Selling Meng Girl Series | Furdy hat, earmuffs, shoes, bags and other good things sharing


Today, here is a wave of beloved furry little cute. Well in winter, it is impossible to resist the furry stuff. You will feel good when you wear it ~

Starting the dog:

Handle furry hairy hat

Price: 138 yuan

I buy a furry hat every year to change the color to satisfy the girl’s heart. No way, who makes Mao Mao’s hat really feel cute! And not only warm and high -end, but also more smaller face than other hats ~ Because the rich fluffy and fullness of hair will make the face ratio smaller!

I saw a large circle of wool hairs like a snow -capped mountain flying fox. To be honest, unless it is particularly cold or ice and snow, wearing it is really a bit overwhelming every day … This is very recommended!

It can be controlled daily, and it is also suitable for outdoor and extremely cold days. A circle of fluffy caps, just around the hair around the hair to modify the face shape, but it will not look like a bloated lady … it is the girl style we want! Mao Mao’s material is a combination of otter rabbit hair and fox hair. There is a fox hair around the hat Yanbian, and rabbit hair on the top of the hat.

It is the effect to wear it. Put your hair with your hair, cute and generous ~


There are many colors in his family who can’t choose, but the most recommended is white and beige. This white is the kind of snowflake. The beige is also the kind of smoke, and it has a high sense to wear ~


Big hairball hat


Price: 65 yuan


There is also the big hairball hat of sauce, the most daily one. A large plump hair ball, cute and burst ~ usually ski, wearing down jackets or coats, it is still very matched. Mao Mao is great. It is a big fox hair. Looking at the picture is very exaggerated. I thought there would be a gap. I saw that the comments found that it was really big! Intersection

The knitted part is also very good. The material is a blend of rabbit hair, not simply wool, so it is lighter and soft. Add a large hair ball, feel that a common wool hat feels like wearing a fur hat ~ the color is also like this pink and tender, so cute! Smoke gray, honey pink and Tibetan green, the most recommended!

Otter rabbit wool ear hood

Price: 39.9 yuan


There is also our favorite big otter rabbit wool earmuffs. It does not need to grow very special. It is enough to rely on this big hair. Mao hair is a otter rabbit hair, which is very thick and dense hairy, super delicate. Better than ordinary hair. It is very generous to wear ~ The part of the hair clip is also a good leather. It feels that it costs 100 yuan for 39.9 yuan!

Mao ball hats that can be worn in two

Price: 29.9 yuan


There are also this kind of small hood -buckled hairy hat, which can be worn with two ways ~ The part of removing the hair is a very simple wool hat. This kind of basic model is usually worn most often. The design of kindness is wood. Mao Mao also uses a good hairy, but it is not so thick and large, cheap and practical, it is very valuable and easy to use!


Color matching is also pretty good! Intersection

Mao Ball keychain


Price: 38 yuan


In the past two days, I watched a girl in our studio carrying a bag with a big hair ball. I thought it was a new bag of furry bags that I bought. At a close range, I had a big hair ball! Intersection It’s so cute that it looks like touching it twice ~

This big hair ball is not an ordinary size. It is really large. The diameter of 10cm is thick and thick. Especially small and cute bags, hang one, and feel happy when walking up. Girls just like to be surrounded by this cute little world. All the playful and girl full of young girls will light up the effect of small emotions ~ I don’t know if it is suitable for hanging bags. When the keychain is quite suitable.

Handmade woolen furry shoes

Price: 366 yuan

This pair of shoes is my love! Intersection From the first glance of this shop, I premoned that I might buy and buy in his parents for a long time … The main style is hand -made, the style is small and fine, and the style is not much, but each choice is very tasteful. Each model has to be waited for at least half a month, but after receiving it, you will find that good things are worthwhile. After receiving these fluffy wool shoes, it really! Intersection It’s so easy to wear ~


It is really a compact representative of slow work! In the thick wool shoes, the feet drilled into it comfortably … thick, soft, but the sole was not thin when walking. Barefoot is better to wear than any pair of velvet models I recently bought. It is much more refreshing and convenient than what stupid snow boots!

The inner layer is made of pure wool. The hair is extremely thick, and the outer layer is the head layer of cowhide. You can feel the skin -friendly dresses when you look at the picture! Intersection

I found a good laziness for not wearing socks in winter! Here is a picture I just wear today ~ It is more comfortable than cotton slippers! In the room with heating, you will not burn your feet like wearing snow boots, you have to love it!


After receiving it, my male ticket said this like old grandma shoes, but grandma shoes are the most popular styles now! What aesthetics do straight men understand!

In addition to the lazy people like me such as a lazy person, this shoe is also very suitable for exquisite girls to highlight their good taste. Putting on woolen coats + black pantyhose can also wear beautiful legs, because the shoes are light, which is very suitable for bottom socks to highlight the leg length. Good matching, it will also seem to be a weird literary style.


His family still has black, black is really better than white, but I still prefer white! Creamy color is very vulgar, there is rice ~

I couldn’t help but did a small test. I caught some hair and burned, and it smelled like hair. You can rest assured that you can buy it!


Furry bag

Price: 368 yuan


Furdy bags are also loved! The recent defeat achievement of the studio girl. It looks very fashionable and expensive, only 368 after the link is thrown over! Obviously, the texture of the real lamb hair is obviously in my hand. After looking at the black bag that is similar to the same, look at this, it feels like it has a good impression of 10,000 points!


Small and cute, full of furry, and standing upright. In addition to the big tote bag in winter, this exquisite bag is recommended, which will reduce the sense of burden, and furry is really suitable for winter!

The leather inside does not drop the price at all ~ very soft.

In addition, there are two shoulder straps, which can be replaced with different shoulder straps. Two wide and narrow types. The wide and width styles are very popular in the past two years. Crossing the back is a big decoration, and the sense of fashion is 5 points! Black gold is cool.


Handsome burst plush long coat


Price: 199 yuan

I found that this plush coat also feels a little bit late, so cool and cool! Intersection And it’s the kind of coolness to wear! Large hooded cloak, and it is a furry silver fox velvet fabric, which looks very heavy.

It is much thicker and more textured than ordinary coats. The cost performance is a big surprise. It is only 199! Unexpectedly. It is this fan to wear! With a velvet sweater, it’s cool ~

Working and quality are unexpected and good, and the quality is collectively boasted in the comments. Buyer show is also a handsome one who has passed a piece of velvet fabric! Intersection The luster must be generous, thick and furry ~ It will not be worse than that of woolen.


The wind and warmth can be controlled by this weather. From a distance, it is handsome, and this kind of hairy is very playful, very playful ~

Bean paste is red, beautiful!

Furry scarf

Price: 39 yuan

A furry scarf that is very closer to others ~ Ah! Intersection Isn’t the plush scarf all worn very small girls? Why do you look at it now is obviously another fashionable means of wearing clothes.

His family is a popular item. Although it is not really hairy, it is the kind of soft -friendly artificial hair. The texture is very good, and it is also more grade. 39 yuan to buy seventy or eighty pieces of accomplishment! It is very delicious to match the woolen coat ~ like a fake hair collar, a little lazy embellishment, also made the coats have a style.

When paired with a V -neck sweater, the sweater is very suitable for single wear, and it has the effect of a coat ~ The rice camel is good for gentle! Intersection


All three colors are recommended! Intersection Intersection Coffee brown is more difficult to control, and choose black and beige hump well!


Furry earrings


Price: 49 yuan


If today’s cute value is not enough, it is better to add a pair of plush earrings to add points! This earrings are my recently -selling Moe Killing equipment. I put grass in the studio in the studio … The glittering five -pointed star with mink velvet hair balls feels shining, flashing BlingBling’s glorious shine. I feel like the little fairy in the center of the universe!


The material is really good. Xiao Haoshi does that embedded, and the workmanship is particularly fine. Take it alone in your hand, you don’t think that this pair of earrings are only 40 or 50 yuan, and it is more cost -effective. Mao hair balls are full of hair, and many of the same prices I have bought are more advanced.

Shake around the ears, and feel that the mood of today will jump up! Like a special date, wearing a very good atmosphere when we wear it during the holidays ~ but you must buy it with general metals. The silver needle is 925, but it is made of alloy.



Price: 12-14 yuan


Another good way is to buy back the furry ornaments alone. If you want to stick it, you can post it. It looks like DIY handmade customization! Such as the shoes, the schoolbags, or wallets, mobile phone cases, etc.

The material is fox hair, and it is only a dozen dollars such a big hair! Intersection But when I post it, I suddenly felt that the matching stuff became much more expensive. Isn’t it a very witty small matching ~


Furry slippers


Price: 49.8 yuan


This pair of slippers was furry today by the way, and I bought it a month ago. Later, I bought three doubles one after another. Intersection

The minimalist home style is more handsome than the general round head style. Regardless of men and women, I feel that slippers can also be worn to wear. The inner layer is furry, and the outer layer is suede, which is very resistant. It will not be easy to collapse after being dragged for a long time. It also looks much lightweight,

Plush fleece glove

Price: 35.9 yuan


Dadong likes to design simple design, but Xiao Dongdong is as good as possible. Such as gloves, this plush rabbit is so cute!

Thick velvet, two types of wearing methods are also practical for daily life. Take off the small lid, you can show your fingers, and you don’t delay your shoes to play with things. Go out various windshields! The outer deer deea velvet is densely dense. It is convenient and warm, and thick, no wonder it is good to sell well ~


Dog felt key pendant

Price: 8.9-9.9 yuan


Finally, let’s put a small bomb again! Corki’s PP, which you can’t refuse, have been sprouting, hahahaha! Forest, super mini cute. Hurry up and buy the key, the key will never be lost! Intersection And so cheap!

Well, over, do the beautiful girls like it? Intersection Intersection