Are you also troubled by answering the phone?


I have been distressed by the interference of the phone. When writing attentive writing, the suddenly ringing ringtone is thrilling, and if you receive more than five calls within half a day, the half -day plan will be bankrupt. The reason why Goette can become a big Wenhao is that one of the reasons is that he did not install the phone in his study -the phone was invented only 44 years after his death. However, due to the obvious convenience of the phone, An Shang didn’t want to dismantle it. If Goethe is alive, he will not be willing to abandon this convenience.


Friends advise me: Ann a recording phone. The advantage of the recording phone is that it can not only enjoy all the convenience of the phone, but also avoid its interference. To put it bluntly, it is to master the initiative. If you want to give others, you can fight as much as possible. This is a good idea. I have adopted it. It has been installed for more than a year to date. However, the fact is that interference is still, and the expected results are not received.

When the phone ringing sounds, it is necessary to be a bit hard to hold the breath. My heart was too soft, and the ringtone couldn’t help it. I know that after the fifth noise, the phone is automatically connected, and I will play the rumors I recorded in advance. The content is to ask the other party to leave a message. At this time, the opponent’s response would be very complicated. Most of the people hesitated, and when they said, they hung up the phone. You seemed to see his mournous face. Among the people who leave a message, there are clever and smooth sentences, but more panic and clumsy, the words are not sentenced. The same is true when I leave a message on the recording of others. It is inevitable to face a machine instead of a living person, and if someone may listen to it, just pretending to be present, what you feel likes to feel is not just what you feel, just not just do n’t just do it. It ’s not just what you feel. Awater and insult. Therefore, if it is not necessary, I would not leave a message. Comparing my heart to my heart, I should be fair to others and do not do this conspirator who hid in the dark.

Sometimes I try to convince myself: writing is my job. When I write, I might as well regard myself as being at work, not at home, so I can do not answer the phone with peace of mind. Moreover, experience has proved that there is very little beauty brought by the call, which is not proportional to the trouble. For example, I often have to spend a lot of money on the phone that I can not fulfill my manuscript, and quit the party I have no interest. Nevertheless, I am still worried that I will miss what I don’t answer the phone. I am not afraid of delaying the business. Those who are looking for me must leave a message. Most is the kind of call that dials but wants to talk to me. Whether it will be a strange reader finally gathered the courage to greet me, or a long -time friend suddenly has the desire to talk about Intersection In this busy era, it is not easy to produce, and it should not be missed.

In short, I wanted to avoid interference by recording calls. As a result, because I still continued to answer the phone when I was at home, it was easy for people to block me at home. It will urge me to listen to the messages it recorded, so people who find me seem to be able to enter home and wait for me to return. I am so accustomed to this, so that the first thing to go home every time I go home is to listen to the message. One day I stepped into the house and did not hear the signal of the prompt, I would feel a little disappointed.

“Respective pilgrimage roads”


Zhou Guoping

Zhejiang Literature and Art Publishing House, 2013-3-1