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For the sake of good efficacy, many people choose to go home and decoction themselves. However, in the prescription, the words of frying, back, frying, puppet or rushing or so on after a Chinese medicine in the prescription will make many patients be able to touch it.


Chen Kaijie, director of the Pharmacy Department of Chongqing Cancer Hospital, said that some drugs have special cooking methods, and everyone should keep in mind.

Fry the medicine first

Pearl mother, keel and other minerals and shell drugs are not easy to fry. It can be boiled for 10-15 minutes, and then add other medicines to fry.

Post -pill

Poisposus such as mint, diarrhea, and cardamom, such as diarrhea, diarrhea, and dampness and spleen. The active ingredients are prone to volatilization or damage. When the general medicine is about to be fry until the budget, it can be fry for 5 minutes. As for the first frying or the second fried, the medicine is different in the different description. It is best to consult a doctor or pharmacist before decoction.

Another fry

In some cases, some valuable medicines should be fry separately, and then take the medicinal solution together to avoid being adsorbed by other medicinal residues, causing waste. Commonly available ginseng, American ginseng, velvet antler, etc.


Some common glue substances, such as Ejiao and deer, need to be pouted. Taking Ejiao as an example, shatter Ejiao, steam it across the hot water until it becomes liquid. According to the condition, you can take it alone or take the medicine juice. Or you can also use the microwave oven with water and stir until liquid.


Some powder materials such as Chuanbei, Sanqi Powder, Amber Powder, Glauber Powder, etc., can be transferred to fried medicine juice or boiling water.

In addition, the amount of water for decoction will also affect the efficacy. Generally speaking, the amount of water should be soaked by 3 cm. However, it depends on whether the drug absorbs water, large doses and pine bubbles are easy to absorb water, such as the plant’s branches and leaves and stems, which can increase the amount of water appropriately. The roots of plants, minerals, animal chips, etc. are not easy to absorb water and can add less water. Traditional Chinese medicine is generally fried 3 times, and it is better to fry about 180 ml at a time. If there are more pills, the effective ingredients in the drug residue will be less. On the contrary, if the medicinal juice is small, the drug residue will absorb the effective ingredients of the medicine back, which will be wasted. Of course, here is a normal prescription, and special circumstances should consult the doctor carefully.

It should also be reminded that some patients think that the Chinese medicine taken back from the hospital or pharmacy is a bit dirty. It should be cleaned and then cooked like the vegetables bought back. In this regard, Chen Kaijie said that general Chinese medicine does not need to be washed. The traditional Chinese medicine has undergone processing processes during the processing process, and the rinse will eliminate effective ingredients. Therefore, the patient only needs to cook correctly after returning home. But be soaked before frying, which can make the active ingredient easily immersed. For example, drugs with flowers, leaves, and stems are generally 15 minutes of soaking; drugs with roots, seeds, rhizomes, and fruits are generally half an hour. The medicinal materials do not need to be soaked.

What kind of pot should I choose?

Copper pot, iron pot, casserole, ceramic pot … What kind of pot should be used in Chinese medicine? Liang Wenneng, deputy director of the First Affiliated Hospital of Guangzhou University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, said that the doctors from ancient times to the present have attached great importance to the cooking method of traditional Chinese medicine soup agents, which is an important link that affects the efficacy. Zhaosi, the head of the hospital, reminded that the traditional Chinese medicine should be used to avoid using iron cookers, aluminum pots, tin cookers, and ordinary copper cookers. Caspies, ceramic cookers, stainless steel pots and copper pots should be used.

Iron pan:

The chemical properties of the iron are unstable. During the cooking process, it is easy to chemically change with various ingredients such as tannins, oils, alkaloids, and seflinin contained in Chinese medicine, which affects the efficacy. French smell.

Aluminum pot:

Infinitive acid and strong alkali, aluminum ions can be detected from the decoction of PH1 ~ 2 or PH10, and even increased some diseases with high aluminum content in the body.

Copper pot:

The ordinary copper pot is a alloy consisting of copper and zinc. Trace copper ions can be measured when frying the medicinal solution. Copper ions will promote the oil and fat of unsaturated carbon chains in Chinese medicine, vitamin A, C, D, etc. The ingredients are oxidized and lost biological activity, and it may cause stimulation and toxicity to the mucous membranes. Therefore, the general copperware is not an ideal decoction appliance.

Casseury pot:

The heat transfer is uniform, the chemical properties are stable, and the amount of water evaporation is small. However, there are small shortcomings that have many pores and textures, which are easy to adsorb various drugs and taste.

Ceramic pot:

It is not easy to make a pan, and it will not have a chemical reaction with the active ingredients of Chinese medicine. It is convenient for cleaning and does not leave medicine. It has a fresh -keeping function. It is a good decoction appliance.

stainless steel pot:

It has the characteristics of fast heat transfer, acid -alkali resistance, corrosion resistance, and long service life, and is the basis for modern multi -functional Chinese medicine decoction devices.

Copper pot:

Copper cookers made by copper are one of the commonly used appliances made by cream. As a single quality of copper, the melting point is over 1,000 degrees Celsius. The physical and chemical properties are relatively stable, but the disadvantage is that the price is higher.

Automatic Chinese medicine pot:

There are micro -electronic devices to monitor automatic decoction, anti -boiling overflow, automatic insulation, and Wenhuohuo. In addition to being used for decoction, it can also be used for boiling water, stewed supplements, and soup. However, it should be noted that after frying the medicine, the thermal insulation function should not be used, and the medicinal solution should be poured out in time to prevent the medicinal solution from taking it back.

The fried Chinese medicine is best taken on the day

When taking Chinese medicine soup agents, some people like to divide the medicinal liquid several times. After drinking that day, take it to take it the next day, or fry it up to the next day. From the perspective of treatment and hygiene, this is not good.

Traditional Chinese medicine contains protein, sugar, starch, vitamins, amino acids, and various enzymes, trace elements and other ingredients. Most of these ingredients are dissolved in the soup during decoction. Generally, the method is to mix twice (one dose of medicine twice according to conventional frying twice), and then take the scores within one day to ensure that the efficacy is consistent.

If you take it overnight or take it too long, the enzyme in the medicinal solution will decompose the effect due to the effects of air, temperature, time, and bacterial pollution. Not only will the efficacy decrease, but it will also breed bacteria. Vitamin, amino acids, sugar, starch and other active ingredients will also be fermented by enzymes secreted by bacteria, causing hydrolysis, leading to deterioration of the patent fluid. Taking this deterioration medicine not only has no treatment effect, but also has toxic and side effects. Therefore, those who take the self -fried Chinese medicine soup agent should be fried on the same day to finish the day. Do not put it overnight, and do not store the medicinal solution for a long time.

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