Use glass pots to boil white tea, so what about silver pots, iron pots, and copper pots? Can the metal pot cook white tea?


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A tea friend posted a question.

“What pots do you use to cook white tea? Highlighting.”

Netizen A: “Random, all those who can boil water.”

Netizen B: “I just started using silver pots. I feel that according to the tea nature of white tea, the silver pot is most suitable, and the silver pot can soften the water quality.”

Netizen C: “It’s right upstairs. I cooked white tea for a while before I used a silver pot. As a result, a lot of black spots were given in the silver pot!”

Netizen B: “How can this be? Although I haven’t used this silver pot a few times, but there is no black spots? Is the quality of the teapot bad?”

Netizen C: “Impossible! I am a hand -made silver pot, which is very textured. This black dot can be distressed. As for why, I listened to my friend to oxidize, and I don’t know this in this regard.”

Netizens discussed enthusiastically, and they would not show it down.

Let’s see what teapot is used for boiled white tea.

As a whole, it is not recommended that everyone uses metal cooked tea pots for the reason.


The silver pot is not suitable for boiling white tea.

I have read such an article before.

It is said that in the old Inner Mongolia frontiers, local herdsmen liked to put horse milk and goat milk with silver pots.

The reason is that the silver pot has a “preservation” effect, which can extend the freshness of dairy products.

In the past when the refrigerator was not invented, this is a great helper in daily life!

But then, the other time.


In modern life, with the popularization of various modern appliances such as refrigerators, the fresh -keeping effect of silver pots has become more and more “outdated” and gradually eliminated.

After all, no matter how many silver pots are not as good as a refrigerator that can adjust the temperature, it is better to come!

In addition, the quality of the silver pot on the market is uneven.

Because silver is a highly valuable metal.

It is favorable to mix other metals into silver pots, silver jewelry and other silver products.


As a result, many people were drilled.

Push some silver pots with impurities to the market.

At this time, for ordinary consumers, starting a valuable silver pot, the purchase risk is high.

If it is not particularly understandable, it is easy to step on the pit and be cheated.

Besides, cooking tea with a silver pot, the effect is not as good as the glass pot.

After all, the material of the silverware is lively and easy to react with the material in white tea.

In this case, instead of the risk of being cheated, buy a high -priced and unreasonable silver pot.

It is better to be more worry -free than the old selection of glass kettle to cook tea.


As a metal pot, copper pot is also not recommended for boiling white tea.

Before, chat with a tea friend.

Tea friends said that he bought a copper pot at a tea expo and felt heavy. According to the merchant, this was made by brass and he didn’t keep warm.


When the price is not expensive, buy it.

Thinking of tea in winter, you can use this pot of tea.

But I didn’t think about it. When a friend came to see the pot, he said that I bought a loss and was deceived.

“If this pot sells you more than 200 or more, it must be pitted!”

“Because it is not brass at first glance, but other raw materials!”


Talking here, the tea friends sighed one after another.

“I really don’t understand, how can I pick up tea pots and cook tea?”

He heard that at that time, he suggested that he buy a high -temperature -resistant glass pot, which is more than enough to cook tea.

At least the price of glass pots is more affordable, and it is more common on the market.

When buying hands, the risk of stepping on the pit will be much lower.

If it is only because the price is cheap, buy a copper pot casually.

Well, this is not suitable for tea.

Because, the quality of the copper pot, the cooked tea soup will have a metal flavor, which is mixed in the taste of tea soup.

In the end, a pot of “dark dishes” may be cooked.


The color of the tea soup is dull, and it has greatly damaged the original beautiful flavor, and it is impossible to experience the taste of good tea!


Look at the iron pot,

A few years ago, Japanese -style cast iron pots were very popular.

At that time, a friend returned to China and brought us a pot to us.

But this iron pot, we don’t use much on weekdays.

Put on the Bogu frame, as a display.

I never thought that when I opened it one day, it was rusty inside.

How is this going!

I asked friends who know what they know. It is said that this is because Fuzhou is too humid.

There are a lot of water vapor in the air, so this pot is made to rust.

I bought Karma, such a “difficult to wait” pot, which is too practical.

It can be seen that the rusty iron pot is not suitable for tea.

Once rusty occurs, let these problems enter the tea soup, which is too worry -free.

Moreover, the iron pot is not as transparent as the glass pot, and it looks “black” inside.

It is not easy to detect if the pot mouth and bottom of the pot are rusted.

Such an invisible “bomb” is really uneasy when making tea.

When talking about tea, I recommend everyone to use glass pots.

Compared with the metal pot, it has too many advantages.

For example, the material of the glass pot is simple and transparent.

Can see the change of soup directly, suitable for novice use, accurately judge the tea cooking time, turn off the fire in time, so as not to have too much taste.

For example, glass teapot is easy to clean.


The smooth glass pot, when cleaning, just wipe it gently with a sponge to easily clean the tea stains.

For example, the glass teapot does not absorb aroma.

Can fully display the aroma of tea soup, so that the tea friends can drink the purest tea soup.



The father of tea.

A set of tea sets that are combined with tea can make tea a lot.

It is also the best medium for Tea Pinpin Road.

Today, the types and styles of tea sets and styles on the market have long been a variety of tricks.

Encountered a suitable teapot, which creates the uniqueness of each cup of tea and fulfills the exquisite taste of each mouthful.

The selection of tea wares also reflects the spiritual taste of tea drinking people.

Good tea with good device is the most disappointing good tea.

A suitable tea device can interpret the soul of the tea and let the tea exudes a unique charm.

It is not difficult to cook a pot of tea, but the choice of tea equipment is particular.

No matter how high -quality white tea is needed, it also requires the matching of the appliance to show the most perfect posture.

All in all, cooking tea, glass pot is the best.

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