Cake Mom: This year’s screening sports, rice cakes have studied for 3 years! I saved a lot of dry goods to share with you


I have to calculate, and everyone has been brushed by the Winter Olympics recently!

Gu Aling and Su Yiming, who were less than 20 years old, successively won the championship, seeing people bloody.


At the opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympics, the small skiing figure in “The Future Champions” made our parents have a moment of heart.

I know that many mothers have begun to curious about baby’s skiing. How old can I learn? What precautions? Is it expensive?

Keke, I am going to say this. From 2018 to Hokkaido rice cakes to contact skiing, to this day, skiing jumps in the favorite sport of rice cakes:


I can be regarded as a skiing person with baby!

The rice cakes from the little guy sitting in the ski board, and then the handsome guy who is now cool and handsome ~ Some successful experiences and pits that have been stepped on are still worth sharing with you. At the same time, I also invited the ski coaches of rice cakes to give practical suggestions for children’s skiing!

Moms, let’s take a look.

First of all, the American Pediatric Society (AAP) suggests:

Before participating in skiing or single -board skiing courses, professional coaches need to evaluate children’s age, strength and cooperation ability.

In most cases, 4 years old can start learning skiing courses


And skiing boards are basically over 7 years old (some places also make skilets for children under 5 years old).

In other words, the age of 4 is a general age that can start to try skiing, but it is not ruled out that some babies can master this skill early. For example, the coach of the rice cake is exposed to the youngest baby is 2 years old, and Gu Ailing started skiing at the age of 3 to start skiing. of.


Generally speaking, when the child is just exposed to skiing, it needs


Professional coaches take some warm -up exercises first, and then practice in the Ping area. After some adaptation, they will be brought to the primary road for teaching sharing.

We were the first time in 2019 and asked the coach for rice cakes.

But at that time, it was too small, and the child did not understand professional terms, mainly

Repeat imitation action

For example, plow brakes

(Open the thigh to the sides)




In the following two years, they also rushed forward with their legs. This year, I only grasped a parallel style (a more decent slide method).

From the experience of rice cake, my summary is:

You can learn before the age of 6, but it is more experience. True learning skills and capable of making good -looking actions still take 6 years old.

(Except for a genius like Gu Ailing)

Here we have to say more: Do n’t roll the skiing, do n’t roll,

Whether 2 years old or 4 years old,

The exercise itself is not for comparison, nor is it to send a circle of friends, but to make the baby healthy and happy, and get exercise in the process.

Like now more than two years old, many baby on social media have slipped this age. I know that it is not difficult to slide from the slope, but I don’t want to let him waste that money, haha! He can’t even wear gloves, and it is good to follow the whole family to participate in the snow.

We went to Changbai Mountain this year before this year. The 2 -year -old hair cake experienced various projects:

Snow rushing, dad with a sliding car, ice fishing on the ice …

As long as the protective measures are taken, we wear more in winter, and it doesn’t matter if you fall a few wrestling on the snow and spend a while. It can be considered the foundation for skiing.

Send to show you a difficult walk on the snow

Although it is said that the baby can really contact skiing at a young age, the sport itself is still in danger.


Some orthopedians admitted that 7 of 9 surgery in 1 day were skiing, and the sentence was orthopedic at the end of the snow trail.


It is very important to do well.

According to the practical experience of rice cakes and in combination with the coach, I will list some of the essential protective gear today:

1. Helmet

One of the most important equipment during skiing is to prevent serious injuries. The Canadian Pediatric Society (CPS) has issued a statement, requesting

Skirs and ski -skiers of all ages should be forced to wear helmets

Essence Especially children and adolescents, they are more likely to be damaged by head.

The larger snow field can be rented to the right helmet. If you plan to buy for your child for a long time, it is recommended to choose a helmet with GB24429-2009.

(The national standard of the ice and snow sports gear was released in April last year. I believe that there will be a national standard of exclusive ski helmets in the near future.)

2. Watching mirror

Snow and high altitude are more likely to be damaged by sunlight. Preparing the goggles to protect the eyes and avoid snow blindness.

3. Wind -proof mask and gloves


Sun protection and freezing, convenient to wear and pick it at any time.

4. Appropriate clothing

Underwear is recommended to choose the material of light and personal sweat -absorbing; the middle layer is recommended to choose the warm and warm material, such as a fleece, a cardigan sweater, etc.;

It is convenient to wear and take off clothes to allow us to change wear at any time according to the weather and movement to avoid over -cold or overheating.


5. Hip pants and knee pads


The hip pants are worn in ski pants, and the knee pads are to reduce the damage during wrestling.

6. Snow shoes and skiboards

It is recommended that children start learning from double -board. The entry is relatively simple and the experience is better. You can rent the equipment directly to the venue. Generally, the size of the snow field is complete. Snow shoes are the same!

Under 6 years old, children under 1.2 meters do not recommend taking ski sticks

(The specifications of ski resort in various places may be slightly different)

7. Professional coach

It is important to ensure that some coaches are around. Professional coaches can deal with various emergencies on the snow tract, and they will also teach according to the specific situation of the child, and have certain guarantees in terms of safety.

But in the end, we must remind mothers that these protective gears are not recommended to buy themselves!


议 There are only a few suggestions that are recommended-masks, gloves, snow socks, and snow mirrors


Don’t buy it-snowboard, snow shoes


You can buy or not buy-helmet, ski clothing, hip pants

Because the snowboard and snow shoes are used in small number, they usually occupy a place at home and have a waste of money. My experience is to rent it at the beginning of the snow field. After slipping at least three times, decide whether to buy equipment.

There are also some small Tips:


· Let your child do a good warm -up activity before exercise;

· Pay attention to replenishing water in exercise;

· To prevent frostbite, once the child feels numb, you must return to the room and massage gently;


· After the midfielder is resting or after exercise, you should add clothes to your child in time to avoid temperature loss and wet clothing in time.

Maybe many people will ask, this snow is not available everywhere. Where can I go? Can’t you fly to the northeast in a year?

In fact, many areas can now find nearly skiing venues!

(At the beginning of this year, the State Council announced the list of national ski tourism resorts, and various small and medium -sized snow farms are also emerging.)


Like our house to Hokkaido, Jiangsu and Zhejiang had no decent ski resort, but in recent years, especially after the success of the Winter Olympics, it has increased significantly.

Last year and the previous year, we practiced and warm up in Shaoxing’s indoor ski resort.

The indoor exercise field can allow children to learn a little brakes and glide skills in advance, so as to live up to the air tickets flying to Xuexiang! At the same time, it is also an attitude of being responsible to others.

As for the price, different ski resorts and different coaches are different. For example, the coach who gave rice cakes in the Northeast this time is the intermediate 2 hour 680. The primary ones are a little cheaper.

You can first understand the charging situation through the official website and travel website of the ski resort. At the right time, a family ice and snow vacation! Also tested, the baby’s interest in skiing.


If you can’t find the right ski resort, we can also bring the roller skating and skating in the city with the baby in the city. Generally, you can try it at the age of 3 or 4. The coordination exercise of the baby is good, and the skiing will also have advantages in the future.


Five years ago, I was still a small rice cake. Now I can already travel freely on the snow. I really can’t help but want to say “Cool”

However, it must be said that in the process of rice cakes over overcoming and heavy difficulties, I have paid a lot of effort with the cake dad, as I said on Weibo:

In addition to cool, it is also bitter.

In my own personal experience, before skiing: tired to collapse, self -doubt.

After slipping, it was so cool that the scar was forgotten.

Each step of backing equipment, wear clothes and shoes is tired; not good slippery, uncoordinated body, wrestling, and wake up the cool handsome ski dream in minutes.

It is even more tiring to bring a baby to skiing, which means that you have to take at least 2 in the pain above! For many times, you may have to stand in the snow and shake.

Of course, the charm of skiing is also undeniable.

In our house, every time I shouted, “I won’t come again next time.” The next time, I started to clean up my luggage again.

This is probably the magic of the ice and snow project, so that you can be tortured and you can’t stop.

For most children, mothers may have to do a good job of psychological construction: to what extent? To what extent?

In fact, you can master a little basic skills and experience the happiness in the snow, and it is also very good!