The four living room trash cans that are both practical and beautiful. The neighbors saw the link to chase and it was recommended to collect


The following parts focus on:


The selection of the trash can should be selected according to the appearance and use. For the trash can, the capacity is not bigger and better. Too large, it is easy to accumulate too much garbage at home. Over time, corruption will breed various bacteria and produce odor. Too small, not to meet the needs of home garbage, frequent trash, people will be tired of losing garbage!


What is the value of this trash can?

The number of trash cans must not be ignored. In general families, the combination of three trash cans of different sizes can be used. As for whether the trash can be covered, it is best to choose a lid! There are three reasons:


1. The covered trash can can hide the garbage well, hide dirt, and does not produce visual pollution.

2. The trash can with a lid can well inhibit the distribution and spread of odor.

3. For families raising cats and dogs at home, trash cans with lids effectively avoid pets that pets love to flip the trash and cause the garbage to spread.


so! In my trash bin purchase: no lid+not good -looking trash can is directly cut off

The use scene of the trash can will be sent to share the combination of the trash can of my house.


Optional Product 1: Tea Filter Trash

In fact, you already think about it before the decoration. The trash can in the living room can be filtered with tea slag. My father loves to drink tea, and guests come to the family and entertain others to drink tea. But every time I drink the remaining tea residues, I always feel that the handling is not good enough. It is prone to blocking into the drain tank. It is specially prepared to prepare a trash can and occupy a place. This kind of trash can to put the living room in the living room with one of the tea buckets and trash cans below.


The tea residue barrel in this trash can clearly see the water level. The trash can also has a specially equipped circle, and the garbage bag will not leak outside affects the beauty. There is also a fine water pipe that can connect the tea set with the trash can and discharge the waste water in the tea set. The bucket can also be split separately, and the wastewater is full of the bucket and pour.

Tea buckets have a water guide pipe that can be connected to the sea of ​​tea. The tea table is convenient. You do n’t have to bend over to pour tea. For tea friends, YYDS!

Optionable product 2: induction packaging garbage bin


In addition to the use of the living room trash can, it must also carry the taste and decorative effect of the owner. It is difficult to integrate the overall environment of the living room by selling a trash basket. Just right to satisfy the practicability and face value.


Like most induction trash cans on the market, in addition to the function of waved or bent on the knee, this trash can surprise that the garbage function can be packed in one second when throwing the garbage. The specific operation method is shown in the figure below.

You can automatically pack the garbage. You do n’t have to bend over to pack the garbage, and you do n’t have to worry about the garbage. You do n’t have to look at the disgusting garbage and pinch your nose to pack the garbage. For friends with cleanliness, this function does add points.


If you are careful, you find that there are several models with automatic packaging functions. For those who have limited budgets for the living room trash can, you can consider the following models with the same packaging function, but less sensing the opening function.


This kind of garbage bin with a storage box is equipped with automatic packaging garbage function. About 15L in the barrel body is sufficient in the bathroom or living room, and it is the design of the seam. Fast integration with the home style.

And the following square trash can, standard for one -pull packaging garbage function, which uses a high value in the living room, which can completely hide the garbage bag.

Optional product 3: Bad pressure bags trash can

The trash bin of the puzzle bag is a bit designed for obsessive -compulsive disorder. Every time I lose the garbage bag, how many people will subconsciously stretch their hands into the garbage bag? Although across the garbage bag, if you think about it, you still listen to the response. The pneumatic trash can under the gang’s hand cleverly solves the problem.

Use the principle of air pressure, put on the garbage bag, cover the outer barrel cover to press the gas in the barrel, so as to press the bag firmly on the wall of the barrel. Such brain holes will really open! Looking at the appearance alone, this trash can not lose the previous models. You can copy your homework.

The above is a suggestion of buying a few living room trash can. The living room trash can still choose according to the characteristics of the family members. Those who like to drink tea like me can enter the tea trash can. Electronic products can enter the induced packed garbage. Barrels, the basic models packages the trash can well to meet the needs of patients with cleanliness and obsessive -compulsive disorder. Well, I will share so much. I feel inspiring and I am inspiring.