Feng Tao Guitar Evaluation No. 12 Kama G1 Best Craft Award Product


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冯涛吉他测评 第12期 卡马G1 年度最佳工艺奖获奖产品

Because I don’t know the future of this piano, I can only briefly introduce its background.

G1 is a face-to-face piano launched by Kama guitar and launched in May 17th. In 7-8 years before the launch of this facelift, Cama has been focusing on the production and sales of a piano.

This piano piano is affordable and stable in quality. Therefore, it is favored by the beginner guitar enthusiasts, and the annual output sales exceeded 200,000. What is the concept of this quantity, it is actually the first in the field of private domestic brands.

冯涛吉他测评 第12期 卡马G1 年度最佳工艺奖获奖产品

Cama has established their position in the field of low -end piano piano. congratulations.

The respectable thing is that the Kama did not have the status quo. When they accumulated a certain amount of funds and experience, they immediately invested positively to the development and research of face -to -face single piano.

冯涛吉他测评 第12期 卡马G1 年度最佳工艺奖获奖产品

At this stage of more people at this era, they will choose to invest in real estate or other areas where they think they can earn more money.

In order to be able to do this G1, Cama invested more than 20 million yuan to purchase advanced automated equipment, established a dust -free workshop with constant temperature and humidity, and several times between China and the United States, and asked for advice from the internationally renowned masters of piano making masters. Experience of piano making.

冯涛吉他测评 第12期 卡马G1 年度最佳工艺奖获奖产品

Now G1 has been launched, and announced that Cama’s study and development in the first stage has come to an end. Today we will come with the majority of piano friends to do a comprehensive test on this G1. It should be issued to Cama or a completion certificate. Please participate in the vote below the content of the WeChat public account of the Guitar World Network.

Although it has been more than half a year since the official launch of G1, we still come to this evaluation program today. Because of my knowledge, G1 has been continuously optimized and improved since its introduction to this day. The piano we evaluated today is the latest improvement that Kama has just sent a few days ago.

Some piano friends may know that when the G1 was launched, the strings of the match were 013 specifications, and now it has been changed to 012. From this point, it can be seen that the whole piano has changed a lot, because the adjustment of the strings requires the other adjustment of the entire piano to cooperate with it. The reference value of that evaluation is not great.

The background is briefly introduced. The piano friends who are interested in Kama or G1 recommend you on the WeChat public account of our Guitar World Network to see the period of the series of “Dialogue Guoqin Leaders”. One issue. You can reply to the five words “Kama Peng Jinhui” at the bottom of the public account.

Now we will officially start our evaluation today. In terms of configuration and process, we have selected the same retail price as the G1 Falida D-Rose for comparison with it. 8900 yuan Taylor 210 DLX.


冯涛吉他测评 第12期 卡马G1 年度最佳工艺奖获奖产品

The overall appearance of the G1 is not amazing, but it is generous and elegant, and there are not many external decorations, but each place is delicate and coordinated. It is not amazing to look at it from a distance.

The Kama LOGO of the piano head is inlaid with pearl mother shellfish. The cost of this material is about 10 times the metal label of D-Rose.

The decorative line around the piano is a complete one, and it is exactly the same as the distance from the decoration line to the three sides of the piano head, which is very precise.

These edges on the edge of the piano head have not been rounded off during the polishing process, but they are carefully retained by carefully, so that the edges are edges and horns. It is not obvious, but it is obvious when it is in the same frame as the same level of D-ROSE.

The tip behind the G1 piano diameter is sharp to cut apples, so we really tried it. In fact, in fact ~ um ~ anyway, you won’t really take it to cut the apple. In addition, G1 has a metal strap nail in this position than D-Rose.

What these subtle places do have little impact on the overall quality of a piano, but users can really feel the merchant’s intentions through these details. And I think that making products with the heart is the greatest respect for users to users.

Looking at the appearance, the most striking piano is the white rose inlaid with shells on the board. This white rose, pure, noble, romantic.

Count it, it is inlaid from 38 pieces of shells, inlaid such a rose, which requires about a worker, and it can be completed for 20 minutes with a cricket. After working 8 hours a day, the full calculation can only be completed. They were as respectful as Swiss watchmakers when they were working.

In addition, in the previous slotting link, Cama used a knife head with a diameter of only 0.3 mm. With such precise equipment, not only can it make the strict seam between the groove and the rose. Good reservations make this flower more vivid. This is a comprehensive manifestation of strength and ingenuity.

The design of Qinqiao comes from the American pianist Kent. After the consent of the designer himself, Cama made a little modification on the basis of the original design, making the two arc below became more tough. But in detail, I still think the original version is more coordinated and good -looking.

Materials and crafts

Both the G1 finger board and the bridge use the ebony with higher elastic modulus. Compared with the roses used by D-Rose, the former is about 5 times that of the latter.

In addition, the G1 was also done around the fingerboard. D-ROSE did not have a certain protective role in the fingerboard.

The knob produced by this Taiwan Binwei factory selected by G1 is the same factory as the well-known knob brand Grover. It costs about 3-5 times higher than the silver knob selected by D-Rose.

The strings are selected from the 012-specified Ilix piano strings. This part is the same as D-Rose, and many other piano at the same price uses a low-level Dadrido piano strings.

The G1 upper and lower string pillows are made of artificial ivory material of the well-known brand TUSQ. The price is about 5 times that of this plastic steel selected by D-Rose.

冯涛吉他测评 第12期 卡马G1 年度最佳工艺奖获奖产品

The G1 fibrobine cone is made of black wood and inlaid with shells and brass. The price is more than several times that of this ABS plastic selected by D-Rose.

The imported transparent sheet selected by G1 is not only ten times the material cost, but also more difficult to be in the past, because it cannot allow a bit of bubbles inside, otherwise it will be seen that it will be seen. Essence

冯涛吉他测评 第12期 卡马G1 年度最佳工艺奖获奖产品

Each G1 panel is carefully selected, because each piece is covered with horizontal lines, and there is an important manifestation of the quality of a panel.

If the upgrade of the string pillow and the fibrous strings in the front is just a small trick, the panel is a big move.

The border around the G1 panel is a combination of roses and maple. The wooden material is used. Both the cost of the material and the labor cost are several times higher than the ABS plastic selected by D-Rose.

I need to explain here that this part of the content just now will mislead the piano friends to judge the attention of a guitar and guide the configuration of this guitar. Many businesses who are anxious to earn money also want to see such results. Essence So I want to emphasize again that the quality of the configuration is no matter how high, it is just the icing on the cake for the final quality of this guitar.

Good configuration does not mean good guitar, but the bad guitar with a good configuration will still be rotten guitar. Therefore, the evaluation is here, and we cannot make a conclusion on the quality of G1 too early, but the sincerity of Kama is already obvious

Cama is currently the most high -end automation equipment in China. With these equipment, Cama has also completed a leap -up upgrade in the piano making process.

With the help of precision CNC devices, G1 realizes the same NC connection technology as Taylor. With this technology and precision equipment, G1 can separate the handle bucket during processing.

The separation of the handle bucket is to separate the neck from the box, and then combine them after each completion. The separation process of the handle bucket has high requirements for the precision of the factory, but it can improve production efficiency and effectively improve product quality.

However, compared with Taylor, G1 seems to have owed a little bit of fire in the use of this technology. It still needs to use glue to assist in the final connection, while Taylor does not use it at all.

Therefore, if Taylor’s piano is damaged, theoretically, users can buy a neck for themselves, but the probability of this situation is very low. To what extent is it low? For this reason, I consulted Teacher Zou Hang, one of the heads of Shanghai’s largest electro -sound piano shop Shi Yinqin. He replied to me that since they started operating Taylor’s brand since 2008, I have never received a list of neck changing necks.

So when I took this question to verify Kama, Cama replied that G1 used glue at the handle to stick to it, not in place. Because they knew that no one would really change the neck, as a learner, they used glue and sticking to their hearts. I agree with Cama’s cautious and pragmatic attitude.

The spray paint of G1 is done with the help of robotic arms. Compared with the traditional artificial paint, it saves materials and can control the thickness of the paint surface to the greatest extent. At the same time, it also improves the standardization of efficiency and mass production paint surface.

G1 uses precision CNC devices to thin the edges of the panel, which is a method that effectively improves the response and low frequency performance of the panel. Of course, this is not the only way to achieve this effect. For example, Taylor. In order to improve the response of some models of the product panel, they adopted a small slot around the panel and made a short cross beam and sound beam. Everyone everyone. You can clearly see that this Taylor’s cross beam is short, and it is not short to the line below.

In order to achieve an ultimate feel, Cama spent more than a million yuan to introduce China’s first Plek device from Germany. Each G1 will use this device for accurate feel debugging before leaving the factory. In theory, this device can help G1 find the minimum string value of each G1 without the product and achieve it.

The importance of guitar feel is second only to sound. Due to the limitations of the equipment, when we debug the feel, we can only do one approximate even if we have rich experience. Therefore, the appearance of equipment like Plek can be said to have solved a historic problem for the guitar manufacturing industry.

For Cama, which can have the first Plek device in China, they are proud to carve the Plek logo on the fingerboard of each G1. This high -profile abnormal approach is taken for granted.

I just don’t know if this is authorized by Plek. If you want to know more video information about Plek devices, you can reply to “Plek” in the Guitar World Network WeChat public account.

These advanced technical equipment and high -quality materials can not only greatly improve the production efficiency and quality of certain specific processes. The more important significance is that it can increase the standardization of mass production unlimitedly, so that you do n’t have to buy piano, you do n’t need to buy piano. Troubled which one of the two G1.


Cama is equipped with such a tailor -made high -end piano box for each G1, and the shape has been carefully designed.

If a piano box is purchased separately, it takes at least 400 yuan. Compared with the piano bag, the piano box can provide better protection for the guitar. The disadvantage is that the weight is large and is not conducive to carrying. I guess Farida may be aware of this, so D-Rose is not equipped.

冯涛吉他测评 第12期 卡马G1 年度最佳工艺奖获奖产品

G1 also comes with some commonly used small accessories with piano, including dials, piano cloth, adjusting wrenches and spare string nails.

These small accessories D-ROSEs are not equipped, but Falida realized this time, and I couldn’t guess.

In terms of feel, the piano diameter width of this G1 is a standard 43 mm, and the thickness is 20 mm. Under the blessing of Plek, G1’s factory strings are 6 stringed and 1 product is 0.66 mm, and 12 items are 2.34 mm. 1 string and 1 product is 0.5 mm, 12 items of 1.68 mm.

This is a very low string distance standard, but it does not mean that each G1 is out of the factory strings, because as long as the neck or panel of this piano changes slightly, the strings will change. China will change, and China’s’s’s’s. The vast is, the climate difference between each region is large, and the wood is vulnerable to deformation due to climate change. Therefore, a wooden guitar must be buried in the piano diameter. So the strings from the factory are just a reference.

Such a low strings are equipped with an Illick string with a coated film, so the feel of G1 is soft and smooth, and it feels no longer better.

冯涛吉他测评 第12期 卡马G1 年度最佳工艺奖获奖产品


In the comparison of the tone, these two reference objects we selected for G1 this time are all board piano configurations of the spruce panel plus roses and backplanes, and they are the same as G1. The string can be said to have no reference value. I will report the retail price of these three piano in China. They are D-ROSE3600 yuan. Similarly, G1, Taylor 210 DLX is 8900 yuan.

The video audition of the video 11 minutes and 26 seconds

In view of the previous user reported that the video in WeChat was compressed very seriously, it would cause the audio distortion, so we also prepared a non -destructive audio on the Baidu network disk this time, the following is the download address and password.



冯涛吉他测评 第12期 卡马G1 年度最佳工艺奖获奖产品



The sound performance of the three piano is very clean, clear, and elastic, which is their common point.

The difference is that the three pianos are slightly different in the performance of dynamic response. We can also understand it as sensitivity at the level of dynamic response. Of course, the sensitivity is of course higher than the instrument, so as to help the performers perform vividly.

The sensitivity of the three piano is from low to high, in turn is D-ROSE, 210, G1.

冯涛吉他测评 第12期 卡马G1 年度最佳工艺奖获奖产品

G1 has high sensitivity and large volume. I think the most direct reason is that it has done properly on the panel. Taylor 210 is mainly because it uses a thicker 013 -specified strings. The thicker the strings, the greater the driving force generated by the piano body. Of course, the piano body must also cooperate with the response to adapt to a greater tension.

G1 and 20 also have a high sensitivity, but relatively speaking, the control of Taylor 210 in this height is more mature. Therefore, 210 not only has a strong volume, but also has a firm sound and more cohesive. If there are piano friends who don’t like this sound, it may be because it is slightly hard.

冯涛吉他测评 第12期 卡马G1 年度最佳工艺奖获奖产品

Compared with 210, although its sensitivity is higher, it is not as tight as the sound of 210. It is slightly loose, and the more obvious the difference between the string is. D-Rose is relatively satisfactory, like an old man, mature and stable, but also lacks a little vitality.

These three piano’s PK in terms of tone is very similar to three diving athletes. G1 chose a movement with the highest difficulty factor. If it controls it well, you can win the puzzle in one fell swoop. It’s still slightly larger.


冯涛吉他测评 第12期 卡马G1 年度最佳工艺奖获奖产品

From the previous specially made a low -end piano, Camana crossed the production of high -end single -faced single -faced single piano G1, but it seemed a bit rigid, but it turned out that Kama was fully prepared for this, so Cama this time Mai Mai Mai this time It was a very calm and solid step. On behalf of the Guitar World Network, I issued a graduation certificate to Kama.

冯涛吉他测评 第12期 卡马G1 年度最佳工艺奖获奖产品

Cama’s move not only won a good reputation for himself, but also had a very positive impact on the guitar manufacturing industry in China as a whole.

It also allows us to see that China’s piano industry is completely possible, challenging the world’s highest peak.

The above is all the contents of this evaluation. The next evaluation will meet you after the Spring Festival

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