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Hi everyone, I am Bazaar Inflonecer Zhou Yutong!

Can’t you think of it? Today, I will replace my sister to share with you the fashion. Although I often share with you some careful matching with you, I need a serious science popularization fashion knowledge. I still feel a little excited.


After thinking about it for a long time, I decided to do a tutorial on a period of wear and share with you the “retro futurism” style that I recently loved.


Because retro futurism can be said to be the most powerful trend this year. Recently, the popular steam waves and Y2K aesthetics are its aesthetic branches. Since you want to play with each other, of course, you have to play the most fashionable!

A long picture supporting scene

So, Xiao Zhou first come with you what is popular for everyone


Retro futurism


Simply put, “reviewing the past people’s views on the future”, that is, reproduce the futuristic of science fiction and technology boldly in the early 1960s, especially in the early 1960s.


I have always liked this style of work very much. Like I have watched the movies “Back to the Future”, “Star Wars”, “Silver Wing Killer”, including the “Dune” that has been remake recently, all are based on Retro futurism is the background.


The two -phase intertwine of retro and technology, the past and the future constitute this unique style born in a wonderful collision.

In the works of art masters Andy Warhol, there are many pioneer designers such as Paco Rabanne, Pierre Cardin and others, and they can see this wild creativity.

When we return to the past, we examine the future, that is, the present now. This double -setting perspective is extremely subtle and fun, and it is also full of the power of reflection.

Therefore, in recent years, the trend of retro futurism has gradually returned. Because it enlighten us in the future with the past, technology and humanity, truth and illusion, etc.

Prada 2020 spring and summer men’s clothing trailer

In the Internet era, retro futurism is combined with post -modern joke styles, which has spawned the new retro tide represented by VaporWave, Synthwave Essence In recent years, major brands have often appeared on the catwalks of major brands.

Louis Vuitton 2020 Early Spring Series


Focusing in the retro skin sac, in the unique style of ghost horses and elusive, once again reproduced the golden age that everyone dared to dream, bold and fantasy belongs to freedom and talent.

Balenciaga 2020 autumn and winter series

Having said so much, what elements need to be available to create some retro futuristic styles?


First of all, “mechanical sense” is essential. In the past, people’s understanding of future costumes is almost the “astronauts” costumes, and strive to shape an avant -garde and powerful image.

Andre Courreges’ signature design

Therefore, the details of the future must be highlighted from the details such as fabrics, materials, and outlines. PVC, sequins, metal primary colors, Asian and silver and other color elements of the incident can convey the feeling of retro future.


Maison Margiela 2018 autumn and winter series

In terms of color, the color of high saturation is also an important feature of retro futurism. Like the contrasting color of fluorescent lamps or high saturation, it represents the bold ideas of people at that time at that time.

Gucci “Gucci and Beyond” series

In the final analysis, either retro or science fiction is elements. The bold and breakthrough and unlimited sense of freedom passed by the style have always attracted me. Therefore, when doing this period, in addition to the style, I hope that I can pass the courage of the fantasy spirit and freedom of the fantasy spirit and freedom.


Then the following is the teaching achievement of Xiaowou’s period. I hope everyone will listen to it and gain something!



I can be a pioneer

AI girl’s retro future shape

The mechanical sense mentioned just now is a major manifestation of retro futurism.

Prada’s futuristic creative short film “NYLON FARM” (Nylon Ranch) shot in 2018 has always impressed me very deeply and paid tribute to the classic science fiction “Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? (Will the bionic people dream of electronic sheep?) “.


In my opinion, the expression of mechanization and organic body is extremely pioneer, future and science fiction, so the first set is the bionic human shape I wanted to try a long time ago!

Printed long trench coat ACNE Studios

Diamond LOGO shoulder strap 3/4 cup bras victoria ’s secret

Malone Souliers

Electronic girl series necklace yvmin


Black and knee socks Calzedonia

Guitar earrings Prada

Bracelet DW

This Cyberji -style cold technology style is a style I have never tried at all. So thank you very much for giving me this opportunity!

First of all, the long trench coat I chose comes from the ACNE Studios 2020 spring and summer series. The printing of the whole clothes is inspired by the painter August Strindberg’s paintings, and the intertwined romance and special color of ink blue, white, black and other colors.


In order to make the shape of the coat look dull, I specially paired with a Victoria ‘S SECRET rhinestone shoulder strap underwear. The logo posted on the rhinestone on the shoulder strap can exude a glamorous vision in the sun or under the light. Bright sequins are an indispensable element in the retro trend. At first glance, it means a bit of LED screen, which is witty added a sense of technology.

In terms of accessories, I chose the Yvmin Youmei Electronic Girl Series Necklace and the Prada guitar earrings of Ghost Horse. The design inspiration of the necklace is mainly from electronic components such as line boards. It is very good to add highlights to the overall shape.

The 3D effect robot printed sleeve sleeve and luminous glasses are small props from the sister -in -law. The retro and psychedelic Disco is really a styling artifact, so I like it!

In the end, I chose the British brand Malone Souliers, a pearly purple pointed high -heeled shoes, and then paired with knee socks, hoping to remind people of the golden age full of romantic dance steps.



I can be reBel

obedience? Or is it a fashionable rebel?

The second set of styles wants to discuss the stylish rebellion.


As the girls have increased their choices, there are more and more disputes in the face. The words “others can’t understand” are always restricting those hands that everyone reaches to their favorite clothes.

But in my opinion, how much fashion requires some rebellion, just like this Balenciaga morning dress I wore today with red pantyhose and slippers. What about others do not understand? I feel comfortable and relaxed.

Dress, pantyhose, slippers, and rings are Balenciaga

New motorcycle bag NEO Classic Balenciaga


The design of this dress is very elegant, and the irregular hem can move with the wind lightly, changing different angles. The print is the grass writing logo of Balenciaga, simple and clever.

I think Balenciaga is a brand with a rebellious spirit. It has continuously challenged and broke everyone’s inherent thinking about beauty. I always think that this is the coolest thing.

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Dress, pantyhose, high heels, and earrings are Balenciaga

When it comes to Balenciaga, we always emerge from many classic items. The locomotive bag is the first keyword in my mind.

As one of the most classic IT BAGs in the history of fashion, the locomotive bag was once a fashion enlightenment bag for many girls. The first big bag in my life is it!

The handsome and unique style has not been out of date. The newly launched new design retains classic rivets, tassel and other elements. It has changed a lot in the bag type, more concise and tough, showing a neat trapezoidal outline.


When the first time I saw the Balenciaga 2020 autumn and winter show, I had an intuition that it would be the next explosive bag booking.

This year also happened to be the twentieth anniversary of their car bag. The new NEO Classic locomotive bag I match this time is also designed by Demna, the design director of their home, and the fashion is dead!

Black sweaters and pants are Balenciaga


In fact, whether it is fashion or life, the rebellion spirit for freedom is pure and valuable. Why not be a comfortable girl, why not be a more rebellious?



I can be independent


Who says girls can’t wear men’s clothing?


You also know that I like to wear men’s clothing. Unisex’s design has been popular in the fashion circle for many years, so I chose a set of Gucci 2020 spring and summer series men’s clothing.

Suit suits, ties, horses, handbags, shoulder bags, and rings are gucci

Glasses, gold -like glasses chains, and black blonde clips are fendi


Snake pattern high -heeled shoes Clarks

Hairpin combination ZARA


In fact, just like the models on the Gucci show this season, whether it is male or female, the clothes on their bodies are common. In my opinion, clothing was originally no gender. Our girls can wear men’s clothing, and boys can also wear women’s clothing.

I especially like this suit color matching. The three colors are combined with a very typical Gucci conflict and fashionable feeling.

With a large chain sunglasses of FENDI?

Girls wearing men’s clothing will always be worried that the overall is too man, and at this time I will add some elements to balance. This time, I chose to match a row of retro and cute small hair clips, and the color also echoed with sunglasses.


Dress itself is also expressed by different elements and symbols. Therefore, I think “Wear Your Freedom” is the way to express themselves freely. And this kind of freedom also provides more possibilities for the mixing and collision of style.



I can be sexy

If you want to wear freedom, you have to be free underwear


In fact, when it comes to the freedom of dressing, our girls know that underwear is a more sensitive topic, so the last set of Xiao Zhou is wearing underwear.


The California Sky Series White Shirt and White Fisherman’s Hat are all fendi

Huayang Tiehua No Steel Circle Drain Victoria ’s Secret


Mademoiselley with a white shirt inside

Wrist coin purse Chanel

Metal inserted loose cake and casual shoes Dymonlatry

In fact, the clothes are always free. What is not free is people’s ideas. It is more or less exposed. Sexy or conservative is their own choice.

Isn’t it a very beautiful item? So this time I chose to wear a Victora ’s Secret lace corset. The design of Bralette is very suitable for underwear to wear, comfortable and not tight, fashionable and not tacky.

There are two white shirts stacked in the underwear. The shirt outside is the Californiasky series collaborated by FENDI and visual artist Joshua Vides. The printed design cartoon of Mark’s pen texture is also interesting.

Chanel’s wrist coin purse is another finishing touch of this body. The capacity of the card bag is very practical. It is used not to double the stylishness on the wrist or belt!


With the hottest riding pants in the past two years, the cool thick bottom sandals and the cute flower socks, the cool and vibrant comic feel is completed.

It is difficult for some people to understand how to wear underwear outside. Of course, it is not only “sexy” to represent courage and freedom. The true freedom of dressing is not to be exposed, but to be allowed. What I want to say is that we can be dignified and generous, and also have the right to sexy and fashionable.

I hope that Xiao Zhou’s fashionable classroom will not only give you some fashion inspiration, but also give you motivation and confidence, boldly become what you like!


Xiao Zhou’s good thing recommendation

The following is the recent link of Xiaowou’s love!


Balenciaga’s new locomotive bag Classic NEO, I like this white medium crocodile pressing pattern most in a few sizes. Proper.

If the matching look is too dull, add a small amount of fluorescent color embellishment, and it will make the shape look at it all at once. Loewe’s Smiley® Limited Time Bags and Paula’s Ibiza perfumes are all magic weapons that can light up all day.

Share another big bag I think this year -famous Chanel 19, no one knows, right? Compared to ordinary leather, this denim is light and lightweight, super recommended!


Finally, I recommend a skin care secret. Biotherm’s frozen -year -old little blue bottle essence is a little hero who can exude glorious heroes from the inside out even if I stay up late. Oh.

In fact, this time the Bazaar’s one -day blogger experience is quite novel. It feels completely different from the previously patted VLOG. Behind each set of wonderful blockbusters is the sweat of all friends.

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Knitting top, necklace, denim Maxi19 handbags are CHANEL 2020 spring and summer high -end jacket series

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New motorcycle bag NEO Classic Balenciaga


New motorcycle bag NEO Classic Balenciaga

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