“Eating Chicken” The Spring Festival army needs to be exposed! The 11th sets need to be different in quality, but it is not as good as a fashion


Practical, not exaggerated! I am your intelligence, and I smile ten times with a smile. Recently, the peace elite not only has the rapid update of the new military, but also the return of the old military demand is becoming more and more frequent! And 17 sets of military needs to be sold at the same time! I believe that many friends are used to it!

As we all know, whenever the peace elite encounters special festivals, some new military needs will be launched! However, simply new and new has become the past, and at this stage, it has also joined the event of the military demand! With the nearly 11 sets of the Spring Festival, the military needs were exposed again. Let’s take a look at it together!

First of all, the 11 sets of military exposed this time are mainly based on the demand for the glory coin and the small turntable military demand, and from a “big guy” with less accuracy. News, so ask friends to treat it rationally!

The first three sets are the joint names of the wind, the origami and the spider mutations! They all belong to the small turntable military demand, and the degree in the game is within 800! The most anticipated is the origami Tyrannosaurus. Although it has returned many times, there are still new players who have a soft spot for it! The remaining two quality and satisfactory quality are only suitable for collection!

The Wildlord Hunting God, Magic Academy, and Apocalypse are all glory coins, and it is generally maintained at about 1.2K! Among them, the Magic Academy is the only military demand produced in the game in the game. The performance of women’s clothing is very bright, but the men’s clothing is very perfunctory!


The quality of the remaining two models is not low. The actual combat effect of the helmet and side suits of the wild hunting gods is good. These models are all the military needs before last year, which is only suitable for new players to start!

Yihai Shizhen and Perfume Lemon are all recently launched for the Glory Medal. Among them, the former has four sets of fashion. The main cover is impressed by the sunflower, and the backpack and aircraft are also very characteristic! Perfume lemon is the first glory coin army in the history of peace elites with a special gun, which is as high as 1.8K! Only special effect guns are worth starting!

The luxurious king is one of the early military demand, and the biggest feature is that men’s clothing is very domineering! Unfortunately, gold has a color loss under low -quality quality, and there is no aircraft in the entire army!

The most awesome god is a military -demanded munition that was cut into small turntables. There were 3 fashions when exposed for the first time, and there were 98K special effects guns. Although the mechanical cattle’s settings were very dazzling, the modeling was a bit large value. high!

The ancient dream of the Western Regions is a transit military demand. This set of military needs to focus on the Western Regions style, and it has the first special effect skin of a large plate of chickens. Unfortunately, the design of the special gun is very perfunctory, and it does not leave a perfect impression on the player!


Aside from the accuracy of the news, the scale of 11 military needs is a bit huge, but the quality of each set of military demand is obviously different! As the frequency of returns accelerates, the preservation of these military demand is reached a new low! I believe that in the hearts of many players, no matter which military needs return to the scene, it is not as good as a set of initial rocket girls 101!


The rocket girl skirt during the stimulating battlefield is the most anticipated military -demand for players, none of them! There is currently no copyright in this fashion, so it is difficult to return! Therefore, it is also the most preserved fashion in peace elites, and it is not in the game in the game!

All in all, although the military needs of the Spring Festival have been exposed, the credibility of the news is not high! The scale of 11 military needs seemed to be conscience, but the quality was not as good as a set of initial rocket girl 101. Personally, I think that there will be more and more returning activities in the later stage. As long as it is a common skin in the game, it is not worthy of our gold! Gold still has to choose the military demand that is difficult to return in the later stage!


The above is the need for the “Eating Chicken” to return to the army in the Spring Festival! 11 units need to be different in quality, but not as good as a fashion! “All the contents of”, do you expect the Spring Festival to return to the scene? Welcome to leave a message to share! Thanks for reading, looking forward to the praise and recommendation encouraged at the end of the article, our comment area is not disappeared! ##