Emergency! Sanitation workers picked up a 2 -year -old boy at 3 am. One day later, the parents’ parents did not find


November 18,

Shijiazhuang, Hebei,


One helper boy

Find the news of loved ones,

Treatment of people’s attention!

A sanitation worker at Shijiazhuang Railway Station

Pick up a 2 -year -old boy


3:55 on November 18th

At the west square of Shijiazhuang Railway Station, Qiaoshi Sanitation Workers picked up a two -year -old boy and then docked with the police, but the police said that no one called the police to lose the child.

At about 11:25 on November 18th

The reporter followed the police for the first time to send the child to the welfare home. Due to the incomplete receiving procedures, the welfare institute was temporarily unable to receive it.

12:30 on November 18th

The reporter followed the police to take the child to the Nanchang Police Station.

12:45 on November 18th

Children have reached the Nanchang Police Station.


13:10 on November 18th

Qiaoxi Sanitation Workers took their children into the police station to collect blood and register. Blood samples will be entered into the warehouse and compared, hoping to find children’s parents’ information.

At 14:10 on November 18th

The blood collection work is completed, and there are lovers who have sent toys and foods. Sanitation workers have always accompanied their children to take care of them. The children’s parents still have no news. According to the process, the public security organs will send their children to Shijiazhuang Welfare House.

14:40 on November 18th

Children arrive at Shijiazhuang Social Welfare Institute. After a simple inspection, the ambulance in Shijiazhuang City Hospital received a detailed examination from the hospital. At the same time, the 14 -day isolation life will be started. During the isolation period, there will be medical staff in the second hospital of the city to take care of the children’s diet. After 14 days, the child will be transferred to Shijiazhuang Social Welfare Institute again.


At 18:30 on November 18th

As of press time, we still did not receive the news of any parent of any child. Here we call on everyone to continue to spread the news so that children’s parents and relatives and friends can see the news.

We also appealed to our parents’ parents, no matter what reason, no matter what difficulties in life, please cherish the fate with the child. Please contact the police or the media as soon as possible, and hope that your family will gather soon.

The 2 -year -old boy was lost near Shijiazhuang Railway Station! Evergreen for parents!

At 3:55 am on November 18th,

Sanitation worker

At the intersection of Shijiazhuang Zhonghua Street and Xinshinan Road

Greenland in the east of 100 meters north (next to the small park)

Pick up a boy about 2 years old,

Then report to the police.


It is reported that the boy is healthy,

No external injury, flat head, clean and tidy wearing,


Wear the sky blue cotton clothes on the upper body,

The gray jeans wearing the “big mouth monkey” pattern,

There is a kettle on his body.

Staff of Shijiazhuangqiao West District Sanitation Brigade

Tell reporters,

There is no clue that can prove identity,

Because I am young,

Ask his parents and his own name,

Don’t answer.

After 15 hours later, the child’s parents still did not find it …

At noon on the 18th, Bridge West Sanitation staff


Get blood samples at the Nanchang Police Station of Shijiazhuang Bridge Branch.

Subsequently, police and bridge west sanitation staff

Send the boy to Shijiazhuang City Welfare Institute.

At present, boys have passed the green channel

He was taken to the Second Hospital of Shijiazhuang City

For 14 days of isolation and comprehensive inspection.

It is reported that,

From the early morning until the boy is transferred to the welfare home,

The staff of Qiaoxi Sanitation has never rest,

Care with the child.

There are also a lot of good -hearted netizens to the boy

Send snacks, toys, milk powder, etc.,

Boys and staff are gradually getting familiar,

There are more and more words,

From time to time, a cute smile showed.

Yang Fan, director of the Bridge Sanitation Office, told reporters that

“Children are particularly cute, lively, and very smart.

I don’t want to send the child to the welfare home so quickly,

But we have to work in accordance with the program. “

up to now

Police still did not receive

Loss of children’s alarm information.


If you know children,

Or there are related clues,

Please call the police as soon as possible!

Or call Hebei Youth Daily Hotline


I hope the majority of good -hearted netizens will help spread and forward!

Source: Hebei Youth Daily part of the comprehensive from Shijiazhuang Traffic Broadcasting

Reporter: Wu Yuzhe, Jia Yangyang

Picture source: Yang Fan, director of Shijiazhuang Bridge West Ring Sanitation Office