Qian Bai: From the top to the bottom, the ladies stick to the twist cardigan cardigan (attached illustration)


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The modest and gentle sweater who accompany the baby to the school

Clean and simple

Just look like a life that looks like


The thread that has been saved for a long time


Comes with a little old softness

There is no sense of alienation


Like this kind of clean and gentle, good -tempered color system

In the rainy winter, I can’t afford the interest of taking the camera,


Can’t wait for completely dry, the wet sweater claw machine took a few photos,


Throw it into the dryer, and hurry to dry and pack it with the baby.


Wiring: Japanese wool is about 480 grams

Use needle: 3.5mm 3mm stick needle

Narcut size: 54cm bust 98cm axillary to cuffs 43cm


Density: 23 stitches X30 line

Weaving instructions: Refer to the number of icons to solve the needle. Due to the thinning of the needle, the number of needles can be appropriately increased. After weaving, the upper body ratio is added. After adding it to the suitable length and width, the number of sleeves is divided, and the woven is 3cm. Circle the right body to the right length.

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