For renovation, hardware is really important, it won’t be wrong to buy this way


For renovation, hardware is really important, it won’t be wrong to buy this way

Compared with other decoration materials, hardware is not very eye -catching “

Small objects

“But it

Usage is not small

, Every corner of the home decoration has its figure. It can be said that the quality of hardware accessories can directly determine the service life of a product.

The types of hardware accessories are very rich, so how should some common hardware accessories be selected? Today, let’s talk together

“Hardware Accessories”

This topic.

Q1: How to identify good hinges from the shape?



It is the hardware installed on the cabinet and door panel, which is often referred to as the union. It is affected by the weight of the door panel. The hinge that does not have the quality can easily cause the door panel to deform, causing inconvenience of the cabinet switch.

In terms of appearance, high -quality hinges are not much different from inferior hinges.

The only distinction is to observe its thickness


The inferior hinge is generally made of thin iron skin welding. There is almost no reflection of elasticity. If it takes a long time, it will lose elasticity, which will cause the cabinet door to close the tightness, and the sound is too loud, which greatly affects the function and beauty.

Good hinge

The alloy is stamped at one time, the hand feels thick, and the appearance is smooth. Because the appearance is thick, it is not easy to rust, stable and strong, and strong load -bearing capacity.

To say that installation and disassembly are convenient, it is

Fast -loaded hinge

It does not need to be poured on the spot, and the door panel will be pre -installed with a hinge.

Q2: Is the hardware different from the material?

Pretty big! For example, the quality of the hinge is poor, and the cabinet door is easy to lean back and back, loosening and drooping. Almost all of the large brands of cabinet hardware uses cold rolling steel. It is stamped at a time, with thick feel and smooth surface.

Because the surface coating is thick, it is not easy to rust,


, Strong load -bearing capacity, and inferior hinges are generally made of thin iron skin welding. There is almost no reflection of elasticity. If it takes a long time, it will lose elasticity, which will cause the cabinet door to close the door.

Q3: What details should I pay attention to when choosing?


It can be seen whether the product is excellent, so as to confirm whether the quality is outstanding. High -quality hardware



Smooth surface

In terms of design, it has reached


Effect. Infinitive hardware is generally made of cheap metals such as thin iron skin. The door of the cabinet is stretched and jerky, and even harsh sounds.

Different hinges with different advantages and disadvantages


Different, the hinge with high quality is relatively soft when opening the door of the cabinet, which is closed to

15 degrees



Automatic rebound

The rebound force is very uniform. So you can open the cabinet door when you buy,


In addition to the visual inspection of whether the surface of the hand -sensing hinge is smooth and smooth, you should also pay attention to the hinge spring


Essence The quality of the reed also determines the opening angle of the door panel. The quality reed in good quality can make the opening angle exceed

90 degrees

You can open the hinge when you buy

95 degrees

, Press both sides of the hinge with your hands to observe the supporting spring pieces without deformation and non -broken, and it is very solid to quality products.

The service life of inferior hinges is short, and it is easy to fall off. For example, the door of the cabinet and the hanging cabinet falls down, mostly because the quality of the hinge is not closed.

It is recommended to choose a big brand of hardware accessories.

Q4: How to choose the hardware of the shelf?

Most of the hardware of the racks will be used in the kitchen and bathroom area, such as pulling baskets, hangers, racks, and so on. Among them, the pull basket is installed in the kitchen cabinet, which is mostly used to place dishes, condiments, pots, etc.

This type of tensile rack is plated by the steel wire after welding, and the placement of these common products has a certain weight. Therefore, you must pay attention to it when choosing the basket.

Carrying weight

In the bathroom, there are more towel racks and racks. Considering that the environment of the bathroom is humid, you must pay attention to the material when selecting.


of. Secondly, pay attention to whether the welding point of the rack is

Firm and smooth


Q5: What should I pay attention to when choosing handle hardware?

The interior house decoration will be used for doors and windows, and doors and windows need to be installed, locks, etc. There are many kinds of handle in the market, and their colors, patterns and styles are different, and there is still a certain amount of the door pulling hands that are plated and static spray paint.

Wear -resistant



The characteristics will be more durable.

When we choose the door handle, we must consider the overall home improvement style, and then the tension that the door handles bear. Generally speaking

6 kg




It will be more important than the door handle, it is related to the entire family


Essence Now there are some zinc alloy locks on the market. The surface is copper -plated. If the quality is poor, it is easy to be broken. Everyone must distinguish it carefully when choosing. Generally speaking, the bronze color is a hand lock of copper pressure, and the pan -silver white is zinc alloy hand lock.





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