“Fiction” in the Wind Chapter 12 (Midea) Margaret Ritter; translated by Yin Hongbo


Chapter 12

P.335 was not afraid when Andrew left his horse. She told herself that Sima was back in a day or two, and there was nothing to worry about.

She rarely has so much time. She didn’t need to consider the needs of others, it was a few months ago. No matter how long the day is, or how tired she is, take care of this family, these crops and livestock, care for Snow and girls. Sima is a good helper, without her. But in the end, all responsibilities were Rina.

When the fetus grows, the abnormal warm weather and the continuous southern wind consume her energy. Sima said that Rina was pregnant because she was tall. He also said that because of the high fetal position, he must be a boy. Rina does not care about the height of the fetal position and just wants to give birth earlier. She wants to get rid of it and can do what she wants to do. Don’t always take care of its existence. It has violated her privacy, as if it is always reluctant to leave her life.

Now, this is the first time she has been in this small house for the first time, getting rid of Andrew’s irritable bullying, and she has time to think. She loves the novelty and quiet here. Since the tornado ruined Lochrawin, the cabin not only became a shelter, but also her home. She was tidy and suitable for living, and found a sense of pride. The kitchen is warm and pleasant, echoing the aroma of Christmas roasted food and the aroma of winter green.

P.336 Suddenly, the weight of the fetus and the dullness of the air made her sleep. The idea of ​​sleeping in the morning is irresistible. Now she goes to sleep and no one scolds her. She put down the scrubbing cloth, walked through the top aisle, and came to her bedroom. The last debate with Andrew made her exhausted, and she was lying on the bed.

Despite the warmth of the weather, she still felt a cold. She opened the bed cover on herself and made a cocoon for the fetus. At this time, she was lying there, changing back and forth, trying to find a comfortable position. The fetus has the habit of turning over. When everything seems to calm down, a small foot is always kicking, and a small hand is always grabbed. She felt like a demon, as if a terrible stranger took away her. She is no longer important, the fetus is the only important thing. Finally, as if it was an unexpected blessing, she entered a deep sleep.

It was a bit wrong when she woke up. She was shaking cold. She wrapped the sheet tighter, but the most disturbed by her was not cold, but silent. This is a kind of omnipotent, layered, like a heavy object hanging on her. It was stupid to lie there inexplicably. The pipeline was dim. I couldn’t figure out whether this was night or morning, and I didn’t know how long she had to sleep. She got up, wrapped in a robe, and walked to the window.

The sky is gloomy, and the clouds are made of ruptured white wax. Ice and snow are hit on the window glass, as sharp as a needle. From Sima’s bedroom, the sound of the Rockrawin clocks came out. She heard four or five times. She slept all day. It was only five o’clock, and some things in the terrible, lead -gray sky covered the light, making her uncomfortable. Just a few hours, the world changed from spring to winter.

P.337 she was angry with herself. She must feed chicken and squeeze milk. Compared with household chores, she does not prefer to do miscellaneous services. She shouted loudly, but did not respond. She walked through the corridor and went to the kitchen to find the dishes that were not washed. The fire in the furnace has long been destroyed. She can feel cold in her hands and feet. The temperature must decrease at least 30 degrees when she sleeps. (Note: Americans use the Hua’s thermometer daily, and it should also be reduced by 30 degrees. The conversion to Celsius has dropped by 16.67 degrees. -Translator.)

She squeezed milk and feed the chicken. Hurry back to the cabin and did not see Sima. The frozen rain of ice crunch on the ground, and the white, granular fog is shrouded in the ground. The sun disappeared without a trace, as if her world was always losing light. The last thing that she could see clearly before she entered the house was the first snow film. Xima should come back tonight, she said to herself, or it was not tonight, but tomorrow morning. Maybe Rose Dowen was more ill than he thought. She seemed to hear the carriage in the yard twice. But when she went back to see her face, she hit her face, like a bird’s mouth pecking on her face. The sky was colder, and the sky was like a dark mirror, and nothing could be shown.

This snow may stop in a while, but it may also be the next night. She went to firewood and hugged a few wooden woods on the corridor. Sports reduced her fear, and she was suddenly full of strength. She set up the order of the kitchen organized. She tightened the shutters, gave birth to the fire of the fireplace, and then gave birth to the stove. After a while, she burned a pot of water and squeezed a pot of tea. When the kitchen slowly warmed up, she decided not to get angry in the bedroom. She passed through the corridor to the bedroom to get a quilt and pillow, and she was going to sleep in the kitchen. If Sima and the girls come back late, they can only eat cold rice and sleep coldly.

She burned some soup, took a book from Miss Jian from the bookshelf, and leaned it on the lamp seat to eat. This is the first time since he was alone in the farm, and it was rare even at that time. She feels like she is running away. When she wants to eat, she can eat, and she sleeps when she wants to sleep. I want to study more late, and no one scolds her.

P.338 She had dinner, washed, and read the book for a while. Sit in a rocking chair for a while before going to bed. She tailored the lights and opened the shutter window out. Snow has become a big snow. A thick layer has accumulated on the ground, with a few inches. There are already snow in the corner of the steps. The wind she did not want to see was shaving violently, and it was a harsh north wind. She must face such facts, and Sima can’t return tonight, she will not leave the town in this weather. She will be alone in this long night. But she has a lot of things to do and will always be busy. Several children’s needle line lives. She wants to finish it. The shelf on the soapstone washing slot needs to be changed to the new paper, and the drawer of the clothing cabinet should be adjusted.

She must admit that Pu Lide is very happy to leave here. If he stays, she will expose her feelings, and Andrew’s suspicion of this child will be confirmed. Andrew himself may not need her, but he would kill any man who took her from him. On the side of the prairie, a priest once preached to their men and wives. In God’s law, she is his. Until death, this is the end of marriage.

But this is not the end of her feelings. She loves Lyd, she longs for him. When he was in front of her, her heart and her hand wanted him. She was eager to touch him and let his arm hug her. When they were together, her eyes turned around him, as if he was the real north. When they were together, she found that he kept looking at her. She belongs to Pride, not because of any law of God or man, but because she agrees that she is him.

She believes that Andrew does not understand her feelings for Pride. He is a jealous person, born suspicious. And he was too concentrated on Niu Qun, and he was too drunk to prove his advantage to Preud, so that he couldn’t really care about her feelings. The situation was very bad, and even if they were calm, Andrew was with her all day long. She knew that he would not change his feelings for her. He didn’t need her, he once said that. If it weren’t for Pride but anyone else, Andrew might let her go, and he would persuade her more than once. But because she loves Pride, Andrew will definitely treat him as a man she can’t get.

P.339 wind rang under the threshold, giggling sounds in the cracks between wood. Looking out again, she saw the snow piled up very quickly, but she didn’t feel the disaster. On the contrary, she seemed unable to understand the cheerfulness. Even after she did all her job, she was still awake and full of strength. She should go in more firewood and be careful when walking. It is not easy to go to firewood at this moment. The wind blew her, tearing her skirt. This snow does not stop soon.

She was surprised to find that the work spent her so much strength. She sat in Xima’s rocking chair and drank a cup of tea. The fetus moved in her belly and suddenly became very positive. Her hard work stirred it. Its little hand opened his fingers, fiddled, and stabbed. It seems to be looking for a possible exit from its confinement.

Rina was lying in front of the stove, watching the swaying flame, and the burning firewood turned ashes. She hugged the fetus tightly and pulled up. As if she was a child holding a child, and this cabin was a huge uterus. When the snow stopped in the morning, maybe she should go to the town and stay together with Dort and Amorita. There is an old carriage, Tafir has been repaired, and she can put on Pit Camma. This may be clever. She once told Dok’s wrong period. Children may soon be born, and it has changed its position. She can be sure she can’t imagine what she would like. Although there was nothing uncomfortable, she knew she was changing, as if her child was waiting for the next step. She concealed this fact that she could not even predict the correct date of the child’s birth. She is no longer sure of her last accurate date of menstruation. Because she often lies, the real date is forgotten.

P.340 she woke up and slept. She woke up very quietly, and even the wind was dumb. This is always the case before dawn. She tailored the fire of the fireplace and made breakfast. She barely looked out. At this time, her determination was gone, and she returned to the closs window to see that the snow was still down, like rain continuously, and the wind blowing snow to the low mountain and valley. There is nothing except snow on the earth. The snow is old on the side of the house, and the chicken room can only see a outline fuzzy. She couldn’t go out at this time. The animals must take care of themselves until Sima returned from the town.

Rina stood on the chair and wanted to see the situation in the yard. She can only see so far, everything is covered in white. She became a snow prisoner. There was cream in the milk squeezed yesterday, but she ate oatmeal and salt and butter. This is how her father is used to eating. This makes her feel closer to home. She feels like a child and needs her mother to tell her what to do.

She suddenly felt angry because Andrew was not here. Here is his responsibility, even if he doesn’t love her, he should think about the child. Maybe this is unfair. He didn’t know that there would be this snowy snow. She also knew that his love for Niu Qun surpassed her and children. Now that he did not expect that there would be a storm, how could he think that she would be alone?

Nearly at dusk, she began to have signs that could not be ignored. When the last trace of the dark sky disappears, she has to accept this unimaginable fact. Sima couldn’t come back, and the girls couldn’t come back. Andrew is no longer back. She stayed alone on the ocean of this roaring snow. Now she is going to have children and has to take care of herself.

She heard herself crying. There is no pain, there is only one kind of pain that is difficult to afford. Start, stop, start again -a rhythm that is always tight. Pain, at this time she was entering the pain of childbirth.

P.341 She must keep calm. Absolutely calm. What are the benefits of her panic now? One hour later, she felt that the amplifier flowed out, and suddenly frightened. Of course, she was not as scared as she had a disgraceful stupid thing. When she wiped it clean, she saw a mucus, which was another signal that was about to give birth.

Suddenly she turned all anger to the child, and the little thing came out soon, even if she was not prepared or reluctant. She couldn’t stop it. It was her time now, but soon she had to lie on the bed. And as long as possible, she will stand up and walk around, and be her hostess. She is eager for Sima, desires her mother, and even desires Amurita. She wholeheartedly hopes that he has more experience in this kind of thing and knows what he requires.

When she has a little control, she must think about what to do, and she has no choice after a while. In the gap between the rhythmic rhythm of the fetus, she had an idea. If she can survive today, the child is also safe, and she should gather what she needs now. She put a drawer of the cooker early. She put the dry towel in the mattress and used a knitted soft blanket as a bed. This is a good baby bed. She sewed a flange belt, and the water was rolling on the iron rack next to the furnace. She had to have a clean and sharp knife and some lines. She listened to her mother about these things. Before the night arrived, she had enough bedding. She should take a small bed for delivery in front of the fire.

With her wishes, she walked around after another, and how long can she go. She is still a rational person, not an animal. However, any animal may be smarter, believe it in its instinct, and understand that it will pass. She felt that muscles were shrinking, and the channels were wider, which gave this new life a way. She is not the first woman to encounter this situation, nor the last. Other women also have children alone. Since others can do it, she can do it. She cannot be defeated by her fear and ignorance. She can’t shrink, or weep in the corner

P.342 was fell asleep during a period of relaxation that she got by chance. A very shallow sleep, similar to half awake and half asleep. She dreamed of summer, not here, but her mother. In her dream, she is her own audience, just like before. Seeing yourself running on the field. The weather is warm and cool, and go to the river to play water. I heard that I was laughing, thinking that if my mother was around, she would definitely not let off her stockings. The water was so cold, and my feet felt frozen. You must put on socks again, but you can’t find it. A animal hovered in the bushes. She was afraid to stay here. I can no longer go home, never warm, and can only be trapped in this cold river forever.

She woke up and found that it was really cold enough. The furnace fire was destroyed. The wind was irrigated into the chimney, and the ash kept blowing to the ground by the fireplace. The house squeaked, as if the wood was shifted. The blizzard outside adds new power. The rain hipped snow continuously on the house, like a wave of waves. She began to slowly and work hard again. Everything is becoming more difficult now, and every action must be more effort. Her difficulties have arrived. Every time you try to shrink, you must rest. This is uncomfortable and difficult to bear. She lay down and prepared itself. Every time I use energy, I lie there in a panting. She worked hard to give birth to the child and squeeze it out. She heard a sound, a low moan, like a beast’s voice. She looked around, maybe who was in the house.

With a huge and comprehensive pain, she seemed to be torn. She felt her head and shoulders hazy, and most of them came out. Except for her moaning and breathing during childbirth, no other sound was heard. Then there was a whine cry. When the new lung sucked into the outside air, the first sound of crying was made.

An overwhelming idea is that she must separate the two of them. The knife is ready to put her side and be wired. The situation is forced, and she does what she must do. And do it very seriously and do well. She was afraid that she might be a timid, and she might panic and did something that was ashamed. Now the worst has passed, she was born. She was rejoicing, and her spirit was as high as the fire.

P.343 Previously, she was anxiously waiting for the birth of the child. She only considers herself, how should she get rid of the burden. Everything has changed now. From the moment the child was born, her heart was all on the child. She reached out and hugged the child. Never be so happy in life. She succeeded! She succeeded alone. She gave birth to a son.

She wiped him gently with oil, counting his fingers and toes. She wrapped him with a cricket, hugged in front of her, and found that he was very beautiful. She was surprised that she had a very strong love for him. She was so attentive that she couldn’t care about cleaning and care. She reached out from the bed and picked up a few pieces of firewood into the fire. She must keep the room warm for him. She was lying joyfully, waiting for the first ray of the day of the day.

She did not expect the next continuous spasm. This kind of pain is more painful than she has experienced before. She has never experienced such pain before. She felt her stomach was swollen. The pain tears her, to tear her completely; it can’t let her be alone. It is her companion, like life or death. She finally heard the baby’s cry. She didn’t know if she should feed him, and she couldn’t do anything when this extreme pain was dominated by her.

The spasm began again, and then for a while. Her inside pressure is unbearable. She insisted, panting, and jumped madly. She hated her beast -like shout. When she couldn’t help it, this shout began again. Pain has always existed.

She felt bleeding. This scene stunned her. It’s cold, as cold as dead, and now she can’t add fire. She couldn’t do anything. She thought she had been separated from all the dangers, but at this moment she screamed because of fear and unbearable pain. “Help, oh life -saving!” I heard myself screaming over and over again, but I couldn’t hear the answer.

P.344 Preud didn’t know how long he had gone. Xueqi in many places is deep. The wind blew for a while, making him unable to get angry. Rina appeared in front of him again, laughing at him and teased him. The hallucination made him more scared than his eyes pain or his numbness of his left leg. He knew that if the snow kept the snow, he had very little chance to reach the wooden house. After the gray cloud horse broke his leg, he had to shoot him. He knew that there were few opportunities. He really moved in the right direction all night, but he couldn’t help it. His hands almost lost their consciousness. The resistance of snow, its absolutely difficult weight is very awesome. He had lost his balance and stumbled forward. In addition to the small wool blanket on the saddle, he has thrown everything. He used a small blanket as a towel, and he ate a few hours after some beef. Xue once stopped for a while, and looked back at ate. He walked back a long semi -circular circle and returned. He was wandering. He knew he was getting lost. When he thought of Rina alone sitting alone in the cabin, he forced himself to go down. Step by step, we worked hard to pass through this terrible, difficult white field.

When he was stumbled in the pier buried in the snow, he almost reached the limit of strength. He knew this pier, which was a shed built by Johns Dedd at the time of the oil spring. Now he has known his position accurately. He dug a road in the snow, cleaned out a small piece of place, lay in for an hour or two to avoid the wind, hit a cricket, and accumulated power. This is a mark. Rina once bended to let Johns Dade touch her flame -like red hair, Brishhold still remembers. When Rina is fine, he will see her, he knows that there is no problem. At this time he was afraid that he would be frozen to death if he continued to stay. He stood up and went forward, and walked along the left side of the devil rock. Passing through a piece of forest, he chopped wood here for flute. Snow wanted to make Rina a loss here, and was later bitten by a snake. On a long slope, walking towards the cabin step by step. Snow is terrible. He did not use his body to drive one or two codes, step on the snow, and then open it wider. When he finally saw the cabin, he cried exhaustedly.

P.345 Blizzard Snow has changed the cabin. Snow piles around it, and it is buried in uneven snow. Only the top of the window can be visible. There are no cigarettes in the chimney. The cabin looks like the abandoned places in the Arctic. The more he approached, the more scared. He tried his best and finally came to the door. He heard a scream, and his blood stopped flowing. Then it was terrible, abnormal silence. He split the snow on both sides with his hands and feet, and then hit the door.

“Rina.” He walked towards her. “I am Pride. I’m here.” She groaned gently, as if the voice made her comfortable. A baby was lying in the box next to him, wrapped in his body. The fireplace was destroyed, and the room was cold.

“Rina,” he approached her. “I am Pride, I’m back.” She couldn’t hear him speak. Her eyes were closed. The face is as pale as the frost on the window glass.

Move your hands and stitches your feet to restore them to consciousness. Give the furnace fire and boil a pot of water. Kneeling beside her again and talking to her. He couldn’t be sure if she knew he was here. The baby began to cry again, and Rina’s eyes trembled, but there was no focus. She moaned weakly again. He never felt so helpless. He didn’t know what to do for her. She gave birth to a baby herself and seemed good. It may be hungry, or it is abnormal. Suddenly she had a pain and called out -a weak, failure shout. It seems that there is something wrong with it.

“You will be fine,” he told her full of confidence that he was not sure. “I’m here. I will take care of you.” Then he pulled the quilt. “Oh, my god,” he heard himself gruning.

Her state was even worse than he was worried. The placenta should have come out, but did not come out. He saw her enduring, as if simulating her delivery. If the placenta is not discharged, the delivery will never be finished. And she may die. He had to force her out of the placenta. He coaxed her to scare her and begged her to do the last hard work. He shouted and prayed.

P.346 She heard him speak now. Her eyes opened, watching him extremely painfully and enthusiastically. Her breath made a sound between her bite teeth. The two cooperated with each other. He held her lower abdomen with his hands, and they shook and struggled. With the last scream, everything passed. She was exhausted, and he was afraid because he almost lost her.

He tried to make her comfortable. He brought tea made of the rhizome of a plant to her trembling lips, and then stamped her gently. Now he can’t do anything except waiting and praying. When she fell asleep, he cooked some milk and put some sugar. Roll up a small piece of flange in the milk and suck it as a nipple to the hungry baby. He ate the remaining stew. He opened the road and rushed into the wind and hugged a few firewood. Then sit down and watch Lina. Rub his frostbite feet. Listening to the outside of the wind was roaring, until they entered a state of restlessness, half asleep and half -waking.

When he woke up, the sun was already on the glass. Rina sleeps deeply and peacefully. The burning has been retired. When he touched her forehead, she moved and fell asleep again. Outside, the wind was shining on the surface of the snow, or rolled it into a small whirlwind like a crystal. His iron cricket cleared up a workplace in the yard, removed the thick snow on the firewood, and opened the way to the house, chicken room, animal feeding and poultry. There are 4 or 5 feet deep in many places. He knew that no one could come in many days. They are prisoners in this brilliant and cold world. Although he was worried about Rina, he still felt a deep, sneaky happiness. No one can enter this private world. In a short time, they will have this world together.

P.347 she slept until the afternoon. When she woke up, there was a warm fire in the room, and the entire room was full of sunlight. You can smell the fragrance of corn bread and the fragrance of stewed meat in the large iron pot. Preud is beating his child by the fire, and the baby is sleeping on his small bed.

“Priid.” She whispered. As if I wanted to confirm, see if he is really here or a dream. She stretched out his hand and clenched his hand as much as possible. She was very weak, and the fire blushed her pale face. “Is it really you?” She said with a smile, “I thought it was dreaming.”

“I’m back.” He said in Chicaso.

“My child.” She suddenly raised her elbow. “Where is my child?”

“In the box, I fell asleep.”

“How about he?”

“Yes, he is good, he is a healthy son.”

“I have a son.” She lay down again and closed her eyes. He saw her shaking under the quilt, and he pulled the quilt to cover her shoulder.

“What do you feel?” He said.

“Very good, I’m okay now. I just remember the child’s birth, and nothing else. Except for pain.” She slowly opened her eyes and looked at Pride, as if she had seen Pu Lai for the first time Virtue. “How did you come back?”

“I left -Niu Qun.” He knew that he couldn’t tell her the crazyness of Andrew or they had bankruptcy.

“When you come, the sky is full of snow. How did you come back?”

“Brishore sympathized with me,” he said with a smile.

“You have saved me before. This time you risky your son to save my son.” He laughed again and had no sadness. She looked at him like looking at the footprint in the snow. She always knows his thoughts. But thought she thought of her child before. Now she always thinks of children first.

“I didn’t take any danger,” he said briefly. “you are my life.”

Tears shined in her eyes. “I’m sorry for the cruel words you said on Christmas.”

P.348 “Those who have passed for us,” he said. “What is important is your safety, what is important is that we are together. The important thing is now, today.” He stood up. “Are you hungry? I gave you some meat.”

“You are clamoring.” She said, “Your legs are injured.”

“A little frostbite. It will be fine soon.”

“The weather is too terrible. It is ice and snow outside, and it is still shaking. I think of you. Andrew, Tafe, and others?

He turned his face. “Let’s talk about these later.”

She worked hard to sit up from the bed. “I can face it, Priid. It’s bad news, right?”

He looked at her and saw her face changing. “It’s worse than you think.”

“Three days have passed,” she said calmly. “Nothing is worse than I think. Now I want to listen.”

When he told her, she didn’t sound, and she was widely opened because of her shock. Then pouting his mouth, his expression was grim.

“Of course,” she finally said straightforwardly, “I should have thought about it. He was angry with the whole world, and he wanted it to destroy it all. You, I, Rockrawin, the ranch -even himself. Is the rest? “She cried softly. “So there is nothing left in a large group of cows?”

He shook his head. “Maybe three or forty heads are left. They have left the cliff. There is no place there to avoid the wind there. I suspect that they can survive like this. Eat stew, you need it.”

When she fed the baby, she fell asleep again. After a while, they sat next to the fire for dinner. The wind finally weakened, and they could hear the sound of the house under the pressure of ice and snow. They were alone, and he never felt so peaceful and serene.

“We were trapped by the snow,” he told her. “We can’t go out, they can’t get in. Are you afraid?”

“No,” she shook her head happily. “How much time before they come back?”

“One or two days, if we are lucky, there may be three days.”

P.349 There is no restraint between them. They can say any words and any secrets. But despite this, they only talk about some ordinary things. It seems that there is still a lifetime in front of them. They have everything to get happiness. They are a man with a woman alone and their children. Their greatest happiness is to live an ordinary life. As if they knew how precious it was for them.

They are so intimate that Priid feels like they are alone. He has never been so happy. But sometimes he feels that he is not here at all. He is watching themselves outside, an observer that cannot last, an unlimited and precious world. He saw that they were so fragile and vulnerable to harm with sad and intelligent eyes. He clearly saw that Andrew was about to enter the door soon. Then Rina has to do a play, and he is the same.

Rina only knows she loves Erde, and he loves her, and they are together. At this moment, they have this extraordinary child.

“What are you doing?” She asked.

“I am watching who my child looks like.”

“He is like himself,” she said with precautions.

“He has your red hair, and I think his eyes will become as brown like you.”

“Maybe. All babies started at the beginning.”

“He will take Andrew’s last name.”

“Also mine, Rowell Macraon.” Her tone was like a judge.

“He is not like Andrew.”

“Do not.”

“Will Andrew love you?”

“I hope so.”

“Children should have a father who loves him. Dad wants to give him, let him know what is the most important to him.” Preid stopped, his eyes turned from the child to Rina. “Andrew is too impatient. He has no time to accompany him. His son needs his father to teach him about the clan. For example, at the campfire meeting, they should sit in what order. Dad teaches him to sing and dance. “

P.350 “Mom can teach him those things. In addition, he has to go to school to study.”

“You can’t learn these things in a white school. Father Sol can teach him to read, write, and do arithmetic. In addition, he needs another type of dad.”

“I will see him learn those things. When he is older, I want him to go to the east. That’s a big country. This country is just a small part of it.”

“Do you really want to send him away?”

“When the opportunity was mature.”

“But there are a lot of learning now, he is still very young.” He picked up the child, grasped him, and shook gently. As if the long pine branches were shaking in the wind. “Do Andrew know how to take care of him? When he is sick, will Andrew give him corn porridge? Will he go to a doctor who knows how to treat the disease at night?”

She felt tears. Preud is proved his position and his pleasure is based on love. “I will guarantee his safety,” she said. “I vowed to defend his safety.”

“I know. You have a lot of courage. You are Tashka, a warrior. I will always know this. They are coming back soon,” he said. Holding the child and watching the melted snow droplets dripped from the eaves.


“I think it’s tomorrow.” He looked at her. “Are you scared?” He asked her repeatedly.

“No,” she said, but he knew she was lying.

“I’m scared. Do you tell you why?” She nodded. “When they come back, we will be separated. We will lose its customs and forget its own language like a nation. If we meet again, we will become or even recognize each other. Seeing it like a stranger. “

“I always know you, forever. You can recognize me too.”

“What about children? If we meet again, do he know me?”

She shifted her eyes. What he said was true, and she couldn’t argue with him.

P. P. 351 “They will come back tomorrow,” he said, looking at her intently. “Did you listen to me, Rina? After tomorrow, there is no way back to go.” He knew, no matter what he said, she was the only woman he always loved. Since seeing her standing in the lobby of Lockravin for the first time, he knew this. She has changed her heart, and he must believe this fact.

The next day, Andrew and Tafi returned from the southeast. When Andrew opened the door to see Preud standing next to the fireplace, his face had a weird expression.

“Hey,” he said, “You arrived safely.”

“Yes.” He replied.

Andrew laughed reluctantly. “I thought it would not be able to find you in spring.” He turned to Rina. Then he found the baby lying in the drawer and waved a small arm. He was stunned. “So early?” He grunted.

“When they should come, they are here.” Pronett said.

“You have a son,” Rina said calmly to Andrew. “A beautiful and healthy son. His name is Rowell.”

Andrew walked to the cradle and stared down at the baby down, as if he didn’t believe it was true. His eyes narrowed with shiny snow, and he kept watching Rina and Preud. His raincoat was broken and smoked into black. His beard and hair were soaked in snow, and the snow dripped from him to the floor, and the water was dirty. He still said in the unrealistic and arrogant tone, “I want to call him Andrew.”

At this time Rina stood up. “I tell you, I have given him the name Rowell.” Her eyes looked at him motionlessly. “You are not here when he is born. I have the right to name him. That’s it.” She picked up the child through the corridor and walked into the bedroom and closed the door.

Tagi said, “What do you do now? Andrew? I didn’t even see this little guy.”

“Well,” Andrew said loudly, “You can have a small celebration. What do you say, Ta Fei?”

P.352 Tag Fei looked at Andrew uneasily, and he was standing next to the fireplace. “Oh, I don’t know, Andrew.”

“Of course you know.” He found a bottle of whiskey under the dry cleaning slot and stared at it. Then when these two men faces, drank a big sip. “If you are happy, you must celebrate it.” He handed the bottle to Tafei, and he looked at it unhappy. “The birth of the son and the heir is not every day.” Andrew looked at Purde. “Right, little brother?”

“Yes, many things need to be celebrated,” Pronett said awkwardly.

“Indeed, for example, you are safe and sound here. Old Chicasso. Pathfinder. We are all here and reunited again. In a crowded small wooden house. This requires celebration, isn’t it?”

“There are also cattle,” Preud said in a low, ominous voice. “Let’s don’t forget the Niu Qun. Don’t you go back to find those Daxas good cows?”

Andrew turned around, “There are still some,” he said inadvertently.

“I want to bet. How much, Tayphi?”

The grazing leader moved his feet. “Maybe a hundred heads -most of them are lying under the three feet deep snow like wooden boards.”

Andrew turned angrily. “I will find more cows in time.”

“Yes. However, they are frozen.” Thafi said.

“Of course we can’t get off to save the lady. However, she looks good, as for you-“

“You don’t know anything, do you understand?” Preud yelled angrily. “When I got here, she was almost dead. She had been struggling for three hours, and the child was very dangerous -you know how serious it is, adults! If she died like that, you killed her.”

“What do you say?”

“Then you are satisfied, isn’t it?”

“Guys,” Thafi said, “Let’s drink it.”

P.353 Andrew took a step closer to Preud. “Do you remember what I said to you? On the edge of the cliff?”

“Yes. I remember, but-“

“Okay, this is right. When do you want to leave, you can leave. I don’t want to see you in this house.”

“Well, I’m leaving here.” Priid said. “However, I want to take Rina with me.”

After a while of nervous silence. Andrew’s face was stunned. A firewood was suddenly broken into two sections, fell into the gray, and burned into charcoal. Looking at the two of them, Ta Fei carefully put the bottle on the table.

“You can’t take her away anyway!”

“You can’t give her anything, you can never do it. You care about your cow even more than Rina.”

“He is my wife, she wants to stay at home with me.”

Purad said calmly but firmly, “She never loves you. She hates your annoying, selfish heart! She loves me, I will take her away.”

Preud’s words stabbed Andrew. Since seeing them together for the first time, he has become jealous of Rina. Now he knows the reason exactly. He returned to him with the sharp weapons he had mastered. “Rina doesn’t love you, guy, she loves Rockravin. She will never follow you.”

“You are lying.”

Among the anger, Andrew might show a faint and contempt. “If you want to take her away, unless you kill me first, the little brother. But you can’t do it.” The smile expanded, but his eyes were as hard as jade. “Because you don’t have this courage. You don’t even dare to kill your father! You will definitely not kill me.”

At this time, there was no trailer, he rushed over and slapped Preud. Preud blocked the second blow, and then tried strongly on Andrew’s face. At this time, Ta Fei inserted between the two of them and said, “Okay, two! Enough.”

“Okay.” Andrew stroked his nose, it bleed and stained on the beard. His eyes were shining. “He wants to fight.”

P.354 “If you want to fight,” Tafi said to them, “Please go outside. Do you want Rina to participate?”

“Well,” Andrew said, “Let’s go.” The brothers stared at each other. “What to bet?”

“Rina,” Purad said without hesitation.

“Rina.” Andrew nodded agreed. “We gamble who goes and stays, is determined by the winner.”

“what ever.”

They came to the open space where Preud shoveled, Andrew took off his shirt and threw it on the firewood pile.

“This is good,” Thafi said. “Not allowed to play below, you are not allowed to kick. You are not allowed to pinch your necks. Everything else can be.”

“No today,” Andrew said. The water vapor spit out from his mouth was blown away by the wind. “If you fight the same Indians, you have to use his weapon.” He stretched out his knife from his boots, raised it, and looked at Pride.

“Oh, no,” Tafi protested, “not allowed to use a knife.”

“Feng to the end,” Andrew laughed.

“If he is willing, follow him.”

Tagi said, “Give me your gun, Andrew.”

The tall man turned his face angrily. “Why is it for Christmas cake?”

“Because I don’t want to look at your face,” Thafi said straightforwardly. “Give me your gun.”

Andrew glanced at him, then shrugged, unbuttoning his gun and handed it over. At this time he threw the knife to the center of the venue. Stabbing Bo Bing, trembling slightly there.

They began to walk around the knife slowly and cautiously, and the round head of the handle sparkled under the cold sunlight. Their arms stretched long and low. Everyone wants to get the knife to gain the advantage of overwhelming each other.

The clumsy of Preud’s movement, Tafi saw that he was clamoring. He was about to say something, and then Preid just slipped on the ice. Want to be as fast as Falcon, Andrew rushed to the knife. He pulled up the knife from the ice and then began to travel again. He gently threw the knife from one hand to the other, waiting for the opportunity.

P.355 Thafi watched how to stop this fight while worrying. He doesn’t like Andrew’s eyes. He couldn’t be completely sure if he was completely satisfied if he stabbed Pride because he was clamoring and his face was rigid. At this time Andrew stabbed the past. Purad hid gently and sideways. But Thafi saw a line of red blood under the cut trace of the Preud shirt.

Even if Preud has pain, he will not show it. The knife also began to spine, shining, stabbing Plaid’s forearm. At this time, both of them were panting, and they were hot. Tatfield was puzzled, maybe Andrew was right, Preud lacks the guts of killing. He is too soft, too compassionate, so that he cannot fight Andrew. Andrew likes violence, anger and its pain.

Pride slipped again. Andrew jumped to him and stabbed it hard. He also slipped and did not stab. Preud rolled at his feet and wiped off the snow in his eyes violently. His forearm blood flows a lot.

“Okay,” Tagi shouted. “Enough. You have stabbed him, now, it can be ended.”

Andrew didn’t pay attention. He continued to pursue Puraide after a circle, at which time he raised his sword higher and moved forward. Preud’s face was distorted by pain and nervousness. Tagi took a few steps forward and wanted to end the fight. Andrew stabbed it for a long time, Preud turned to escape, and quickly kicked off the knife in Andrew’s hand. It flew into the air high, shining, falling in the snow outside the ground. Andrew screamed to him again, and the two began to boxing continuously. Tatfield breathed a sigh of relief and grunted a few steps back. Andrew may stun Prove, but at least there will be no more danger of death.

After a long time -amazing and long -for a while, they have been fighting each other with boxing. Patched his punch continuously, and stepped on this place into a swamp of snow and mud. Suddenly Preud fell down a knee. Andrew came again. At this time, his hands and knees fell down and leaned down.

“Can’t kick, don’t forget!” Ta Fei warned loudly.

Andrew carefully inspected. One of his eyes was injured and his nose was bleeding, but he sneered unyieldingly. “Do not hide from him, Ta Fei,” he gasped. “How can you have this idea? Get up,” he said to Purde angrily, looking at him, holding his big fist. “Don’t you want to take Rina away? Need a man. She needs a man -not a runny nose, loveless boy. Come up, get up,” he laughed at Preid. Preud was full of blood and stubbornly looking at him. He looked exhausted. “You can’t, right? Because you are a yellow race. Like every living Indian. Yellow people have no guts.”

Preud’s movement was very fast, which was frightened. He stood up and hit Andrew’s abdomen with his shoulders. The tall man lost his focus and fell straight to the ground. Pride jumped away before he was able to catch him. When Andrew stood up, Preud fiercely hit with fists. Andrew hit him with two punch, which was very heavy, but there was no use in these two punch. Pride hit his throat, his face, and gave it again. Andrew’s entire head and shoulders were crackled. He shouldn’t say that, this is Tayphi’s view. At this time, Preud hit Andrew and couldn’t stand his waist, almost half a half, and he overturned him on the snow with a fierce blow. Preud rushed angrily, rode on him, and continued to hit his bloody, deformed face.

At this time, Ta Fei rushed over, grabbed Preud’s neck, pulled him up, and shouted, “Don’t fight! Enough, Priid, have you heard it? Enough, did you want to kill him? ? “Purad looked at Tayphi numbly, he didn’t know where he was. Ta Fei said softly, “You almost killed him a while.”

“I want to kill him.”

“They will hang you, you won’t get Rina.” Priid sat up, washing his face with blood, and a long wound on the front forehead. At this time, he saw Andrew’s body still lying in the mud.

“Is that deep?”

“No, I have to go,” Pronett said. “You know, I can’t stay here anymore. I’m leaving, I’m going to take Rina.” He stood up and walked towards the house.

P.357 Rina is resting on the bed. This bed is shared with Andrew. The baby was sleeping beside her. Pour on his arms pour some whiskey and bandage. He tried to clean himself. But his cheeks were broken, and his eyes were almost closed. Rina heard the quarrel in the kitchen and the sound of outside melee. She looked at him sadly, with tears in her eyes, waiting for him to speak.

He knelt beside her and pulled her hand. “I’m leaving now, I want you to let you go with me.”

She stroked his swollen, broken, her loved face, and then shook her head.

“No,” she said.

“Rina, you love me. I know this.”


“Then let’s go.”

“I can’t go with you.” She knew that morning and evening at this moment would come. She thought she had enough courage to say what she had to say. But she felt as if she was being tried and judged that she had lived lonely.

“Why not?” Preud begged. “tell me why.”

“Andrew is my husband.”

“I have told Andrew you to love me. He doesn’t need you. He has given up. In a fair duel, I won you.”

She groaned extremely painful. “What about me?” She said loudly, “Doesn’t he care about my wish? I have promised Miss Jian to unite Rockrawin. I have made a promise.”

Purad suddenly felt cold. “Andrew said that Rockravin is more important to you than me.”

“He is wrong. But this is your land, your place.”

“I can’t stay here.”

“You once said that you love this land more than you love you.”

“I love you more than land and life.”

“I can’t go with you. Priid. I can’t make the Lowl family ashamed because of me. Whether it is now or forever. Andrew is my husband, and the law tie me with him.”

“Now Andrew knows that you love me. If you stay, what will your life be? He will let you pay. You know what he will do. When he leaves you left to death, he has lost I have the right to you. Let me go with me, we are the same. “

“I have to stay.”

“If I stay, I will kill Andrew.” He said calmly. “I’m very close. It’s too close.” He was shaking. “I have to go. I can’t stand watching the two of you together.”

“What about your property inheritance?”

“We will apply for allocation. It will be solved between us. Now and forever.”

“Where are you going?” She asked quietly.

“Go to Masco, Akinxi. The Dharma committee is there, they are responsible for dividing the land of our tribe. I will use it there. Many people don’t know how to apply for what they deserve. They need help.”

“When will you come back?”

“Never come back!” His answer was as decisive as her. “

“What are you doing at that time?”

“Learn the law.”

“Law? Why do you learn the law? You are a herdsman.”

“I have to learn the law.” His eyes flashed with warm light. “The law says we must divide our land. The law says you belong to him. What role does the law, the law must be answered.”

“Where will you go then?”

“I don’t know.” He held her hand tightly. “No matter where I am, I will wait for you.”

“I won’t go.”

Her sentence is decisive, like the bell of the church. Some of the very important things in her life are over. She felt like she was torn, and the wound opened her bleeding.

“This can’t stop me waiting for you.”

The two of them were silent for a while, which was a kind of torture. “Okay, nothing to say.” She finally said.

“Yes, nothing to say.”

She wondered what the injuries on the epidermis were, looking at his broken face, bandage of blood on the arms, thinking of her childbirth; these are just the real painful shadow we feel.

“I’m leaving now. Uno Ihullo Ishno. I love you.”

He released her hand and should leave. But he still didn’t believe she would let him go alone. This is a mistake, never right, it is a negation of life. He couldn’t say a word. Even the two of them could not say goodbye.

In the kitchen, Priid saw Tatfield fixed Andrew’s nose with a small wooden tablet. Andrew fell in his chair, and his eyes were completely closed. His face was deformed, and the large area of ​​meat changed color. Blood invading his beards and shirts. He had to look at people with that, and held the handrail of the chair tightly with both hands.

“Come and see my joke?” He murmured.

“Do not.”

“When will the two of you go?”

“Rina doesn’t go.”

“Why not go?” Andrew looked at him suspiciously.

“She said she was your wife. She wanted to be loyal to you and your son.”

“Is this what she said?” Priid saw that he was confused and tried to solve the strangeness inside.

Purad said with a laughed and said to him, “It seems that you will win in the end. I am leaving, Andrew. I won’t come back. I will have the place on the west. Land. “

Andrew still had bias to him. “If you change the hexagrams, what should I do if I want to go home again?”

“I won’t come back, you remember me.”

Andrew shifted his eyes and nodded. “So be it.”

“That’s it. Goodbye, Tafei.”

“No.” The grazing leader looked at him with pleading eyes, his eyes flashed with tears. “Now we can only say goodbye. God bless you, guy.”

Preud saw Andrew again at him with hostility and held the handrail of the chair tightly. At this time he turned into the snow.