Haiqing’s red and white black night shape, a white conjoined wide -leg pants with fine heels, invincible aura


As Huang Lei’s student actress Hai Qing, it can be said that it may be the best -developed student. Not only does it often partnered with the teacher Huang Lei to become a combination of national couples, but also the natural acting skills shown in many TV series are admirable. In “Ann”, the play queen Sun Yan is not inferior to the play, which reflects the full strength of a middle -aged woman. As a middle -aged actress, Haiqing’s daily shape is also remarkable. Recently, Haiqing’s red and white and black night style appeared. A white conjoined wide -leg pants with fine heels were invincible.

The design of white wide -leg jackets is loose and gentle and fashionable. The style of the shirt has added an international fan. The design of the waist highlights the waist curve, and the wide -leg pants legs also lengthen the body proportion.


The combination of white fresh and simple and capable hairstyles creates a mature charm of middle -aged. The jumpsuit itself challenges the figure, but Haiqing is easily controlled, which shows that the figure is kept in place.


The softness of the fabric highlights the charm of mature women, and also shows a relaxed and casual style.


Star -shaped earrings and the same type chain have played a good decorative role, adding a gorgeous and noble feeling. The raised hair is charming and gentle, atmospheric and elegant.


It is also a jumpsuit. This earthy jumpsuit looks very casual and casual. The design of the wide -leg design looks like the legs are slender. With white pointed high -heeled shoes, the mature charm is shown.


The suit style makes the jumpsuits look more elegant, with a capable style, and the loud drilling earrings are very eye -catching and properly matched.

The dark blue jumpsuit shows a mature and neutral style. With a dark blue loose jacket, it is more handsome. The mesh -type sandals increase the design sense.

A ray of bangs on the curly hair plate highlights a gentle, sleeveless design of jumpsuits, bringing a small sexy, with a dark blue sweater coat, dignified and generous, elegant atmosphere.

Hai Qing, who once lamented in a awards event, has attracted a lot of attention, but has a good blessing of acting skills. I believe she can also shape more different styles of characters. After all, acting is the strongest magic weapon for celebrities and can maintain long -term vitality.