JYA Fjord AT formaldehyde air purifier experience: formaldehyde can finally “see”


Every autumn and winter is the peak season for air purifiers. I still remember that when the haze weather in the northern northern in the past few years was severe, the air purifier and the N95 mask set off a snap -up heat during that time, and the market was mixed. With the introduction of national standards and market standardization, the purchase of air net products has gradually become clear.


Among them, naturally I have to mention that the Mijia air purifier has occupied a considerable number of thousand -dollar empty market share with high quality and affordable prices.


In recent years, the phenomenon of polarization of air net products has been obvious. The thousand yuan files mainly based on Mijia air purifiers, and then 5,000 yuan or even tens of thousands of overseas brands. Such a large price difference is mainly to decompose materials and related technical reasons. It is in this context that the launch of the JYA fjord ATOM division of formaldehyde air purifier (hereinafter referred to as JYA fjord Atom), I think it is actually worthy of attention.


JYA is a brand launched by Zhimi Technology in 2019. The product of the Mijia Air Purifier actually comes from Zhimi Technology, but its price of 3999 yuan. Compared with the Mijia brand , But it is far less well -known as the old high -end imported products.

How to persuade ordinary air net products to pay more money and make those high -end air net product users also choose it. It is the problem that the JYA fjord ATOM that is currently in the middle position that needs to be solved.

How to remove formaldehyde in the new house

For the method of removing formaldehyde, there are entry -level plants such as plants, various activated carbon bags, and formaldehyde removal agents; high -tech are air purifiers and fresh air systems; and professional formaldehyde removal teams are required to perform homework.

First of all, it is clear that the volatile cycle of formaldehyde is 8-15 years. The source is mainly furniture, decoration materials, etc., but the volatilization speed of formaldehyde is not the same every day. The higher, the more volatils, and the less volatile below 10 ° C.

This is the basis for everyone to say that the high temperature in summer+keeping the windows of the windows opens the air flow. However, after the renovation of the new house, we have to stay sooner or later. After staying, it is obviously unrealistic to open the windows in the summer. In winter, the concentration of formaldehyde in the room is not low because of heating, floor heating and closed rooms.

There are also many families who choose to ask a professional team to remove formaldehyde before check -in. Does it work? There must be, since the characteristics of the volatilization of formaldehyde are known, then it can accelerate formaldehyde volatilization through some means to increase the formaldehyde concentration after one -time treatment. Therefore, this method is only suitable for proceeding before check -in, but it cannot inhibit subsequent formaldehyde volatile.


The effects of plants, activated carbon bags, etc. are even more limited. Studies have already shown the area of ​​10 square meters. At least 100 pots of plants are required to meet the purification needs. Although activated carbon can adsorb formaldehyde, the adsorption amount is also limited, and it needs to be replaced in time. Very low, you can only achieve psychological comfort.

The most common activated carbon bag

It is often not a measure to get rid of formaldehyde, nor is it not worried about asking for formaldehyde to remove formaldehyde. From the volatile characteristics of formaldehyde, it can also be concluded that the indoor equipment full -house fresh air system+air purifier with the ability to eliminate formaldehyde, one is responsible for air exchange, and one is responsible for indoor air purification. This is the ideal situation.

The ideal is very full, and the reality is very skinny. Such a solution needs to arrange a sense of freshness before the decoration, and the cost is tens of thousands of yuan. Families with such strength probably do not need to worry about removing formaldehyde.


If you do n’t plan the whole house fresh air system before the decoration, and want to achieve the effect of long -term formaldehyde, often opening the window+air purifier is actually a choice that is more suitable for most families.

How to choose the air purifier removing formaldehyde

The new house that has just been renovated. Because the formaldehyde concentration is the highest at this time, it is also recommended to buy air purifiers with formaldehyde function. If the old house and old furniture, buy an air purifier with a activated carbon suction formaldehyde function. It is indeed enough. At present, such air net products in the market are the most, and the price is not expensive.


If you happen to have a new house that is ready to stay, or there is a need for formaldehyde, you can continue to look down.

JYA Fjord ATOM, which focuses on decomposition formaldehyde, belongs to the functional formaldehyde function here. Let’s take a look at its functional parameters:

Granular CARD value: 450m3/h


Formaldehyde CARD value: 350m3/h


Applicable area: 54㎡

The national standards of my country’s “Air Purifier” standardize and evaluate the air purifier from the four aspects of CADR, CCM, noise, and purification energy. CADR refers to the volume of the air purification of the air, and the particulate matter 450m3/h represents the particulate matter in the air in 450 cubic meters per hour; the formaldehyde 350m3/h represents the formaldehyde in 350 cubic meters of air per hour.


CCM represents the cumulative purification of the air purifier, which can be simply considered to be the life of the filter element consuming. CCM particulate matter P1-P4, CCM formaldehyde F1-F4, the larger the value, the longer the replacement cycle. Most of the noise increases as the CADR value increases, and noise increases, and the noise suppression of excellent air purifiers is equally important. Purifying energy is the energy efficiency of the same purification.

From this criterion, at the applicable area of ​​54㎡, the particles and formaldehyde purification specifications of the Jya fjord ATOM are relatively high. In comparison, under the same applicable area, the price of about 5,500 yuan also has decomposed formaldehyde. A.O Smith EB888’s particle CARD and formaldehyde CARD values ​​are: 440m3/h and 240m3/h.

In addition to the value, the main decision is that the effect of formaldehyde is the filter structure and filter element material. At present, there are two major categories of high -end air purifier filters, tower -type and bilateral, involving the efficiency of air intake and qi.

In the same specifications, the tower type is theoretically better than bilateral effects, but the flowing air density is smaller, and the noise will increase. The bilateral type is still the most commonly used structure. Essence

Overall sorting: Tower types > Double in -dual -out > Double -in -one out > Single in single out. The A.O Smith EB888 mentioned earlier is a tower, and the JYA fjord ATOM is a double -entry single.

In terms of filter element, it is mainly used for HEPA for PM2.5. It will have a layer of microbial filter element with a bactericidal effect.

The formaldehyde is a gaseous pollutant filter element, which has two types: physical adsorption and chemical decomposition. Common physical adsorption materials are activated carbon, while chemical decomposition includes light catalyst, negative ions, aldehyde removal formula, etc. The cost and effect are much higher than that of physical adsorption.


The formaldehyde removal air purifier using chemical decomposition methods on the market is different. This method is different. This also involves the core technologies of each family. The JYA Fjord ATOM uses manganese catalytic formaldehyde filter element.

This technology is developed by Tsinghua University. The so -called manganese catalysis is simply understanding that during the formaldehyde oxidation process, formaldehyde is decomposed into carbon dioxide and water through active manganese materials. In terms of active charcoal, it can achieve its own non -consumption in the process of decomposing formaldehyde, so JYA fjords ATOM formaldehyde filter element can not be replaced for 2 years.

The filter element of JYA Fjord ATOM consists of two layers in the inside and outside. The form of dolls, disassembly and installation. The outer layer is a common particle filter element. It is replaced in 3-6 months. The inner layer is an internal filter element composed of active manganese decomposes. It uses a metal filter inside and outside. There is a reason for 2cm thickness, which is also the reason why it can reach 350m3/h with a high aldehyde value.

In fact, some of the so -called formaldehyde formaldehyde formaldehyde formula and aldehyde deepening factors of high -end formaldehyde -removed air purifiers are the same principle. Through neutral reactions, formaldehyde is decomposed into non -toxic compounds such as carbon dioxide and water. It is only the distinction between the chemical materials used, and the cost of cost and filter element is different. Therefore, when selecting such products, it is necessary to consider the price of machines and consumables for replacement costs.

How to enter the high -end market for domestic air net

After understanding the core of JYA Fjord ATOM -decomposing formaldehyde function, we can already draw a conclusion here: Compared with the high -end imported aldehyde cleansing products of the same level, under the premise of not losing the latter, It also has a relatively lower price.

In addition, when it falls into the product itself, JYA Fjord ATOM also has certain advantages. Although high -end imported aldehydes, although the effect is also very effective, they also have a common problem -ugly, then this is directly hitting the muzzle of JYA, which is positioned to locate the aesthetician.

JYA Fjord ATOM is close to a family -style small wine cabinet. It uses the industrial style of silver and black as its main color. It is full of high -end sense. The bottom indicator belt also creates a sense of atmosphere. In addition, there are four wheels at the bottom, and the movement is effortless.

On the front, the right side of the logo is a round touch screen. Various HCHO formaldehyde, PM2.5 particles, TVOC organic numbers, gear switching and other operations can be completed on this screen. Of course, you can also access the Mijia APP. Use your mobile phone to view and operate, and you can also check the voice air status and voice control through Xiaoai classmates.


It is more special that the fan -type design outlet at the top can also adjust three orientations of 30 °, 60 °, and 90 °. When shutting down, it can be closed to prevent the internal ash. There are also honeycomb -shaped iron mesh and plastic lids between the air outlet and movement to prevent damage caused by foreign objects.


There is a deficiency, the bilateral air inlet of JYA Fjord ATOM is designed at the front and rear positions of the machine, which means that it cannot be placed on the wall. It needs to be at least 20cm from the wall. Beauty.

Its various sensors are also designed above the air inlet, including formaldehyde, laser particles, and VOCs, as well as conventional temperature and humidity sensors. Especially this formaldehyde sensor allows its formaldehyde value to accurately display 3 digits behind the decimal point, which is quite strong.

In terms of noise, I also listened to it. In the case of excellent air quality, the wind speed was small and the sound was very small, and the sound of the fan was hardly heard by one meter. Of course, if it is the highest wind speed, there is still a certain call.

Overall, whether it is from the design or the functional level, for family users who stay in the new house, JYA Fjord ATOM is undoubtedly worth starting. Different from ordinary air purifiers, the expertise of JYA is to effectively decompose formaldehyde, achieve the purpose of more efficient purification of the air, and meet people’s demand for consumption upgrade of healthy life.

Compared with the same -grade high -end import brands on the market, it has the advantages of intelligent control and lower price of high -value appearance, high use of high -value appearance, high use of high use.

Of course, this does not mean that JYA Fjord Atom is impeccable. As a brand with a low sense of existence in the air in the air, and choosing to cut in from the high -end market, the biggest problem it faces may be how to increase the brand awareness of the brand. And recognition, and this is obviously a long way. At present, the differentiated play of JYA Fjord ATOM in the high -end market is feasible, and the rest needs to wait for further verification of the market.