Can collagen beverages be anti -aging? Nutrition experts remind: 5 key tips for supplementing collagen


Introduction to this issue: Wei Shiya Skin Care Promoting Collagen Drinks? Nutritionists question 5 major key to effective results?

Can collagen beverages be anti -aging? Nutrition experts remind: 5 key tips for supplementing collagen! Anti -aging | Is it fast after 30 years old? Older growth, skin relaxation and loss of elasticity, and wrinkles become more; many frozen age methods, such as claiming to replenish the losing collagen to fight aging;

Wei Shiya recently shared three collagen drinks on social platforms. What is collagen? Is it really effective to supplement collagen products? Nutritionists suggest that the daily life of collagen is also done, simple and cheap!

Wei Shiya shared three collagen drinks on social platforms. She said that after 30 years of age, women must supplement collagen to make the skin better and maintain smooth and elastic.

Wei Shiya recently shared her beautiful secrets on Xiaohongshu. It turned out that she usually had the habit of taking collagen supplement drinks.

Nutritionist: Collagen drinks have little effectiveness to supplement collagen?

Can the loss of collagen be replenished simply and slow down aging? Is the collagen replenishment beverage on the market really effective?

Nutritionists have different views. She pointed out that collagen is an important protein of the human body and an important element of skin and muscles. As for many collagen drinks in the workshop, she believes that the results are limited.

Nutritionists point out that there are many collagen supplements in the field that may not necessarily supplement collagen for skin and body.

What is collagen?

Stephanie pointed out that after digestion, food is decomposed and absorbed by body cells. After drinking collagen drinks, the digestive system is decomposed and combined with the body amino acids, even if it can provide raw amino acids that help synthesize collagen.


However, it will not be presented directly in the form of collagen, and it may not be obviously exerted to the “magic effect” it mentioned. Instead of relying on supplementary hyperplasia collagen, she suggests to increase collagen from daily life habits and balanced diets.


She pointed out that often lack of sleep or exposure for a long time will accelerate the loss of collagen. Therefore, you should first start with these daily habits and the two key vitamins of collagen. It’s not difficult to do.


[The cause of the loss of collagen personally, and the key to supplement collagen from daily diet]

• Collagen is an important protein for human tissues

• Existing in the skin, joints, gums and other parts

• Collagen is an important support for skin and muscles

Three causes of accelerated collagen loss


1. Insufficient rest, the body’s anti -oxidation function decreases.

2. Frequent contact with oxides, such as smoking, second -hand smoke, fried food, etc.

3. Often exposed to ultraviolet rays.

How to supplement collagen?

1. Foods containing glue, such as pork hands, chicken feet, cartilage, flower glue, etc., but pay attention to some glue -rich foods with high saturated fat.

[Food recommendations for collagen supplement]

Compared to the two key “auxiliary factor” Q10 and vitamin C of the two key “auxiliary factor” and vitamin C.


Foods containing Q10


deep sea fish:

Tuna fish, salmon, catfish



Beef, chicken, pork



Spinach, broccoli, avocado, sweet potato (sweet potato)

Vitamin C food

Three -color pepper, cauliflower, bitter gourd, tomato, kale, kale


What is collagen?