Summary of famous watch brands around the world, watch brand Daquan


The origin of the watch dates back to the 16th century. Since the mid -19th century, someone has put the timing watches and dressing on the wrist. Later, it continued to improve, reduce the size, and modify the style design to decorate, and gradually developed into a current watch. Watch, also known as the watch, refers to instruments wearing on the wrist to time/display time. The watch is derived from the word WACCHE in English Watch in English. Watches usually use stainless steel, leather, rubber, nylon cloth and other materials to make straps to bundle the displayed time on the wrist.

The most famous of the watch brand is the Swiss brand, with the title of “Watch Kingdom” and “watchmaking big country”. There are three major watch groups in Switzerland, namely Swaqi Group, Lifeng Group, and LVMH Group. The Swiss watch industry attaches great importance to the use of brand and origin signs, which makes the appeal of “brand -name effects” and “Made in Switzerland” complement each other. Reliable quality and stable performance provide consumers with the best quality assurance. Secondly, there are Japan, Germany, the United States, China, France, and Italy. They also have their own watch brands. Among the common watch brands of these seven countries, the popularity, cognitiveness and brand influence of the seven countries are classified and organized. (Hurry up quickly!)

1. Summary of Swiss Watch Brand:

▲ Patek Philippe Patek Philippe:

Beginning in 1839, the famous Swiss watch brand, the top ten watches in the world. It is one of the only real independent watchmakers in Switzerland. It is produced by itself from the beginning to the end, and it takes 10 years to train a Patek Philippe watchmaker.


▲ Vacheron Constantin, Jiangsonon:

Beginning in 1755, one of the famous watch brands in Geneva, Switzerland, is the oldest and earliest watch manufacturer in the world, and one of the world’s most famous watch factories.

▲ Jaeger-Lecoultre:


Beginning in 1833, senior clock manufacturer of Le Sentier, Switzerland. As a pioneer in the top watch -making industry, not only combines accurate timing technology and superb artistic talents, but also made outstanding contributions to the development of the entire watchmaking industry.

▲ Blancpain Blancpain:

Beginning in 1735, the world’s first registered watch brand, the most innovative successful brand in the contemporary top watch camp, the only modern watch brand that was collected by the Palace Museum.

▲ Audema Audemars Piguet:

Beginning in 1875, one of the three world -renowned watch brands, clockmen Jules Louis Audemars and Edward Auguste Piguet founded in Ru Valley, Switzerland. Uninterrupted, writing a family legend with independence from generation to generation.

▲ Breguet Breguet:

It was created in 1775 and has a history of 240 years. Since the 18th century, the Breguet brand has been committed to providing works and services for members of the royal family and outstanding characters in various fields. Breguet has the title of “watch king” in the industry, and also the reputation of “father of modern watchmaking”.

▲ Earl Piaget:

Beginning in 1874, Piaget was founded by 19 years old. In a piece of work, at the same time, the development of creativity and the pursuit of details completely integrates the watch of the watch and jewelry.

▲ Athens Watch Ulysse Nardin:

Starting in 1846, it was founded in Locke, Switzerland. Athens was originally started with a navigation bell. The navigation clock it produced was the most reliable navigation instrument ever, and it became a must -have instrument for the navy of more than 50 countries in the world.


▲ Zhiba Girard-Perregaux:

Beginning in 1791, Zhiba combined traditional technology and modern technology, and has nearly 80 patents. While applying the most advanced technology, it also reflects the company’s tradition. The unique design has made her highly praised and awarded many international competitions.

▲ Jaquetdroz: Jacques

Beginning in 1738, the number “8” was used as the brand logo, and the Daminghuo enamel was a demonstration of the ultimate process. The 18th century Jacques was known for its mechanical dolls and was favored by the European royal family and the Emperor Qianlong of China.

There are Richard Mille, Chopard Chopard, Parmigiani Parmigiani, Roger Dubuis, Frank Muller, Baukang Duo PRONTO, Baume & Mercier, Emi Watch Maurice Lacroix, Emis, Da Armand Nicolet, Bao Zilei Carl F.Bucherer, Rolex Rolex, Omega Omega, IWC IWC, Zeni Shi Zenith, Hublot, Breitling, Zunhuang Watch, Kunlun Watch Corum, Tag Heuer, Qi Yue, Qi Qi, Qi Qi, Qi Qi, Qi Qi, Nianhua Eterna, Tudor, Rado Rado, Langqin LONGINES, Whali ORIS, Mido MIDO, Tissot Tissot, Ibo Road Ernest Borel, Ineg Enicar, Raymond Weil, Plum Blossom Titoni, Movoto Movado, Swatch, Santoz, Santoz, Frederique Constant, Five -Star General Blansacar, Swiss Watch Swissarmy, Balman Watch Balmain, Yubao Watch ebel, Tita Time Solvil et Titus Rice Bell & Ross, Henry Moser & CIE, Universal, Century Watch Century, Emperor Better Delaneau, Subman Watch Revue Thommen, Baohuali Bovaly, Emile Chouriet, Family Watch Sarcar, Card Card Duke CARVEN, Paul Picot, Aibao Shi EPOS, Vatican Bauweede, Cuervo Y Sobrinos, Davosa, Eberhardco, Elowatch, Chamemex, and CHRONOSWISS , Gas needle Westend, Gauopus watch Greubel Forsey, Junhuang Concord.

As well as the time table DOXA, Aidu Table Aidor, Ledu Table OCTO, Famous Watch Manjaz, GRAND PRIX, Nobel Nobel, Nivida Nivada, Rotary Rotary, Bayigo Balco, Fan Gao Table Vankor , Yibao Road table Expool, La Shi special table Rosht, Jue Ni Table Genie, Luki Watch Lukcom, Tianjie Table Tangin, Durang Table Dura, Shijue Watch Seget, CANDINO, DW Table Daniel Wellington, etc.

Swiss watch brand summary

2. Summary of German watch brands:

▲ Glashütte Original original Glashütte Original:

Beginning in 1845, the famous watchmaker Alange was funded by the German government and established a clock production base in Glashutte in eastern Germany. One of the high -end mechanical watch brands with 100%of the full series of watches assembled homemade movements, in 1930, it has invented the flight -type tourbillon.

▲ Lange A. Lange & Söhne:

Beginning in 1845, Fernandano Adov Lange founded the Lange Watch Factory in the town of Glaste, and gradually made the local area a German precision clock manufacturing center. Adhere to the belief that only produces “the best clocks in the world”, limits the annual output within thousands of, and all works only use gold or platinum cases.

▲ Montblanc:

Beginning in 1906, relying on the brand’s strong support, Le Locle’s Montblanc Montre Sa began to make clocks. Since then, Montblanc has completed a series of independent manufacturing processes such as self -producing movements, Youli · Shi Wheel, capture fork, and can be described as the fastest watch brand in recent years.

▲ Ruibao Table Chronoswiss: Beginning in 1983,

Established by German watchmaker Gerd-Rüdiger Lang in Munich. Ruibao Watch is the beginning of the high -end brand of the world’s watch industry. It is compatible with Switzerland’s precision traditional watchmaking technology and the rigorous national spirit of Germany. With unique design details, it has always been talked about by cousins.

There are also Graceti Muehle-Glashuette, Haberman Habmann, Nomos Nomos, Elishe Elysee, Lang Kun LACO, Hugo Boss, Nivrel, Lavaro, Lavaro, etc.

German watch brand summary

3. Summary of Japanese watch brands:

▲ Casio Casio:

Beginning in 1946, Casio’s vitality, young, stylish, and multi -functional brand image has been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. Combining new types of LCD skills with high, fine, and sharp technology, appropriately applied to the timepiece on the wrist, and continuously improves the level of timing development on the wrist.

▲ Citizen:

Starting in 1918, the timing product of the Citizen brand began in 1924 and was a pocket watch. For a long time, adhering to the innovative spirit that has never stopped and the brand concept that continues to challenge the future, West Rail City has always entered the leading position in the international watch industry.

▲ Seiko Seiko:

Beginning in 1881, it was a famous Japanese watchmaking company. In 1924, the first watch to formally use the seizure brand. In 1969, Seiko Astron35SQ, Seiko Astron35sq, launched the world’s first pointer quartz watch.

▲ Oriental Double Lion Orient:

Beginning in 1950, he has been committed to developing technology and creating different styles to meet customers’ pursuit of perfect quality in life. Because its logo is two lions, it was commonly known as the “double lion” card in China before, and it is known as the “wear -resistant king” and “king of cost”! After vicissitudes, the luster is unchanged.

There are also Grand Seiko, ISSEY MIYAKE, APPETIME and so on.

Japanese watch brand summary

Fourth, American watch brand summary:

▲ Hamilton Hamilton:

Beginning in 1892, the Hamilton brand had two major product series -the classic and Khamiki sports type in the United States, with its accurate and durable practical functions and its consistent rough, upright, innovative, bold and firm American design style. Essence

▲ Bulova Bulova:


Starting in 1875, it was called “J. Baoluhua Company” at the time. Later, in 1923, the company reorganized became “Baoluhua Watch Company” and became part of Loews Corporation in 1979. The surname “Baoluhua” is likely to originate from Polish “Buława”, which is a scepter of honor.

▲ Fossil Fossil:

Beginning in 1984, the global life fashion brand in the United States was the first brand to perfectly combine the value of the watch with the style. Fossil has become one of the most popular brands in the United States. The product line includes fashion watches, bags, jewelry and clothing. The head office Fossil Inc. is one of the world’s largest fashion watch producers.

There are also Timex, Gaels Guess, Calvin Klein, Tang Keina DKNY, Bol Ball, Tiffany, Tommy Hilfiger, Liber AEDON, etc.

5. Summary of Chinese watch brands:

▲ Feiya fiyta:

Beginning in 1987, headquartered in Shenzhen, China, it is the only listed company in the territory. It integrates watches research and development, design, manufacturing, and sales. At the same time as clock culture, it also conveys the cognition of time and the claim of life.


▲ Tianwang watch tian Wang:

Beginning in 1988, headquartered in Shenzhen, China, is the leading watchmakers in China. The well -known watch brand under the Hong Kong listing clocks and Watch Group was identified by the classic crown shape. The brand has a number of series, conqueror, 霏 series, X-Man, Miss One and many other series.

▲ Rosini Rossini:

Beginning in 1984, the headquarters in Zhuhai, China, the Hong Kong listed company Guancheng Watch and Jewelry Group Co., Ltd., a well -known national company, is the leading watch brand in China. It has grown to the only “Fortune 500 Asian brand” in the Chinese watch industry. The outlets are all over the country. Brand value, market sales and market comprehensive share are all ranked first in the Chinese watch industry. Welcome brand -name products.

▲ Ebohr:

Beginning in 1991, headquartered in Shenzhen, China, is a subsidiary of China Haidian Group, a listed company in Hong Kong. It is a group of professional design, manufacturing, marketing brand watches, precious metal jewelry and fine products.

▲ Seagull watch Sea-Gull:

Starting in 1955, the journey of more than 60 years has laid a strong technical foundation for the manufacturing of the “Seagull” watch. It has now become a watch production base for research and development, production, assembly, and sales of watch movements. The “Seagull” brand was named the “Chinese Famous Brand” product by the country.

There are Shanghai Table SHANGHAI, Beijing Table BEIJING, Peacock Table Peacock, Geya Table Geya, Raytopo RARONE, Reimah, Guzun Table Golgen, Bao Shijie Poscer, Star Emperor Starking BOWDOR, Tiaba Tianba, Kashidon KashiDun, Ailigo Arger Arger, Binger Binger, OLEVS, Cadisen Cadisen, Mig Mige, Avos Oiwas, Arctic Watch Polaris, Guanqin Guanqin and so on.

Chinese domestic watch brand summary

6. French watch brand summary:

▲ Cartier Cartier:

Beginning in 1847 was a French watch and jewelry manufacturer, founded by Louis-François Cartier at No. 31, RUE Montorgueil, Paris. The “2018 World Top 500 World Brand 500” compiled by the World Brand Lab is announced, and Cartier ranks 110th. In October 2019, the Global Top 100 List released by Interbrand ranked 68.

▲ Chanel Chanel

: Beginning in 1913, Chanel was founded in France by Ms. Garberry Chanel in 1913. It has a history of nearly a century. It is now a world -renowned luxury brand and a fashion darling of women in the world. In the industry, there are clothing, jewelry, accessories, cosmetics and skin care products, perfumes, watches, etc. Since the launch of the first watch “Première” in 1987, Chanel has established its own watch world. Over time, the pillar industry of this Chanel brand is continuously developing and growing.


▲ Van Cleeba Van Cleef & Arpels:

Beginning in 1906, it is a well -known luxury brand in France. It has always been the top jewelry brand that nobles and celebrities and celebrities in the world. Since its establishment in Paris, we adhere to the original design style, adhere to the use of brilliant gemstones, integrate poetic creations, and continue to bloom eternal light.

There are also Herblin Michel Herbelin, Bernard Christian Bernard, Yonggasis Yonger & Bresson, Dupon Watch Dupont, Ji Long Snow Guylaroche, Hermès, Louis Vuitton, Dior Dior, etc.

French watch brand summary

7. Summary of the Italian watch brand:

▲ Panerai Panerai:


Beginning in 1860, it is known for its precision machinery and excellent quality. With the design inspiration from the sea, Panerai positions the brand as a high -end watch in the field of sports and leisure. The earliest production of precision instruments and watches for the Royal Navy of Italy. Now Panerai has become the world’s well -known advanced sports watch brand.

▲ Bulgari BVLGARI:

Starting in 1884, it was the Italian jewelry brand. In 1977, the Bulgari-Bulgari watch was launched. In the early 1980s, Bulgari Time was established in Switzerland to manage the design and production of all Watch series in Bulgari. The types of Bulgari watches are more complete, and the product series covers a wider coverage, including classics, sports, luxury and other series.

▲ Armani: Armani:

Beginning in 1975, it was founded in Milan, Italy by the fashion design master Giorgio Armani. The Armani brand logo was deformation from a eagle watching to the right. The eagle symbolizes the highest quality, excellence and skills of the brand, and has since been used as a permanent symbol.

There are Gucci Gucci, Fendi, Elix Ellesse, Versey Versace, D & G, Diesel, Ferragamo, Police Watch Police, etc.

Summary of the Italian watch brand

Finally, there are some fashion watch brands, which are simple to list, such as Maserati, Maserati, Coach, Folli Folli watch, Burberry Watch Burberry, Michael Kors watches, Stegen watches, Michele, Er watch Michelle, Sudonian watch Zodiac, Dengxi Road watch, Balida watch, DOM watch, Snoopy watch, Paul watch, etc.

(Part of the watch brand is taken from headline encyclopedia, the picture comes from the Guangcheng watch website)


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