Metal tube float flow meter suddenly does not return 0? Don’t worry, you can understand after reading this article


Metal tube float flow meter is a variable area flow measurement instrument commonly used in industrial automation process control. It has the characteristics of small volume, large detection range, and convenient use.

Metal tube float flow meter

It can be used to measure the flow of liquid, gas, and steam, and is particularly suitable for measuring the medium flow measurement of low flow rate and small flow.

Metal tube float flow meter sometimes suddenly encounters a situation that does not return 0 during the daily use process. Don’t worry. Today

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The Qingtian instrument is not returned to 0 for the metal tube float flow. It is given the following reasons, hoping to help everyone.

1. Floating sub -flow meter indicator relative position is loose;

2. The small metal tube floating sub -flow meter collisted up and down in the interior, causing the parts in the measurement tube to bend and deform;

3. In the medium, the impurities are stuck in the float so that the pointer cannot be zero.

The Qingtian instrument produces metal tube float flows for many years. If you encounter any problems during the use of metal tube float flow meter, you can contact the Qingtian instrument staff at any time to help you answer.


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