How to choose the kitchen disinfection cabinet? High -temperature disinfection is not the best choice. Old master: The second is


As the saying goes, “the disease comes from the mouth”. Now the consumption awareness of the public is constantly rising, and the disinfection cabinet has become more and more new in the kitchen. There are more and more disinfection cabinets on the market. Select, today I will give you some entry skills for choosing disinfection cabinets. Let’s take a look ~


What brand is good for disinfection cabinets?

Choose a guarantee brand


The products produced by the guarantee brand are well worked, quality is guaranteed, safe, and after -sales service is guaranteed. (If you don’t know what brand you choose, choose a big brand)


How to choose a disinfection method?


At present, the disinfection methods of disinfection cabinets on the market are: high temperature disinfection, ozone disinfection, ultraviolet disinfection, negative ion sterilization, etc.;

High temperature disinfection:

Generally, far -infrared heating is used, and the high temperature lasts more than 15 minutes to make the protein degeneration of bacterial viruses, thereby losing the original activity. The requirements of high -temperature disinfection are also relatively high. Disinfection of high temperature, suitable for: ceramics, glass, metal and other tableware.


High temperature disinfection is not the best choice!

Ozone disinfection:

Use the enhancement of ozone to destroy the living environment of bacteria and make bacteria and germs of damage, so as to achieve the effect of disinfection and sterilization.

Compared with high temperature disinfection, ozone disinfection applicability is more widely used.

UV disinfection:

Ultraviolet rays are the DNA structure in the bacterial virus, so that bacteria and germs lose their reproductive ability, so as to achieve the effect of disinfection. UV disinfection belongs to pure physical sterilization and tasteless residues!

UV sterilization is healthier than other disinfection methods!

Negative ion sterilization:

Negative ion sterilization is a relatively novel sterilization method. By changing the structure in the bacterial virus, the bacterial virus is lost. In addition to sterilization, negative ions and purify the odor effect. This is a novel sterilization method. Choose ultraviolet consumption in the sterilization method!

How to choose the installation method of the disinfection cabinet?

There is a preferential selection of embedded disinfection cabinets with reserved positions; if there is no reserved position, you can choose a disinfection cabinet according to the size of the kitchen and the number of population. The large population of the kitchen can choose a family vertical disinfection cabinet, the kitchen small, the population, the population, the population, Less suggestions to choose a desktop disinfection cabinet.


How to choose the disinfection effect?


The disinfection effect is standard, divided into one -star and two -star, priority selection of two -star disinfection cabinets, two -star disinfection cabinet is better.

One -star disinfection cabinet: can extinguish bacteria -like bacteria;


Two -star disinfection cabinet: can kill stubborn viruses and bacteria.

How to do the daily maintenance of the disinfection cabinet?

① The safe use of the disinfection cabinet is 6-8 years, and the disinfection cabinet that exceeds years should be replaced in time;


②, the old disinfection cabinet wipes the dry cabinet with a slightly humid cloth. The tableware should be drained before putting it in. It is best to power on each day;

③ Install the disinfection cabinet. Use a rag to wipe the cabinet again, and then run it once. After disinfection, open the cabinet door to ventilate and put the dishes for a while.


The choice of disinfection cabinet is introduced here. Choose a guaranteed disinfection cabinet to protect the health of the family. If there are other questions, you can make a private message. I can answer your questions online ~

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