Window screen rejects the same white yarn


In the afternoon, taking advantage of the baby’s sleep to share the choice of their own curtains, sit on the bay window in the bedroom, eat diamond cherry in the fruit, enjoy the warm winter sun, share personally that I think the beautiful gradient window screen in the home thinks

Cherry on the bay window

First, the first living room curtains that enter the door first, color selection with light gray floor tiles and light blue background wall color system

① The window screen rejects a colorful white gauze. I don’t like too monotonous. I chose gradient gray, blue feathers embroidery decoration


② The main color of the curtain is blue, gray embellishment, dark gray bead decoration, which is slightly layered

The gradient gray window screen of the living room


Living room window screen and curtain


2. Children’s room, because it is a little princess, so choose pink curtains, window screens to support them. When children should be young, they should enjoy children’s things. Little princess like to pet

Pink curtains and window screens, decorate the waistline with flowers, below the waistline are multi -layer pink gauze, superimposed layered sense, rich visual effects


Pink curtains and window screens next to the desk

The curtains next to the desk, below the waist is multi -layer pink gauze

Main window


Third, the elderly room taboo large white gauze, must have the visual effects of the elderly rich in the elderly. Emerald green can best show the stability of the elderly

① Window screen, emerald green gradient color, golden rice ears are embellished below the waist to increase vertical sense


② Curtains, new Chinese patterns, emerald green as the main color, gray assistant

Old man’s room window screen and curtain panorama


close up

Corner of the window screen

Fourth, the main bedroom window screen and curtains are set separately to increase the sense of space

① The bay window gradient green window screen, embellishment of ginkgo leaves, under the sunlight, more differentiated quality

② The curtains are small and fresh, light green, and pink is supplemented by


Bay window screen


Make your home very warm through some small details, right?