Shenzhen: 57 -year -old Zheng Haonan sang through the vest bar, netizens lamented, “It’s really not easy to get old”


Sometimes people enjoy flat and simple happiness, and sometimes too a single life makes most people see the future and hope, so these people start to toss, keep changing their jobs, and escape the so -called comfort circle. Go to big cities such as Beishangguangshen and want to prove yourself. I don’t know how easy it will be.

There is a saying on the Internet that “in Shenzhen that cannot be left, the hometown that cannot be returned”, and many young people with great dreams, from the beginning to the big city in Shenzhen, want to do a lot of careers and break out of their careers and break out. It belongs to my own world, but after many years, I found out that “I am still the young man in the past, and no trace of changes.” It was impossible to stay in the city in Shenzhen at all, and he never had the courage to return to his hometown to start again.

Life is like a roller coaster. When there is a peak, of course, there will be a time to fall from the peak. Some celebrities have made a lot of money and started to enjoy their old age. Some stars moved behind the scenes and became directors or producers. Some older artists were still “discussing life”, and 57 -year -old Zheng Haonan was the case.

In a bar in Shenzhen, the light and ten -color lights shot around, and the young people who had been busy for a day came to this bar to “buy drunk”, drink expensive drinks, shaking the head of the day, shaking their heads for a day. Trying to find the destination of the soul in this wonderful music, and on the stage in the middle of the bar, the old drama bone Zheng Haonan is singing wholeheartedly.


Zheng Haonan was particularly simple that night, wearing a blue vest on the upper body, a yellow casual pants on the lower body, a pair of white sneakers on his feet, there was no cool place in the whole body, the hairstyle of “big back” hairstyle, the hairstyle of “big back” hairstyle It always gives people an extremely free and easy feeling, without much to modify it.


With the decline in the entertainment industry in Hong Kong, the actors who had been mixed with TVB at the beginning seemed to be unsatisfactory under the exposure of the media. Because the entire industry was downturn, many actors were not only faced with the embarrassing situation of no drama and filming. It is even more forced to switch to other acts, which is sighing.

As the saying goes, “from frugality to extravagance, from extravagance to frugality”, stars who have been used to worry -free food and food, and people who pay attention to life, want to thoroughly come down from the “altar”, re -start ordinary people’s What is it easy to talk about life? Many people can’t accept this huge gap.

The lights in the bar are dim, and the men’s DJs who deliberately pretend to be very hilariously played with their headphones. Don’t love cold beds, don’t force me to miss … “, when the familiar melody sounds again, it also brings the thoughts of many netizens to that difficult era.

The series of “The Dangerous and Dangerous” series of movies was very beautiful. The young people of that era also loved yellow hair. The Cantonese songs of that era were quite good. I can still feel the youth and some young memories of those years.

Zheng Haonan was originally an actor, and he was a supporting role. He has appeared in the TV series “Angry Lamb”, “New Chu Liuxiang” and “Ambition”, etc., starring in the movie “Blood Blood”, “Dragon in the Rivers and Lakes” and “98 Ancient and Dangerous Dangerous The role of “Situ Haoshan” in “The Dragon and Dangerous Dragon Fighting Tiger” in “The 98 -Dangerous Dangerous Treasure Dragon Fighting Tiger Fighting” is interpreted into a three -pointer, which is impressive.


The classic line “Causeway Bay can only have one Haonan, that is, our Situ Haonan” and “add money”, which makes Situ Haonan’s character lively and also let Zheng Haonan’s title of “Ge Qian Brother”. It is still ridiculed by the majority of netizens.

It is a pity that the entertainment industry is a very realistic place. Not only the audience is reality, but even the directors have become very realistic. A star artist, if there is no high popularity and popularity, there will be no good resources to come to the door. If you want to use “exquisite acting skills” come from Qi Qinggao, I am afraid that you must enter retirement in advance.

A man who is already 57 years old has long been in real life and has become “ommetrical”. The lines are also particularly obvious, not like a man who is nearly sixty years old.

从网友爆料的画面中也能看出,其实郑浩南的舞台风格还是很稳健的,他就这么不紧不慢地唱着,虽然在音色和唱功上与专业的歌手还有着一定的差距,不过顶With the halo of “Big Star”, it can still be reluctant to be accepted by the audience.


He sang affectionately at the microphone. When he reached the chorus, he also cleverly extended the microphone to the audience. The atmosphere of the bar was driven, and the scene was like “boiling”.

Seeing the old drama bone Zheng Haonan singing such a picture in a bar in Shenzhen, some netizens said that forcibly the development of music cells, which was too unexpected. Some netizens said that Hao Nan brother had a figure. In life, the supporting role is like this, and even netizens lamented: It is really not easy to get an age.

Stars are also people. In order to be able to survive in your circle, they must also find positioning again. After all, there are so many handsome men and women in each year. In the case of competition, old drama bones like Zheng Haonan. If No longer work harder than others, then there is really no room for survival.

Life is difficult. That is the most true look of life. No one’s life is smooth. Only by constantly overcome all kinds of difficulties and setbacks, can we make us stronger, and in the end, we can finally be more calm. Face the unknown future and challenges.


The 57 -year -old actor Zheng Haonan can come to the bar to sing. His banks should be able to learn singing at the crew and start a new journey of life. It will be too late, and the editor also hopes that the star chasing people can see these flash points on Zheng Haonan.

Shenzhen is a very tolerant city. Anyone who comes to Shenzhen is a “Shenzhen”, but if you want to stand firm in such a large city, you must have enough hard work. Being able to go further and further in this city.

Although Zheng Haonan has not shot new works for a long time, he is still an old artist who can adapt to the development of the new era. Netizens who often brush short videos will also brush some short videos of him and share some daily life in life with fans. It has also become his habit, and it is a new start of a new life.

In order to see Zheng Haonan’s style, there were still many people who came to this bar that day. Some people raised their hands with both hands and shot him. Some people took out their mobile phones to shoot at Zheng Haonan. The dizzy world.


In the end, Xiaobian also sincerely hoped that Zheng Haonan could continue to polish acting skills and play more high -quality works. Don’t let the acting skills that have been precipitated for so many years are deserted. I believe the audience’s glasses are still very clear. Red, get the attention and recognition of more people.

What do you think of the old artist to sing such a thing in the bar?