Lego Marvel 2022 Summer New Product News: Little Grute, Iron Man’s mech display room and the saints


The first news about the first news of the new set of Lego Marvel Marvel in 2022 has surfaced, among which

Three -piece suit is particularly worthy of attention, they are

Dr. Strange to the Holy Institute

As well as

Little Grurt

And another

Iron Man Merstock Display Room

Below we list the rumors that they are currently obtained:

76216 Iron Man Megies Display Room


The formal name of this set is not known yet, and it is temporarily called the “mech display room”.

The set is expected to include 8 people and door structures, which can display various Iron Man mechs in front of them.

The set consists of 496 pieces of particles, and the price should be 89.99 euros. The price is a bit outrageous … Maybe it is because there are many people.

The set is scheduled to be released on June 1.


Which Iron Man mech is not completely clear, because this set does not belong to a certain movie. Although most of the contents should be based on “Iron Man 2” (including a small replica product of a whipper and Tony’s Audi R8 convertible), some people and mecha are more likely to be based on the third part. And later movies. These include the image of Tony Stark, pepper and Nick Frey. In addition, there are war machines and there may be three different Iron Man armor.

Set number: 76216

Set name

(Iron Man’s Mispo -Exhibits Room)

Sugged age: over 7 years old

Number of parts: 496

Number of people: 8

Retail price: 89.99 Euros

Release time: June 1, 2022

76217 Little Grurt

I am groot! Among the new products in Lego Marvel in 2022, a highlight may be this little Grurt. The set includes a small Grurt that can be paired, and the “AWESOME MIX” tape that can be paired, and there is also a nameplate, which says the line “

I am groot

The set consists of 476 parts and is expected to be released at a price of 49.99 euros from June 1, 2022.

Set number: 76217

(Little Grurt)

Sugged age: over 10 years old

Number of parts: 476

Number of people: 0

Retail price: 49.99 Euros

76218 to the Holy House

By the Holy House may become a highlight of Lego ’s Marvel theme this year. More importantly, this set will excite many Legao fans, because it is basically built according to street viewing, so it is not only suitable for Marvel fans, but also suitable for Lego street viewers.

The 76218 to the Holy Hall consists of 2708 pieces of particles and will be available in August 2022. It is recommended that the retail price is 219.99 euros. This means that this set is more expensive than other street views, perhaps because of the IP authorization fee. The best thing is that the set may contain at least 9 people, some of which may be exclusive.

Although the No. 76178 Daily is suitable for street views, its appearance does not match the previous street scene theme, and it should be different from this.

The sacred place is located on a 32×32 bottom plate, a closed building. It has three floors height, and it is a street -corner building like the movie, which means that there are sidewalks on both sides. There are two trees and a mailbox in front of the building, as well as a fire hydrant and street lights. The roof is made of sand and green bricks. The exterior wall is mainly light gray, dotted with some orange bricks.

The set is expected to be released based on the upcoming release

“Dr. Strange 2: Crazy Diverse Universe” movie, so there will be at least some of the people in the people. These people include Dr. Strange, Wang, Iron Man, Spider -Man, Wanda and some unknown characters.

Set number: 76218


Sacred place


Sugged age: over 18 years old

Number of parts: 2708

Number of people: 9+

Retail price: 219.99 Euros

Release time: August 1, 2022

As well as

As well as

As well as

As well as

As well as


Set name

Set name


Release time: June 1, 2022