Beauty Health Club decoration renderings


The design concept of the club:


Missing classics, reminiscent of classics, getting close to nature, and feeling self -environment.

Effect map appreciation:


With the fashion of the oriental trends and classical styles, the aura designed by the Chinese Association is reappeared in front of the world. this

In the decoration case of sub -beauty health club, the unique classical design elements are incorporated. And make this unique classical temperament perfectly reflected in different indoor parts.


Different theme club spaces have different functional needs. When all places for business operations are decorated, while taking into account the benefits, they should also focus on increasing the indoor cultural atmosphere. sense. In the design, this case pays attention to the gorgeous and elegant factions of materials, materials and atmosphere, and presents a large number of classical elements such as architectural shapes, lamps and furniture shapes, furnishings and hanging paintings.

The club is a place where membership is fully relaxed during beauty health. The decoration of the health club in the case must be peaceful and elegant to members in terms of architectural shapes, colors, and lights. While incorporating Chinese classical elements, it is more emphasized that the coordination of architecture and the surrounding environment, focusing on the concept of harmony and comfort, enhanced the experience of members, and creating an atmosphere of guests.