’s go into today’s “Green Fashion Show”!

*The pictures in the article are from the club official



At home jersey inspiration from


Bat on the team logo

This represents





Essence The jersey uses a traditional white black color matching, with a bat logo on the back neck, and the black sleeves are like bat wings, running like a wings flying.

The overall design is reminiscent of the double crown era in the 03/04 season, the new jersey reviews the legendary club of Valen


It aims to establish a connection between the history of the club, the present and the future to understand the source of the Bat Legion.

The away jersey is wine red. Valen has not been enabled for more than 30 years, but in the history of the club, the wine red is

The most

The color of the away color, this design expresses right

History respect

Essence The jersey is printed with wings -shaped shape, and bats are also printed on the collar.


The home jersey is the yellow logo marked by the submarine, the overall tailoring makes people think of

Ceramic court

At the neckline, the V -shaped blue and black striped team won the first champion of the team history last season. The back neck was printed with the team name abbreviation VCF.

The away jersey is


, Print dark geometric vertical printing. The second away away is

Gray blue

The prints and team logos are girls, and the jersey also uses gradient stripe design, with clear layers. Back in the back of the two away jerseys are dotted with the team name abbreviation VCF.



New season home selection

Retro shirt collar

The vertical red and blue stripes show the “real red and blue” style, and the blue part also has embossed details, giving the jersey an extra elegant touch.

The away jersey is simple


, Also use the shirt collar, the cuffs are decorated with red and blue stripes, and the neckline uses dark purple stripes, which represents the fusion of red and blue.



The home jersey is white and green, and there is a painted green color block on the chest. The team logo is made of silicone. The slogan of the team with green fonts on the back neck is “El Valor de Una Historia, La Fuerza de Un Sentimiento (historical value, emotional power).”

The away jersey is pure black, and the front of the clothes has the oblique lines. The second away away is fluorescent green and the design is simple.


The home jersey is a traditional red and white color matching, but this design

Bold innovation

After abandoning the color block splicing style of the past few years, switch to pure white background with red vertical fine lines, highlighting a touch of refreshing in the southern sun.

The away jersey is the opposite of the home. The bright red background is paired with white vertical stripes. The second away dress is black, the sleeves are red, and a striped print is printed.

The theme of jersey in the new season is determined as


“Straight hit people’s hearts”


The power of directly hitting people’s hearts comes from fans with team history, urban heritage and enthusiastic. Convey the team’s expectations for the new journey, hopes to surpass the results of last season, and defend the glory of the city in La Liga and European arena.

Royal Betis

The home jersey uses green and white stripes, and there is a green V -shaped blank area on the chest, inspired by

Team logo

The shape of the inverted triangle. The team canceled the chest advertise

Public welfare environmental protection


Platform Forever Green. There is also a V -shaped blank on the back of the jersey, for jersey printing. The neckline and cuffs are decorated with surrounding white strips.

The main body of the away jersey is blue, and the whole body is printed with the shape of an inverted triangle shape.

The cuffs and ribs are equipped with white and green decoration, and the neck is printed

The coordinates of the Biramalin Stadium


In 1907, Betis was created by a group of students. At that time, the color of the jersey was blue and white, and it was not until 1910 that it was changed to the current white and green stripes. This away jersey is right

History to pay attention to



The home jersey, which is known as the small yellow submarine, is still

Yellow and blue color

, The main body of the jersey is yellow, the collar and cuffs are embellished with treasure blue blocks. The whole body of the jersey has team logo elements

Embossed dark pattern

Essence Skats printed on the inside of the collar

La lucha Ne Se Negocia

(Battle cannot be concession).


The home jersey uses Granada’s classic red and white staggered stripes, and the color is bright and energetic. The ball pants are dark blue.

The theme of this year’s jersey is “In order to see your Granada”, let the fans feel that this is “your team, your feeling, your color, your new skin”.

Team logo